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    More Trumpian rewriting of this threads history. You are possibly the most self unaware poster on these boards and that is no mean feat.
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    Pretty crappy thread folks. A 28 year old and a 51 year old have disappeared possibly never to be found (as another poster with detailed knowledge has posted) and you cunts are arguing semantics . Wind your neck in boys.
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    Away and fuck yourself, you annoying prick.
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    I know. It beggars believe, actually. Before I posted this thread I showed faith that people wouldn't soil it, but sadly some people just cannot help themselves. It's akin to yobs ruining a minute's silence. Some people just haven't got class. In this thread I'm just ignoring the negative comments, out of respect for the victims.
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    I smile everyday, knowing I never have to interact in person with annoying morons like you. Now go away.
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    See, there you go again with your unbiased opinions. But my post was good enough tae warrant a response from the laird of calendar park. Did you smile at xmas when you were a wean?
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    Celtic Killie Aberdeen. I think 🤣🤣🤣
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    Think it will be a very tight afair the day so going for 0-0 draw
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    Wid that no gie you the boak Tory bastards hope they choked on the fucking haggis
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    I've actually heard the term "unaware" several times on this board, to describe me, but apart from being an obvious "word-of-the-times" word, I don't quite know what is meant by it. Are people here using the right term? I post a basic RIP thread and it gets filled with insults. I'm aware of that. I would actually rebound it back and say that the people who have a grudge against me aren't aware of my awareness, and that I find rather amusing. I send a PM to a person here and I used the perfect analogy about my posts being like "breadcrumbs" and my attackers being "pigeons". Take a beat and think about it. I'll give you the entire weekend.
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    He won the Scottish cup as Celtic manager in 1995
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    Rabbie Burns was going home from the pub one night sees a young couple up an alleyway so he and stands and watches. The police arrive and say “Rabbie, you’ll need to go to court and testify as a witness” The judge calls him and asks what he seen. “I seen two folk shaggin your honour” “You can’t use that sort of language in court” cried the judge “Ok then your honour I was coming back from Brigadoon When I saw twa people lying doon Her skirt was high His erse was bare His cock was in aboot her pubic hair His baws were swinging to and fro So if that’s no shaggin then I don’t know”
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    Unlike yours with you venom against Rangers maybe? Take a leaf from his book then.
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    If there's one manager to get the best out of Burke it's Brendan Rogers. From a Scotland point of view this is a tremendous move for Burke albeit if it's 6 months. What BR done with Forrest was fkin astonishing to be fair.
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    It'll happen v Aberdeen as per.
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    Really. I am shocked by that. Because apparently Salmond has nothing to do with Independence now and this will not dent it at all. Odd.
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    I know, me, neither. I've been involved in some hair-raising moments, but knowing that the odds are on that you are going to perish soon, I can't imagine it. I intended for the thread to be respectful, it's just a pity that certain people couldn't put aside their personal feelings towards me long enough to pay tribute to this lad. To taint, what is essentially a tribute thread, well, that's completely and utterly vile. There's no coming back from that.
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    Nah, they just tend to be populated by wanks who think stories like the above are funny.
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    It's also about as funny as leprosy and would appeal to the kind of gimp who think sportsmans dinners are great. Little surprise that Frank McAvennie was spouting it. Horrible cunt.
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    There's a few nice people here, (so I'm absolutely not painting everyone with the same brush) but there's a core of people here who are wound up so tightly and coiled with such anger, and they unleash it with the subtlest of reasons. Namaste to all. 🙏

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