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    I didn’t realise it was as late as it is. I thought I heard the one o’clock gun, checked the scores then realised it was Hearts bubble that had just burst
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    Because in the cold light of day his contribution to Scottish football was miminal and if truth be told, he was a complete arsehole in his time here.
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    How can they be getting home city advantage "(again)" if this is the first time they have met? You just want to think of them as the old club when it suits you, and then talk about them as a new club when that suits your agenda. You are no better than Rangers who like to do the same. For consistency you should decide inside your own head whether you think they are old or new. If you think they are old then they have 27 League Cups. If you think they are new then you should have no reason to hate them so much.
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    For semi finals that don't sell out I wish they would open a neutral section, even if it was just pay at the gate on the day. If I had nothing else on i would definitely pop along.
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    Performances like that are exactly why he has no senior caps.
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    That certainly sounds plausible. But I just have a hunch that something will be cooked up, and presented as a great British trade zone, a temporary /indefinite fudge, hailed by press as breakthrough in the national interest making it hard for Labour and even leaver Tories to block. Some sort of Vow, even - a customs union equivalent of Devo max - that convinces moderate Leavers it's a stepping-stone to a better final deal in future, just enough to vote for or abstain. Presented at the last moment when there's no time for proper debate, and the public mood is weary, let's just put this to bed. And sod the fisheries.
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    Agreed. Spent about 4-5 hours in the place. The airport was superb. Got the bonus of seeing Concorde & the millennium falcon take off.
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    In this bar just now, would recommend it , traditional looking bar , Happy hour 7-9pm. https://www.yeoshua.co.il/
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    Expect Mad Ramy to remember his password at some point tonight
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    Don’t get many chances to take my boys to a Scotland game. So it was a no brainier for me. Love rugby, and love Scotland. That’s good enough for me. J
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    I genuinely believe you have a mental illness. @Admin it may be best to restrict his posting privileges until he has been seen by a professional. Wish you well Scott.
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    A final they were favourites to win. Otherwise they can't even sell 25k
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    Aberdeen NOW have a fair kick-off time. Why do they now have to fight for a fair ticket allocation? This is the first ever historical meeting of The Famous and Sevco in a Cup. Sevco will of course have home city advantage (again) but they'll be without Velcro-Heid and Laffs. Who seriously doesn't believe we'll take 20,000? What Dandy wouldn't want to be there?
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    The choice of where to sit would be nice, I just have to hope I get one in the ballot and sit wherever I'm told. Going by my allocation over the last 15 years or so I've only had the north stand once and that was against Celtic last season for the Scottish cup semi. Funnily enough I wouldn't have minded a seat with a shit view for that game.
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    START by making 20,000 tickets available to us so that the first buyers can get their choice of the best seats. (It's not difficult.)
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    Where’s the neutrality in giving Rangers a bigger initial allocation? Not only are Rangers being given more tickets but they are also being given their usual neutral dressing room The rest of Scottish football need to find a bit of backbone and stand up for what’s right The SFA and SPFL need stripped from top to bottom. They best way to do that is simply boycott all matches. It will never happen though as far too many people in this country think they are better than the next man and want everyone to think they are a more loyal supporter Scottish football fans are our own worst enemies. We’ve been taken for granted for decades for have been happy to do so, and will be happy to be shafted for many more decades to come
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    You thought right. Even if you decide to leave the airport it’s only £20 and can get it in the airport
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    I think that poll could be more independence-friendly than some might think Independence has hardly been on the agenda at all (and the last time it was, at GE2017, SNP lost votes and seats). There has been hardly any campaigning or publicity for it. Yet it seems to have crept upwards when it could easily have fallen back. 50:50 is the predicted result simply after Brexit in March. This is not that 'hypothetical' (as Curtice suggests) - that is currently what most people, right and left, leave and remain, yes and no, expect to happen. That is presumably assuming a deal. Without a deal support for independence rises to 52%. And all that is without any possible negative effects of Brexit when it actually happens, or any mishaps or 'betrayals' by the government. The government still have to disappoint someone - the Brexiteers, big business, fishermen, and/or Ireland (or by pleasing Ireland, being seen to deny Scotland). They have avoided doing that so far, but when it happens I'd expect more ground to shift. The direction of travel seems more towards independence than not. And 50% would be just the starting point of the campaign. Psychologically that seems much more positive than bumping along at 45%. A ten point gap reduced to nowt in 4 years.
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    Why isn't Tommy Burns there? If the nomination process is a public vote then it looks like an organised clump of idiocy has voted for Gazza. Far more depressing is the omission of Burns.
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    I’m hoping he’s got a Scottish granny and can play centre half!
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    I’m Pro-Israel anyway so by the sounds of it I’ll be a’rite
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    I think it's his FTPs we need to watch out for....
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