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    TAMB United F.C 3-4-3 gk - Bonny 78 cb - Squirrelhumper cb - Chripper cb - Toepoke mf - DoontheSlope mf - Parklife mf - Orraloon mf - Dandydunn fw - Kumnio fw - Vanderark14 fw - Ormond Subs - Sbcmfc, PASTA Mick, EddardStark, Mitre, Jim Beem, Ally Bongo, SMCoolJ Co-managers - Scotland Ever More & RenfrewBlue First Team Coaches - Macy37 & Fairbairn Boot boy - Big Ramy 1314 Tea lady - Rolling hills
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    So will the next Cardiff City v Leicester game be called El Crashico?
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    Good old Labour - can always trust them to do fukk all. (and then blame someone else)
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    https://www.google.com/search?q=durrant+tackle&client=ms-android-vf-gb-revc&prmd=ivmn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwicopiUtJHgAhXtURUIHeUiB7IQ_AUoAXoECAwQAQ&cshid=1548710718698&biw=360&bih=621#imgrc=jmBOdV4ORQPaGM Aye, you can tell by the look on his face right enough.
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    When you see Bonny78 and Ramy in that squad then I widna’ be worrying aboot my heid ya cheeky swine. 😂😂😂
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    Davy buses from Brussels to Ghent?
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    Worked fine for me. If you click the reset your password button and don't receive the email then I would try putting your postcode in as the password. Caps lock on.
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    I think the last major loss of life on a major carrier in the UK would have been the British Midland 737 which crashed next to the M1 motorway, that was 30 years ago, pilot error as he closed down the wrong engine, number one engine had smoke coming from it, but he shut down number 2 instead of 1. I would guess in this same time period probably well over 100 light aircrafts with fatalities during that time in the UK ( I’m sure there must be stats online somewhere ) I Can think of at least 5 fatalities in Channel Islands airspace in the last 15 years alone. Commercial Airline for me every time, ironic thing about the latest incident he could have caught a commercial flight from Nantes to Amsterdam early that evening and got an Easyjet connection to Cardiff.
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    See, you still can’t answwr the question because you have no clue what to say. You’re fine with slating all rangers fans, but as soon as you’re posed with something regarding Celtic fans behaviour, the shield comes up and it’s all deflect, deflect, deflect. Pathetic, but not unexpected by you.
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    WTF are you on about? Making up daft shite...Nae idea at all what you're on about. Not the first time you've told lies on here though and nobody on here has been as mental as pretending to be a German Celtic supporter, posing in broken English and inventing an entirely new individual just so you could be back on here...That is beyond mental, that is a fucking mental illness! 😂 How many new IDs on here have you actually had? Sad cunt! 😄
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    Like I said, grow up and stop with the name calling and abuse. You are only making a complete fool of yourself.
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    Takes me back to the school discos ‘dancing’ to Adam and the Ants Prince Charming
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    As mental as pretending a work colleague in Japan was your girlfriend to cunts back home, only to get rumbled and disappear off social media for months?
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    Paid the remainder of the balance now.
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    What has his unfortunate disease got to do with him strolling about Westminster with his colonial masters and other Quisling Scottish Tories dressed in a Tartan suit ya fucking dick - particularly in the current political climate when Scotland is being shafted by the very same people he is being patronised by
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    Pretty crappy thread folks. A 28 year old and a 51 year old have disappeared possibly never to be found (as another poster with detailed knowledge has posted) and you cunts are arguing semantics . Wind your neck in boys.
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    Smileys won't disguise the fact that you are talking shite. I haven't interacted with you on these boards before, so the first sentence above is plain wrong. My reaction to you was based on 2 pages of you arguing that folk were being disrespectful in your RIP thread. This is factually inaccurate. Your original post says "The light aircraft he was travelling in to sign for the club went down in the English channel. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/emiliano-sala-missing-plane-live-13890265 He looks like a nice lad. Personally I think Cardiff City have a lot to answer for. Why wasn't he on a private jet? Why not even a commercial airline?  They're in the EPL, they can't afford an Easyjet ticket?" Please point me to the bit that says RIP because all I see is a statement of the facts and a dig at Cardiff. You also ignored my previous post quoting your original post. I'm assuming because it shows you're talking pish. Now take your supercilious attitude and Condescending tone and shove them up yer arse. It is after all where you're talking from, so it's where they'll have come from. So you take the hit matey. You're the one in the wrong. 👍
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    The reactionary impulse of certain people is to go into my threads and trash them. This particular thread was the wrong place to do it. Now show a little bit of respect and take the hit.
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    The thing about Tam Burns was that he was so friendly, positive, forgiving, only interested in making friends rather than enemies, he had a great sense of humour and was a fantastic raconteur. His wife told the story in a documentary Celtic produced of how during his final illness, at a hospital visit his chart got mixed up with someone elses and whilst the nurses sorted out all the papers he said to his wife "That was a close one - I might have ended up getting a boob job !" With regard to football, he appreciated the effort the fans go to for the team and tried to get the players to understand that, he believed that football is all about entertainment and that teams should attack one another, and last but not least that young players must always be given a chance and the benefit of the doubt. Oh, and he was a proud Scotsman too.
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    I’m obviously missing something through lack of knowledge Jim but maybe you can clear it up....why was the weather classed as so bad? Wasn’t it just a bit cold (likely what -10 up there?) and just a winters day that happens many nights a year? Is it the fact it’s a wee plane that makes for the questions as to why it departed for the journey? Was it really a dangerous journey? By the way OP, you’re still a cunt. That’s saved my PMing you. 😂
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    You can see in Boyd's face and his reaction afterwards exactly what he was trying to do. A prick of a man.
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    You're a bit obsessed with me, aren't you?

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