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    We really could do without this fascist groove malarkey...
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    martyn ware‏Verified account @martynware Re Diane Abbott on QT... As a sound expert, I can confirm that Abbott’s microphone was deliberately turned down (and the others turned up) to make her sound weaker, and to make it more difficult for her to defend herself
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    Yeah I did all that Nazi stuff, the holocaust? Sorry mate what's that?
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    That's a great point in fact, they basically interview everyone available at that point. I just think how much easier it was to conceal shit back then. Knowing how much bullshit is about today EDIT: as the link says they even got Hitler's secretary to do an interview.
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    I'm not normally keen on watching live telly matches but had to watch Talbot v Ayr. Loved it - raw, passionate - Talbot looked as though they were gonna get outplayed but they didn't half dig in and became stronger with wanting to win every 50-50 ball. Commentators seemed surprised by how calm Andy Leishman was in the Talbot goal but Ive seen him a few times against Kirky Rob Roy and to be honest he's as good as any goalie Ive seen in Scotland. Commands his box, great positional sense and makes some great saves. Commentator - "we apologise for any bad language" - pissin myself.
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    here in lies the problem ... Labour's red lines the truth is it's a smokescreen like Teresa May, Jeremy Corbyn is trying to wind down the clock he is a ardent brexiter .... he doesn't want to be PM until May takes the UK out the EU ... he doesn't want to be remembered as the PM that took the UK out of the EU, because he wants to use that as a big stick for future general elections like the tories have done with the bankrupt note left by Labour the EU has stated numerous times you can't pick and choose when it comes to the 4 pillars it's all or none that is why their red lines are red herrings
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    Goopti is cheap and easy to, used it for Slovenia.
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    What is it with centre fowards and Scotland? You could add Garry O'Connor to that list and soon maybe Tony Watt. No wonder we have had to turn to eligibles like Chris Martin.
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    I have an app called "GSE" on my iPad, where I can log in to my subscription and watch it anywhere. Use it all the time when working away.
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    https://shop.shuttleriminibologna.it/en https://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en?
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    We're getting the train from bologna central station to rimini on the Saturday and back on the Monday. Probably taxi from airport to station and back in bologna
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    Dianne Abbott is thick as mince ... and the BBC audience yet again was like something from the Nuremberg rally and the vile but shaggable Isabel Oakeshott ... it really depresses me watching Question time from down south
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    It's been reported by Peterborough's chairmen that they've sent Cummings back to Forrest and are still paying his wages, and will be doing so till the end of the season, or he goes to another club on loan/transfer. So, it would appear that they're willing to pay 100% of his wages but they don't want him anywhere near their club. Ages ago when he appeared in that wrestling video I knew that he had a screw loose. Martin O'Neill doesn't suffer fools, he'll have one conversation with Cummings and that will be that. Cummings will be sold to a league one side by next season. He's an English League One/Scottish Championship standard player. It's really embarrassing for Scotland that he has two caps to his name.

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