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    It's not abuse, it's the truth. There isn't anyone on here who takes this board, and themselves, as serious as you. You really need to get your hole.
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    Jumping in?🤣 Wtf are you on about? I was making a light hearted suggestion, not claiming to be Ramy's spokesman. Take a day off from being the board's humourless, boring cunt one day. You might enjoy it.
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    You're not exactly struggling but this might make it easier for you to get Rangers in to threads that have nothing to do with them!!
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    Bit harsh talking to a fellow footsoldier like that. Can't we all just get along?
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    Way too easy today. Always felt we had gears to move into. Shame about the Sheep fans trying to compete with the Huns for the most putrid fans in Scotland crown.
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    Channel 6. It's Barneveld vs Adrian Lewis. Enjoy. 🤣🤣🤣
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    Wish I had known this before I booked on Croc's train
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    I'm at 78, and apparently a great guy. How is that possible when I am an annoying wanker half the time. 😄
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    Cheapest return from Scotland to Astana and back is around the 470 pounds mark. I’m in Scotland then so seriously thinking about it.
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    He scored 1 a few days before, against Northern Ireland.
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    There’s a video doing the rounds when Sinclair took the pen, some moron shouted “miss you black bastard” utterly scummy behaviour. Hearing that the bus that was carrying the folk that made up the display was broken into over the weekend and their flag was thrown onto the pitch at the end of the game. Not whatabouttery at all, but certainly cretin like behaviour from Celtic fans.
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    Given Scotland have less pressure on us in this campaign, its a decent draw. Our main goal usually is just to secure a playoff these days so we should go into these games with a free hit mindset. We get a free hit at Russia and Belgium at home. Might aswell try our luck. If not Finland await & if we get through that we're one tie away from euro 2020.
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    TBH I'd probably join you!
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    You lot certainly can't take a moral highground. Bigger and bigger section of your support happier to sing about IRA or orange bastards than actually support the team. A club open to all as long as you fit in with Celtic fans ideals.
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    Haha it’s not really based on the past 2 games, more that we really need 9 points or we’re up against it from the start. But it’s Scotland, just as much chance as 4 points from 9
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    Thought we played okay. Matched Celtic in the first half, then lost concentration for a split second and went in 1-0 down. To win that game we needed a bit luck but got none. That penalty award, GMS having to go off, that ball hitting the bar rather than looping in, even the ball falling right back to Christie after his first effort was saved. What was again made clear is how poorly McInnes' recruitment has been. Neither Gleeson or Forrester made the field, while James Wilson is just pathetic. We've very little quality in the final third without GMS. A frustrating day.
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    They play most of their big games in Brussels. They’ll probably play San Marino in Bruges or Liege but those grounds hold less than 30k. I think Belgium only has one all seater stadium that can hold more than 30,000. The King Baudouin Stadium (or whatever they call Heysel these days) is the only realistic option for Scotland and Russia I think.
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    Is there any issue to the factual content of my post? No, didn’t think so. Off you fuck now.
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    We know you're trolling but you're still a mutant
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    The Cyprus game at Hampden will be almost 50 years to the day from the 8-0 win against them where Colin Stein scored 4 (our last hattrick for 46 years).
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    Couldn't agree more. The Epl is the self professed "best league in the world". Financially maybe.
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    I think that’s where he keeps Joey Barton....

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