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    That bit reminded me of this twitter exchange during the Glasgow commonwealth games.
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    Dunno, you support a team that literally thrives of bigotry, so you'd be the ideal person to answer that.
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    Your scumbag club was built on racism and sectarianism
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    People who think it’s acceptable to dish out abuse to football players when they’re out socially are absolute cretins. Doesn’t matter if it’s Jack, Griffiths or whoever. There’s never an excuse for it, they’re just fucking morons.
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    Bed time beckons. Still waiting for the confirmation.
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    "Vive le Québec libre !"
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    Cracking pics & comments - great Scottish football club.
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    😂😂😂😂 No you wouldn’t, you live on the other side of the world by choice.
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    What an utterly repellent individual with such an intense hatred of another people. "But stay the fuck out of Canadian resources, currency, jobs, and manage your own government." change Canadian to English and you've got yet another example of what Tory and UKIP types say about Scotland everyday. If you hate bilingualism so much then I'll presume you must hate the new Gàidhlig-English signage in Scotland then. The Québécois stood up for themselves and are quite right to squeeze Ottawa. We in Scotland were quite happy to bow before our betters and be happy North Briton's sucking it up and collecting the pennies they threw us. They Québécois quite rightly fought back. Scotland has only been fighting back for about fifteen minutes. Perhaps you should start supporting the promising young Canadian national soccer team seeing as how you will never return to Scotland permanently and feel so strongly about Canada. If for example, I immigrated to Australia and eventually became a citizen then as far as I'm concerned my loyalty would be 110% to Australia and if that meant cheering against Scotland then so be it. Well for a loyal, Canadian unionist at least you are much more articulate than the other chap anyway. The rights given to them were only after a long struggle against the oppressive, strongly anti-French, anti-Catholic colonial authorities. It was not the clean, "good, gracious British victor offers his hand in friendship to the defeated foe" as you are trying to claim. Yes, you are perfectly correct in saying that Scotland was sold down the river by miserable traitors who sat in our parliament in 1707. However the fact remains (and you don't seem to want to admit this) that many of our "brightest and best" during the 18th, 19th and early 20th Century were perfectly happy to be the wee loyal, royal North British littleness, slavish in their devotion to the union rag, the English aristocracy and a foreign royal family. "couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag" That's another one they like to use about us ungrateful Jock bastard. "count their blessings" and that's another one that Tories in the House of Lords use about Scotland. A proud, uncompromising Quebec native always has my friendship and admiration than any self loathing, cowardly excuse of a Scot.
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    Indeed. Good that we finally agree on something.
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    Magic, hope you guys all had a great time celebrating 150 years of your beloved team's existence
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    Albeit a William Wallace opposed to Quebecois being independent and referring to them in a derogatory way as separatists.
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    Hi Davy, I have sent money for 8. I only booked for 6, can you increase me to 8 seats please? Happy to help with Bus Steward, Cheers Cam
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    The state of the pathetic huns commenting on that Btw as there any sign of big Boaby Williamson or Sir James Calderwood ? Did any players still alive from the 1959-1965 era, when Kilmarnock were one of the best teams in the country, make an appearance ?
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    I just think of myself as 'Canadian'. No, I'm well aware of that, and it gets on my thrupnees. We Scots can fight, though. We've proved it a thousand times over. Then in Scotland's case, it's like saying "Let them eat cake" while Quebec genuinely have it really, really good. (You insist on comparing Scotland to Quebec when the circumstances are completely different.) I first met David R. Ross at a TA Christmas party in Edinburgh in 2003. We became close friends through his regular subsequent appearances at a Scottish Festival in Ontario. He had confided in me that he had been getting death threats at his home (that "they were going to kill him, and kill his daughter") because of his plan to honour William Wallace by giving him the funeral he never had, 700 years to the day of his murder, in Smithfield. I didn't know what the day might bring, but I promised him (while in Fergus) that when the time came that I'd walk the last 6 miles of his 'journey' with him. (That's me to David's left... and Scottie27 on the pipes... ) I too am proud and uncompromising (and nothing like your unfair generalisation). I'm pleased that you met and made friends with the visitors from Quebec, but just because I am a proponent of Scottish independence doesn't mean that I have to approve of every other shout for independence worldwide. (Anyway, I'm happy to say that 'The Walk For Wallace' went off without a hitch, and the people of London were brand new.)
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    Nah he left after we asked him if he had succulent lamb for his new years dinner 🤣
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    His Tweet yesterday through his wife was brilliant! Sitting on the porch playing that banjo saying “No deid, no slipping away, no dying. Sorry if I depressed you, maybe I should’ve phrased it better!” 😆👍🏼
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    So are we, Officer Dibble.
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    Such a shame that this truly wonderful man isn't here to join in the celebrations with you. Always spoke well of his time as manager at Rugby Park, would never say a bad word about the club or it's fans.
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    Ive got a 10 year old that’s probably contributed more to his country than you ever have.
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    I did hear that, doesn’t change the fact that you wouldn’t have to if you actually lived and contributed to the country you would “die” for.
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    That really is blatant smearing by the Herald. The implication of that picture is clear. Disgraceful.
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    Possession. A kneejerk reaction of "it's ours, it always has been and it always will be" Add in plenty of heavy emotional blackmail with mention of the world wars (preferably with tears and an "I'll have you know that my Great-Uncle Jimmy had both his bollocks and his willie shot off at the Somme for this country" kind of story) Omit mention of the one time penal laws against their language and their faith or unwritten laws preventing them from getting high up in the civil service. Don't forget the "we love you and appreciate you - but you better know your place you ungrateful bastards with your different langauge and heritage." That's exactly what they said on the Daily Mail comment is free section about us during the referendum: "They get everything" - "free this free that" - "we pay so much for those ungrateful Scotch bastards" - "why should they get their own services, we are all British after all" - "We fought together, we died together, we must stay together no matter what" - "the Scottish Parliament is a dangerous experiment and should be abolished". Now I imagine you'd be ready to fight if some Tory pwick from the Home Counties said such things to your face, so why do you take such satisfaction saying that saying similair things about the great Québécois people ? Don't be a hypocrite. It's their country after all. Good on them for standing up for themselves and getting every concession they can from Ottawa. Pity it took proud, mighty "Scotland the Brave" fucking ages to start doing the same. Ever actually read their history and tried to see their side of the story like any reasonable person would ? Are you capable of doing such a thing ?
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    Great club and great history. Enjoyed many visits to Rugby Park.
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