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    Hardly a classic but couldn't really give a fuck. On a positive note, it was good to see Rossy run on the pitch near the end, had been worried about him since he stopped posting on here.
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    Glasgow. Its always been there.
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    Aye ok pal. I am.a FIFA certified coach, I coach at a very high level. I think I know what I am talking about. That was a straight red. End of..
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    While in no means being perfect, I'd argue that in both cases things would have been a whole lot worse had the UN not intervened.
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    We know you're trolling but you're still a mutant
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    Yes fly to Bologna and stay in Rimini is good option
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    Someone didn't like our match dates so much, they deleted the thread. 😂😜
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    Ask Parkie and BlueGaz how the last awards went?
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    You've used that line before, Hamish. I didn't blame anyone, I just laughed at grown men being so offended that they asked for a stranger to be banned from a forum. If you're like that online then I can only imagine what you're like in real life, ya mad curtain twitching weirdo.
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    Dallas had a shocker, we didn’t look like scoring for most of the game, if we had the useless prick would have found some reason to rule it out 🤬
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    Should have been a sending off and a penalty
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    I think that’s where he keeps Joey Barton....
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    You're on the wrong thread ya fanny
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    Andrew Dallas out of jail there
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    Lovely touch. Keeper did well with the initial shot but no chance with the second. Christie really coming on really well last few weeks. Great news for both Celtic and Scotland.
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    Celtic are feckin hammer throwers.
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    Hiya. I'm back. Was commentating next door on league Cup thread. 😁
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    top 3, so behind Killie and who else do you think? ...
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    I would just like to apologise in advance to my fellow posters for being an annoying cunt today. 🍺🍺😁
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    Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct "A goalkeeper is considered to be in control of the ball when: the ball is between the hands or between the hand and any surface (e.g. ground, own body) or by touching it with any part of the hands or arms except if the ball rebounds from the goalkeeper or the goalkeeper has made a save holding the ball in the outstretched open hand bouncing it on the ground or throwing it in the air A goalkeeper cannot be challenged by an opponent when in control of the ball with the hands."
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    As long as the ball is still on the ground the player can go for it. It is a simple rule and goal should have stood. Arfield had to go for it, he did and scored. Anyway, natural order has been restored and we are back in our rightful place watching the league from the top. Simple.
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    Agreed mate. Good match though. Mon the jambosssss😊
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    Morales was completely offside. How did the linesman miss that. Shocking decision. No surprise though...
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    it's as if you tried to say 'belong' and 'bling' at the same time.
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    The UN Force is no doubt a decent idea in theory but as mentioned earlier, they are utterly toothless/incompetent. Comes straight from the top. I’m no armed forces cheerleader but imagine being your average squaddie sent as part of the UN and literally having to stand back and watch the rape and murder of innocents, kids women etc. Worse still, imagine being an innocent and seeing the UN turn up and believing your are safe, only to have them stand aside an do fuck all. An absolute disgrace of an organisation.
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    You’ve lost the plot completely if that’s the way you interpreted Scottys post. Not surprised you’ve lost the plo, it’s not uncommon for you to go full hun.
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    Yeah, I've always gone out of my way to be popular.
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    It's pretty simple really. Scotty is equating the moment a man died with some vote about a football team. Above the fact that he thinks a human beings death is worth joking about is bad enough but to link it to something as trivial as football is rather sad, in my opinion. Scotty has previous for similar and not withstanding his obsession with conspiracy theories, I find it distasteful. If you don't then fair enough. I just think posts like this show a little of his character.
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    How the fuck did this get to a slagging of "Huns" in 3 posts? Although given it's you 2 I probably shouldn't be surprised. Back on topic, Aberdeen all day long. I know the Tims will clearly disagree but Celtic winning 3 consecutive trebles isn't good for the game so I'll take anyone breaking that domination wherever it comes.
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    Ordinarily I would agree but a couple of sheep on here are particularly nauseating so I’m a little bit torn. 🤔😂
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    Yae know, I just love Brendan Rodgers. Craig Gordon is Celtics number 1 keeper. He is however giving Scott Bain the gloves against the sheep on Sunday. Wants him to get experience in a Cup Final match. That is a class move, and it also shows Bain that Rodgers has faith in him. Apparently Craig Gordon has no issue whatsoever with Bain getting his chance. Good for Scotland also that Bain gets this match.
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    😤😤 VanderRAGING 😂
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    Did you hear that bellend of a commentator asking Craigan if he’d ever had to endure a lengthy break in the game due to an injury. Dear or dear.

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