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    #raabjustrealised The English Channel isn't a TV station #Raabjustrealised that the Irish border is more than just a breed of dog. #Raabjustrealised THIS trading partner is NEAR! 0 replies11 retweets45 likes Reply Retweet 11 Like 45 Direct message
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    Agree with abody else’s comments...Davy you deserve free booze from us all. Thank you for all you do 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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    These sleep in the park events to raise awareness of homelessness. An absolute pile of fucking shite. Its nothing more than propaganda so politicians, D-list celebrities and those irritating lazy shiftless cunts in the work can get time away from their actual job to put posters up and chase you for your last pound to make themselves feel important and relevant If any genuine homeless person was to get caught climbing into Princes Street Gardens to get away from any bad bastards and try and get a bit peace any other night of the year they’d get hoyed oot and chased by the polis, but just because some cunt arse singer that hasn’t had a hit for years is going to sing a few songs just to try and get themselves some air time again it’s all fair fucks Someone I ken is doing it and they get unlimited hot drinks. Get tae fuck! They should be made to walk round Edinburgh( or any other participating city’s) all day to scavage for pennies, fag doubts, auld clais and cardboard like the real homeless folk do Its nothing more than propagandic pretentious bullshit
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    What do Rangers have planned for tomorrow ? Heard rumours of the Spice Girls dressed as WW1 soldiers landing on the pitch in a Spitfire.
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    I'm not making any excuses. I'll be silent then bursting into a chorus of 18 Brits as soon as the whistle blows. Thank you for your concern.
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    Different type of player though it's nice to see Rhodes getting in the goals again.
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    Jordan Rhodes scores for Norwich
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    I think he’ll start with Fletcher on Saturday, all going well result wise Patterson will come on for last 15/20 with a view to starting against Israel. Patterson then starts against Israel, tucks a couple of goals and goes onto score 31 goals for his country as a centre forward. Am I getting carried away?
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    Thought Christie was brilliant on Thursday night. Had his best ever game for Celtic in a high pressure game against a high level of opposition. These are the sort of games you need your international players to perform in. Read that he made the most tackles of any player playing in the Europa league last week (10) and was obviously a threat going forward too. I’d like to see a midfield three of Christie, McGregor and McGinn. All three work hard, are mobile, and keep the ball well. The only other centre midfielders in the squad are McDonald (not on form, ponderous) and Armstrong (hasn’t been playing and isn’t as strong defensively).
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    Now now RB that's just simply unacceptable .......Stop it!
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    1) Never thought I'd see a Buffy reference on here. Good man. 2) Sometimes shortenings of names have different spellings. Depends on personal preference I guess? C.f Madge or Peggy for Margaret, or even Alec for Alexander. 3) It's starting to look like almost everyone on here agrees on 8 of the starting 11! McGregor Tierney McKenna Mulgrew Robertson McGinn McGregor Fraser I think that's actually a really positive sign. That's a solid group of guys to build a team around if we can get them playing together regularly. Then all we have to do is figure out the other three, and it seems that ideally it would be 3 out of Griffiths if he can sort his troubles out, Armstrong if he can get some game time for his club, Cairney if he is keen to represent us, Christie who looks to be on the rise, and Forrest. Let's see if McLeish is on the same wavelength as us. Though I've got a terrible feeling he's gonna stick with McDonald.
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    Don't mention what annoys you on this place, you'll just be met with a barage of bell ends offended by whatever offends you. 😆
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    TBF, this film had more than 2 decades to take on board and correct/avoid the criticisms levelled at Braveheart. Also keep in mind that Braveheart (which doesn't get credit for the things that it had right) told our story to many in the world for the first time.
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    I'm quite happy that Rangers have made a complaint about the decision. It was absolutely ridiculous and needs highlighting. The petulant, attention seeking, pathetic statement was an absolute reddy of epic proportions. How anyone of any official capacity at the club can approve of this is beyond me. An utter fuckwit must have written it and a yellow bellyed wimp has approved it. I hope every club that feels hard done to by the appaling refereeing standard complains too. How else will we see improvement? The current body appears to be fine with the level we have just now.. I'd also like to see clubs come out and commend refs when they do a good job. This doesn't happen often enough either. You can't formally complain about stuff if you're not willing to give proper credit when it's due.
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    If they've had enough, then why are they appearing for the final? Surely if they feel that strongly about it they'd boycott that too? As Wee Toon Red alluded to, they thought they'd get pumped so gave it a swerve. I was well chuffed for the 10,000 or so that bothered to go.
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    Forrest is twenty games overdue a decent game for Scotland and agree that he doesn’t look interested.
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    I think this is exactly why the UK is leaving the EU: the media likes to act as if Britain is twenty miles away from the US, rather than twenty miles away from France. The only time that our media comments on the European Parliament is usually when something negative is happening there; never when anything positive happens.
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    Forrest is a much better player than Phillips.
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    🤣 For a minute there I thought they were pre charging us some sort of winners tax
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    I'd like tae kick that Welsh cunt right in the baws. Arrogant uneducated twat. Sorry for the language. I just hate that bastard..😁

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