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    You post some snide thread having a cyberwank at the death of some random idiot as a way to get one over on one of your sad internet rivals... and it is a win for you?
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    Never Heard Of Them Vol II.
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    Do you do the voice overs at the start and end of Criminal minds? šŸ˜‚
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    I am. He's growing into a bit of a growler, just a few weeks he was bawling and shouting at the REF for not blowing the whistle when he was obviously fouled. I definitely think he could play as an anchor-man as he has the defensive instincts and he's terrific at managing possession.
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    Cracking goal by the Scottish Cafu? (Allan Hutton)
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    Good to hear, but Iā€™m no opening that link.
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    So River Plate are the Huns of Argentina then?
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    A person states his opinion and he's "at it"? A person expresses his personal beliefs and he's "at it"? A person dares to think outside the box and he's "at it"? No. I'm not "at it", as you so eloquently call it. I'm not "at it", never have I been "at it", nor will I ever be "at it". I literally have no idea where/what"it" is, but I can quite safely say, without fear of contradiction, I've never here there. Andrew Robertson has the best engine in the Scotland squad. He's got a fair bit of fire in his belly and he's extremely careful with the ball, meaning his ball retention is far greater than the vast majority of the players in the squad. I couldn't trust John McGinn to play in a deep midfield position as his concentration levels aren't high. Andrew Robertson is emerging into a world class player. He could certainly play in midfield. I bet when Pep Guardiola toyed with the notion of moving (the best right back at the world at the time) Lahm to the anchorman position, he was thought of as being "at it", or close to being "at it", but in actuality the "it" where he was wasn't the "it" where they thought he was. No, he was in an entirely different "it" to everyone else. Same goes with David Alaba. He's a dynamic full-back, and yet he's veracious in the anchor-man role. But I suppose you also think Alaba playing as an anchor-man is also an attempt as being "at it". Got "it"?
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    It wasn't really that odd. Karanka is a Mourinho clone, and that being said, he wants a particular style of footballer (tall, strong, defensive, high work-rate), this is pretty much why McKay fell out of favour. McKay is too much of a maverick.
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    Rangers have outsourced theirs and it appears its with Pedigree Chum judging by the taste of the pies. šŸ¤®
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    Robertson in midfield? Haha you must be at it.

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