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    If Jesus played a back 3 with his best disciple out of position in midfield, would you believe in it?
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    In this thread we've got the baby jesus, the holocaust, bad cheese puns, a whooshed a poster, crackers,tunes, puppets, eugenics,football jokes,greetings,hitler quotes, bible readings, agressive posts, passive aggresive posts, old posters,new posters,posters on their 7th username, the cleverest poster on the board, the roman catholic church, weather info from Ottowa, memes and now a meltdown post. Surely most of the above features are the foundations on which internet messageboards are built. What more could you want.
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    Are you being serious? If you are really writing Hamilton and McTominay off because they aren't starting games ahead of players like Pogba, Mata, Herrera, Fellaini, Matic and Fred then you need to have a word with yourself. Man Utd have good players playing badly. The manager isn't going to drop them all for young lads.
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    £12.50 sent to your bank account - PayPal too complicated!! Cheers as always for the effort.
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    Hi Davy, My £12.50 sent - Thanks for organising. Haifa and now San Marino (& presumably Cyrus 😉), I am going to make you my official travel agent 👍
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    Payment made for 3 seats.👍
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    Hopefully you do....the games at Fir Park.
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    Payment made for 4. Many thanks.
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    Hi Davy here is a extra £5 for bus previously sent £20 so here is balance from big chis (Ross chisholm)
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    Watched the first 2 last night. Martin Bain is a fucking gimp!
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    Thanks, that's cleared it up.
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    I'm not asking you to apologise for taking the piss out of you, I don't really want you to apologise, most people would get that You made up nonsense about what I said to suit your own argument. When anyone does that I find it's best not to engage anymore. Have great Christmas, I'm sure you'll spend it arguing the benefits of 352 with anyone who'll listen.
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    What a load of bollocks. Jesus died for our sins? Oh, what a convenient way of absolving human beings for the horrors that they commit around the globe on a daily basis. "I can rape this woman, but it's fine as Jesus Christ paid for it" People around the globe dying though starvation and murders, women being raped on a daily basis, people being homeless, injustices happening on a rate of minutes and seconds, all the human beings dying as they believe in the "wrong" things. But that's all fine and dandy, as Jesus died for all those things. That makes things all better. Just go to Africa and tell the parents whose babies are dying through malnutrition that it's all "God's plan", and the women who get gang-raped that it's all fine as God and Jesus has her back. The fact that in 2018 people still believe the teachings of a glorified fairy tale book, well, it's incredible. It's incredible how utterly moronic human being truly are. Religion is the biggest money making scheme in the history of mankind. Death to Christmas.
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    One of the main reasons that I've never liked Alex McLeish, is the fact that he knocked back the opportunity to sign Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for Motherwell, he signed Andy Roddie and an assortment of utter haddies instead. A fucking arsehole of a guy
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    Ok, I’ll pm you to call you a retard 😂😂 I think you’ll find that you started with the name calling, so before you run to the teacher, keep that in mind. Also, it’s the Tartan Army Message Board, if you want a Celtic forum to spout your shite on, you’re clearly in the wrong place 👍🏽
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    Burke came on tonight albeit for just a short time. But good to see him back in contention. 4 Scots in action in the game between Villa and West Brom.

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