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    NovoRangers have won one old firm game since 2012 (excluding the cup game win) and you personally are now within 48 hours worse than Ramy... sigh. Supporters who peacocked it about the place after every win during the height of the 9IAR row years and now again in the whatever it ends up years for Celtic are the biggest wanks out there, blue green whatever. Sad fuckers who seem to gain some sense of self from a football team. Give us peace. Shawl? Pish patter.
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    Haha clown. But anything that stops you knocking fuck out the wife tonight is fine by me.
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    No it’s not, I dont recall many posts of that nature. Most of the time, Aberdeen fans accept defeat with grace.
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    I've kind of kept an eye on him without trying to. Noticed that he's started a number of games now and not been subbed. Going to keep on not noticing him and keep my fingers crossed for him.
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    Ive absolutely no idea why you’ve quoted me and struggling to comprehend any of your waffle. With all due respect, you come across as a lonely, tragic alcoholic. Scotland forever 😳
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    Yes, and another guy quite blatantly went in to a tackle. No way that should have stood. The ref is blind. The tackler meant to kick the ball but kicked the ground and the soil went deliberately in to a ball boys eye. The ball boy was on the park and in the box so it should have been a penalty. End of the day, Celtic were cheated and should have won comfortably as the Unprinciples. Result should be overturned as Cellic were by far the better side. Away to put my records on and listen to The Sweet.
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    It's the nature of the subject matter... it's deep.
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    Your all wrong, the Bears only mauled 11 Bhoys today.
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    Agreed, we shouldn’t be considering him. If he becomes a first team regular for Celtic he might come in to consideration. We don’t need to pick Celtic reserves, we have enough talent elsewhere.
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    Without a doubt. Sadly club bias affects a few on here.
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    Graeme Shinnie. Jack can also cover right back very well as he showed against Holland.
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    Was it those simple bear Negacicities ?
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    I'd say it's sadder spamming a message board with all that God pish that you hit out with but you're entitled to your opinion.
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    Fortunately there's 4 teams in the mix.
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    The Kaiser is pleased to raise to the nobility Baron Gary von Caldenbaur
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    There is a big contradiction here. The Scottish Nationalist Party is hugely pro EU. The EU = the dissolution of Nation states in all but name.
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    Kilts being worn at football matches looks absolutely ridiculous.
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    Hahahaha 'seething' at words on a screen, from the guy who doesn't take the board seriously. What an embarrassing character you are.
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    Ryan jack bossed the Celtic midfield today.... showed brown up as yesterday’s man. I hope no club bias is being shown here. Absolutely worthy of a place in the squad.
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    No, Shinnie went down easily only after being pushed.

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