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    Last years was particularly good Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day, when the Huns come calling and derek decides to stay.
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    Wake me up, before you go go Who needs Rooney when you’ve got Sam Cosgrove ⚽️⚽️
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    I was not in Marx and Engels, I was in Asda
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    Hi Davy. Just paid £12.50 on PayPal. Can you add me on please? One seat in the name of Keith Anderson. Cheers!
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    Paid for my 5 seats on bus 12 Davy, cheers!
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    He's oot, beat 3-2 gid.
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    Celtic secretly finances Sevco so that they won't go under again.
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    You’re lot are just as bad, “Utter Vermin” both of you, you live for each other and basically couldn’t survive without each other. As previously mentioned 2 cheeks same arse, unlike most non old faces firm fans on here who seem to lean to hate Rangers more than Celtic I disagree with that as I despise you both equally. Merry Xmas x
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    Survived just fine when they were liquidated. Thanks for sharing your worthless opinion though.

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