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    Thoughts on last night. Celtic deserved it. Thought Christie looked good and if Rodgers has any sense Brown won’t get back in the team. The disco lights 😂 Big Ramy getting taken home byThe Mounties to blutred to walk (wearing his Celtic Top) Special mention to Rolling Jakey and Ormond for gate crashing Big Ramys thread to arrange a fight.......................in Albania 😂
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    Taking the lead 3 times in a match only to throw in 2 goals in 40 seconds
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    Well, it's only 7:00pm here. For my opening point I'd just like to say... 'Sevco'. Point #2 - Unsustainable loses. Point #3 - Poor run. One win in their last 5 and they struggled v relegation bound St. Mirren. Point #4 - Teams'll be having a go at your central defensive pairing from now on. Point #5 - Your famous yet inexperienced manager who doesn't do subs very well. Point #6 - The amount of loan players that make the starting 11. #rebuild Point #7 - 3 points v Well or the wheels will 'well' and truly come off. Anyway... sleep tight.
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    When will we get a statement?
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    TBF, this film had more than 2 decades to take on board and correct/avoid the criticisms levelled at Braveheart. Also keep in mind that Braveheart (which doesn't get credit for the things that it had right) told our story to many in the world for the first time.
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    Hard to say when all I've ever known him to do is bomb down the wings (other than a brief appearance at RB and CB) but I really don't like the idea of shoehorning players into other positions just to have them on the field.
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    BT is excellent coverage of Scottish football, people that generally seem to know what they’re talking about and have a passion for what they’re saying. Will be disappointed to see it go.
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    No online boarding to anywhere from Tirana airport I'm afraid...they say it is the system but I think they like to see the whites of your eyes (and to make sure they are the same as your passport!). Oh, and on flights to/from Tirana. Anyone on Blue Panorma please make sure that if you have a middle name, then it is on your booking. The barstewards charge €60 euro to change it on the boarding card! You can tell when Blue Panorama is checking in because of the scuffles at their desk!
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    You're not wrong. Didn't think I'd be saying that Ntcham and Brown would have to earn their places back. Great position to be in.
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    There wasn't/isn't one. Being fed up with and making a stand against the SPFL/SFA was the excuse some Dons fans gave for not going to the semi final, when the truth was they expected us to get humped by Rangers. As it turned out, the attendance was in line with the usual numbers we get for semi finals but because the club had stuck their neck out and asked for a decent portion of the tickets, which the fans didn't back them up on by actually buying them, some supporters decided to pretend they were boycotting in protest at any or all of the kick off time, the venue, not being offered the best seats in the house etc.
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    Savage seems to have a hard on for Gerrard/Rangers and was saying Celtic were pathetic in Europe. To be fair, Sutton as much as a tit he is, usually owns him as Savage is thick as fuck.
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    Scottish cows who use the word ‘literally’ all the fucking time. Scotland isnae fucking America you fake cunts. I’ve got Radio Scotland on just now and that fat cunt Michelle McManus cannae stop saying it. 😡
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    What am I? Chopped liver?
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    On current form I don't think there's much between Robertson and Tierney, Robertson's form has been poor for a wee while now. When he's in midfield for Scotland we try and play too much through him, he's not THAT good. He's a very good left back but a play maker he certainly is not.
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    I don't care if I come across as a broken record but what has James Forrest done in Scotland jersey to justify a starting position? We've waiting 25 caps for him to show his celtic form, how long do we give him? I'd play Christie instead of Armstrong and I would forget about Cairney, I think h is heads been turned with this talk of an England cap
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    I can see your point.
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    If it's as cheap as they say it is then I'll buy him two. Fuck knows how he can be arsed with the hassle of arranging it all, but I'm glad he is. Made our trip to Tel Aviv so much more enjoyable just walking 10 mins from the hotel to the pick up point, straight to the game then back without any hassle whatsoever.
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    Aye. What an effort. Guy should be bloody knighted fae us. 👍 Arise Sir Davy! 🤴
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    Some work Davy, you shouldnt need to buy a drink all week.
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    Well I suppose using the term in a "racist way" is some form of retraction from calling me a racist, small mercies and all that. You asked/demanded that I address the opinion piece you linked to. I did and laid out my reasons why I don't agree with it, I don't necessarily expect you to agree with those. I asked/demanded that you explain why I was wrong and what you disagreed with. All you've done is to repeat back the original text which is kind of like the internet equivalent of Brits abroad talking more loudly in English to foreigners who don't understand them and expecting them to somehow "get it". You are obviously either unwilling to or incapable of responding to my questions and instead result to more ad hominen attacks. From what I see that's your general modus operandi on here when challenged. Some might say that it's very Trumpian in its approach, I couldn't possibly comment.
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    Aye. I’ll fly over to Europe to spend a week with my pals and try and squeeze the pleasure of your fat hoop into the bargain. Away and chase yersel’ ya muppet. 😂
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    Thplinth here, the day after the Manchester bomb happily scoring political points. And that's not mention wild speculation as well and - in hindsight - demonstrating extremely pish judgement. I wonder what's changed in 18 months?
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    I wouldn't expect you to understand, bigots don't usually.
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    Is anybody else worried about the propsect of a United Ireland, caused by the Brexit shenanigans, ultimately leading to us being landed with thousands of fuck-wit immigrants from Proddy Ulster, who don't want to be governed by Dublin?

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