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    "I wonder when Kieran Tierney will finally join a top league?" "I wonder when Kieran Tierney will finally grow up and join a top league?" Mate, you must see how these two sentences differ right? The first is a genuine question to which I would love the answer. The second is clearly suggesting that the fact he hasn't moved to a bigger team yet is down some form of immaturity on his behalf. So it could very obviously be construed as a dig. I actually quite like your cat-among-the-pigeons style on here, but if you're going to continue with it you're going to have to grow a thicker skin. Not everyone is on here to try and score points. PS: Robbo for Prime Minister.
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    Excellent. I wish more of our politicians and people would tell tv interviewers that the UK/Britain is not a country or a nation.
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    Totally Agree on both points..... however if Scotland had taken the same rules as Brexit, we would be independent in 2014 Conversely, if Westminster had done the right thing and followed the Holyrude example, we would not be going thru Brexit just now....
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    I really do wish more people would be like that and not get so excited and just let the young lads play and see how it goes. Remember how we all got our hopes too high with the exploits of Archie Gemmill's Under 20 team ? I also remember a certain poster on here who in a debate about the U21 team emphatically said that Ryan Fulton (now of Hamilton Accies reserves) and Kyle Cameron (now of Torquay Utd) would "go all the way". Dear oh dear.
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    Because the op is a fucking idiot
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    Hard for me to refute what he says but I’d be shocked if the institutionalised racism he claims exists in 2018 anywhere in the western world.
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    An interconnected world doesn’t have to be locked into trade deals and custom unions etc that can be used to blackmail governments and punish voters.
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    It doesn't mean bugger all at all, it shows that with good modern coaching, you can compete with the best teams in the league on a consistent basis and that should be a blueprint for every other club in the country.
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    Rangers are two points off the top. Had a bad couple of games. Gerrard needs to stick to his best 11. Then 55 will be a foregone conclusion. Scotland Forever.
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    Thank goodness we have you to tell us all how these people really think.
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    Glaswegians are born, no built We dinae pick, we're picked. If ye understaun, ye dinae need telt and if ye dinae understaun it, ye dinae matter noo f*ck off, cause we ur Glesga
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    Bizarre angle to have a dig at Tierney but carry on
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    Tierney is 21 and played nearly 200 games for club and country. Telling him to grow up is a bit harsh when he’s achieved a lot for a player of his age. He seems pretty level headed so would expect him to play at a higher level soon.
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    The main reason it has come to the fore again is that over the last six or seven years, our government, media and other mainstream political figures have done their utmost to stir up racial tension. From the Home Office Go Home vans that were paraded about the streets of Britain, to the Brexit campaign which turned into scapegoating of immigrants and the recent windrush scandal, we've got just a small taste of this on going campaign to blame immigrants for Britains ills and as a result there are a huge number of individuals who believe racism is fair game again. We also live in a dangerous time where everybody thinks they are entitled to their opinion and that their 'free speech' shouldn't be curtailed and that includes calling people like Sterling a black cunt. It's a shameful scenario that has been facilitated by the government and the media who have ran scaremongering campaigns and this is the direct result. The only way to tackle this and particularly at football is to stand up and be counted, if you hear any racist abuse condemn it there and then, call these people out and make sure that they do not have a platform to air them, that is the best way to tackle these cretins.
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    The story I've heard is that Provan never mixed well with his teammates when away with Scotland and Jock Stein thought Provan's attitude and commitment were rotten. In the end, Stein got fed up and just stopped picking him. Right decision Big Jock I remember about ten or twelve years ago Provan had a column the Daily Record where he was supposed to write about football but half of it was taken up with the twisted, bitter poorly informed ramblings of a ultra-right wing fruitcake. Frequently ranting on about bringing back the belt in schools, re-introducing national service, that most unemployed people are lazy layabouts, the Scottish Parliament is a "waste of time" that should be abolished, that he'd "celebrate" if hanging was brought back. oh, and naturally he was paying "far too much" in taxes David Provan is a nasty, horrible old kunt who should be reduced to making a living giving after dinner speeches at branches of his beloved Conservative Party.

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