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    Celtic deserved that. Edouard was outstanding after coming on. I thought we played well in spells but a few lapses in concentration (particularly from Logan) really cost us. You'd think that after 7 titles and 2 trebles on the bounce, Celtic fans would've learnt how to win with a bit class. Clearly that's beyond some of them though.
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    What a class act you are. More insults. I won't lower myself to your immature ways. Enjoy the Christmas holidays Dandydunn.
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    You really are a fucking bellend, aren’t you? Take off the tinted glasses look at the bigger picture you utter moron.
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    Deserved win by Celtic, but when Aberdeen presses them high, the two centre halves and goalie were horrendous. Surely a top class keeper is high on the list for European progression? Collum was his usual self, booking May after pointing out he had four (4) fouls within 52 minutes, so correctly was booked, whereas Brown had five (5) within 45 minutes and wasn’t even spoken to. It looked like he was going to book him at the end of the 1st half, but realised who it was and didn’t bother. The fight and determination, IMO showed that it can go a long way to matching ability, unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Roll on Livi on sat 🥃⚽️
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    Menga trying to claim that one of the Dundee players had a hold of his jersey...
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    Is he? Vanderark14 said we could have no complaints, the better team won. You keep making shite up. Did one of my posts hurt your feelings again toots?
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    You can laugh at those songs all you want ya fucking rodent.
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    Merry Christmas 10 in a row ya fanny
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    Hartson has been an absolute disgrace to commentary and he should be sacked from BT. He's made Chris's Sutton look like a hun
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    Well done Sir Craig for highlighting tan puss’s dishonesty and double standards Assume he is lubed up for Brenda today
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    should that not read "cleaned"
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    Fuck me, one half decent game against Dundee and people think Ralston is a prospect. Daft Tims is fair enough, but anyone else buying into it is just ridiculous.
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    😇 And that children, was the tale of Scotty and Macy. After a difficult start in life, one took the road of God. The other didnt . 🙂
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    Other dads who, when you're trying to catch a bit of the football, take it upon themselves to make a show of 'helping' your kid right in front of your proper fit wife.

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