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    Parkie, we've had the same argument before. I'm happy with what I posted, years ago now I think, that your posts at the time were bigoted. I don't understand your claim about smearing your character though. I don't go about claiming you're a bigot, it was an argument on one thread, at one point in time. I don't think I've said it more than that, although I don't commit all of my TAMB conversations to memory like some. As with Vanderark, my conversations with you appear to be pointless. You accept no criticism and are only willing to dish it out. Have a good weekend, except for at the football.
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    steady on neebur your rage is affecting your brain to keyboard cognitive skills
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    Save face? πŸ˜€ You're the only one chucking names about. You're the only one making stuff up. You're the only one who can't admit they're wrong. And you continually peddle bullshit about me, with no substantiation. Interesting that this is exactly what Parklife says about me. It's obvious to me now that you're not going g to point out my lies, because there aren't any and you're just going to loop round your usual bullshit name calling. Ive wasted enough time on you. Enjoy your weekend and hopefully one day you'll grow up enough to see what you're doing.
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    Jesus man, give it a rest. You've become beyond tedious.
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    Bit surreal. Currently in Paris watching ex Rangers centre half 'dancing' on their equivalent of Strictly. His foot work has not improved.
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    Yep, nice pic. He got hammered for getting conned into some sort of Christian/Buddhist bullshit and expressing it with the eloquence of someone who was very good at kicking a ball.
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    Henderson with goal and assist for Verona. Gauld played full 90 mins for Farense as well. Good to see him playing the whole game....not given up on the wee man yet!
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    A fabulous player in his day and an icon for many Another big part of my youth and hope he pulls through His comments regarding people being disabled because of something bad they did in a previous life are not on him It's once again down to religion and whoever put that shite in his head when he was becoming a born again Christian
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    My personal 'favourites' are the lies and cheating. Strangely enough,nobody wants to ask or answer any questions in terms of these. 'IF' the club want the support as a whole back onside they absolutely have to address your 5th point. (Not in a scatter-gun type way, just when it's warranted) Everyone has their own opinion though......
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    Callum Paterson has scored for Cardiff v Liverpool
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    Well, not closer than I think. Aberdeen to win unless the feared stitch up goes ahead. Dandies expecting a red card and a Sevco penalty shot.
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    I’ve pointed put your lies your stupid cunt
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    I'm sure "Rangers" had 480,000 at a home game when they were in D3. It was a world record
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    I don't thinl any of us are bigots on here. Bit carried away yes. But i don't think bigot is right term. Have a happy saturday and smile. Scottish football is in a good place and tomorrow is auper sunday ☺
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    I got my comeuppance. Pulled the milk carton out the fridge and the entire shelf thing on the door came with it... plastic fatigue it looks like it. Unopened bottle of Tesco Finest Pouilly Fumee (sp?) smashed to smithereens on the kitchen floor just before bed time. Great fun. I am taking it as a sign. This thread, this board and all of you are obviously cursed. ps I like how Ally replies through an intermediary above but, funny. Ciao cunts.
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    Sex Cauldron? I thought they shut that place down?
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    I can't remember the last time I was so excited about a domestic game. It really will be some occasion with two massive supports there and both teams going for it
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    He's just turned 24. I reckon he will end up at a lower half EPL team. Hopefully it's sooner rather than later.
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    The last few years saw us qualify for the CL for the first time in 3 seasons, then do it again the following season while securing European football after Christmas (something which we rarely ever do) so to say we've been going backwards in that period is simply incorrect. The board let the manager down in the transfer window. Hope all these people wanting Rodgers out are happy when we replace him with Jackie Macnamara or Alan Stubbs cos there's not a chance we'll get anyone of Rodgers class ever again. A double treble and people are still wanting rid. We really do have a very spoiled bunch of fans.
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    Are you Jim Davidson? πŸ€”
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    I listen to this pretty much every night as the Mrs works 6-8.30pm, so it's my football fix once I've fed the kids. Tonight - total charlatans πŸ˜‚. Money for old rope............apparently James Forrest is a ball carrier (fair point) .............he carries the ball πŸ˜‚ - well thanks for this incisive description of a ball carrier πŸ˜‚. (Kenny Miller). Also, it was news to him that Red Bull Leipzig had 5 ex-Red Bull Salzburg in their line-up in the game between the 2 teams. He was adamant that Celtic were facing a much better team tomorrow night and seemed shocked by the news that Salzburg had beat Leipzig .................. They moved on to the Sevco game - he admitted he didn't "know much about Spartak" - turns out he didn't know anything about them other than educating me that it would be tough as there are no easy games in Europe. The presenter guy covered their managerial situation. Now I'm no fucking expert, and I'm not getting paid to be one, but over the last few days, just due to having a general interest in Scottish football, I've learned that Spartak have a well regarded young keeper at U21 level for Russia, a midfielder that played in the recent Russian side that did so well, and a Cape Verde forward who has scored a few recently. Patchy form but sitting seventh but only a point off second. No being funny but if a no mark like me knows a wee bit...........then is it too much to ask for the pundits to do a wee google and have a think before they trouser their fee ?
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    This isn't strictly on topic but I want to share it as it made me chuckle. A week ago via a mutual acquaintance I got to talking to a lad who was at the 2007 Glasgow City Council election count and he told me this wee story. A friend of his was one of the SNP candidates for a council ward but was not really expecting to win, rather just hoping to run Labour close. The Labour candidate she was up against was one of those typical intellectual giants that have graced the Glasgow City Chambers for the last forty or so years and took his victory for granted. This magnificent tribune of labour was there with his auld maw and da complete with Labour rosettes. The da was a snarling, red faced, 200lb weight old school, bully boy type in his sixties or thereabouts. The guy who told me thought that the old boy might actually have held the council seat before his son did. Just before the official announcement, the candidates were informed of the result. It was an SNP gain. The Labour candidate just stood there slack jawed and silent. Daddy meanwhile completely lost the plot. "Whit dae ye mean ma boys lost the fucking seat ? This areas been Labour for fucking years !". After being asked by the official to calm down and watch his language he turned fire on his own son and thundered at him with the veins in his pumpkin shaped head visibly throbbing "Ah don't believe this. Ye've only just gone and lost to some fucking wee lassie so ye huv !" At this point auld Maw stepped in and said "Calm doon, calm doon Alec, ye remember whit the doacter told ye." You kind of had to hear the lad "do the voices" but I thought it was SLab in the Central Belt summed up in a nutshell. Screw the lot of them.
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    Kirsty Hill‏ @DrKirstyHill More #bbcqt was soul destroying. Unionists in the audience denigrating their own country.Unionist panelists devoid of anything to offer.Lack of ambition & self-hatred is astounding. It’s hard & tiring sometimes but independence is needed now more than ever
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    No wonder with the absolute arseholes on here who like to run like bairns grassing to the teacher.

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