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    Leave the pitch alone, it is older than your club!
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    Rangers definitely look a better proposition this season. Their first major silverware could be on the way soon
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    Brilliant performance from runrig yesterday, donnie munroe, julie fowlis also making an appearance, absolutely brilliant and really sad at the end, I actually had a tear in my eye! Even folk who never liked their music must appreciate what they have done and stood for,, farewell runrig its been a blast 😢
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    I knew if I hung around long enough on this board I could provide a worthwhile contribution to a thread. I havent bought a sofa from Wayfair but I have bought a bed frame. From memory I had to wait a while for the swatches ( the headboard, side and base were a linen material) but I was really pleased with it when it came. It was very good quality. However, I am not sure I would buy a sofa from anywhere without trying it first. On 3 ocasions my friend has bought sofas online or a magazine and she has given them all away. They could be good quality but still not comfortable to you. Also , I think Wayfair is simply an internet site that gives loads of retailers an outlet, so the quality you get will probably be dependant on the retailer.
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    No, you just think it is because it doesn't fit with the pre-determined conclusion you are desperate to arrive at. I've asked you about several things on this & other threads...I can answer all these questions either by practical demonstration or basic maths...you haven't offered anything at all: Why is the sun ALWAYS the same size when we see it? Why does it appear at different elevations above the horizon throughout daytime? What are the other stars...& why don't they, unlike the Sun, seem any bigger when observed using a telescope? (A subsidiary question though might be why, when you point a telescope at the stars can you see a hell of a lot more of them?) Have you taken a long exposure photograph yet of the Pole Star? How do you explain the circular star trails? How would you explain the totally different star trail you'd get from the southern hemisphere? If it isn't 93 million miles away, how far away is it? How wide is it? Why does it always appear circular in the sky from every viewpoint? Why can you not see the Pole Star, or the Plough from much below the equator?
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    If you’re admitting your knowledge is lacking here, surely that should include an an acknowledgment that you might be wrong. You’re not dealing with some really basic questions like why the sun doesn’t get bigger & smaller in the sky, what are all the other stars? How far away are they & why doesn’t the sun look like them before ‘disappearing’? If you can’t answer these questions, are you prepared to accept you might, in fact, be very wrong on this issue?
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    Why would they have to forfit? If it's UK visa rules holding things up that's not thier fault. Either Rangers should forfit due to their country not being able to let a team into the country or it should be played at a neutral venue.
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    Very, very good documentary, do, first of all congratulations to TV John and his team for making it so well.. I enjoyed it, but was also saddened by it, for various reasons: 1) I lived through that amazing period when we we contenders going in to the World Cups of the 70s, and suspect I'll never see anything like it again. In fact, I fear I'll never see us in a World Cup again. 2) I felt sorry for the McLeod family: Ally was a bright and very lovable man, and you wish they'd not have to go through his only being remembered for this. 3) Despite 2) The feeling that Ally, the players and the SFA let us down. If you enjoyed this programme, you absolutely must read Graham McColl's book "78: How a Nation Lost the World Cup," which is even better and more in depth than Mike Wilson's "Don't Cry for me Argentina" and you should also read Archie MacPherson's very recent book about Scotland in the World Cups, which is also revealing about Argentina. McColl is the most sympathetic to McLeod and MacPherson the most critical, with this documentary and Mike Wilson's book being most in the middle. I have to say I was shocked in the documentary - brilliant bit of archive research! - when they showed McLeod happily admitting he would not watch our opposition in preparation. I think Lou Macari, Bud Johnson and possibly Bruce Rioch were all a bit self-serving in the interviews. Macari was seen by other players as a bit of a snake in the grass who was bad for squad morale, and we know he was selling stories to the press, and did sod all when played against Iran. Bud's as thick as mince, but the hayfever defence of his Reactivan taking smells like bullshit. Rioch was one of the people on record when the draw was made at the time saying it was a dream draw and we'd definitely qualify, etc, so our captain was as complacent as our manager. What only McColl's book makes clear is that the team went into the Peru game with a defence no-one actually wanted: not only was McGrain missing from the squad altogether, and McQueen there but never going to be fit to play (and the squad doctors and physios had told McLeod this before the squad was announced and told him not to take McQueen so that was a poor decision totally down to Ally him) but Sandy Jardine was injured for the first game and Willie Donnachie was suspended, with no other left back in the squad. Martin Buchan, experienced star of the 74 World Cup and our superb first choice sweeper, was due to mark Cubillas but was forced, instead, to play at leftback for only the second time in his career, Stuart Kennedy was thrown in at right back and Kenny Burns and Tam Forsyth - not a natural partnership due to certain similarities and barely ever having played together - became the central defenders. All of them had a torrid time against the Peru players no-one had researched. No World Cup genuine contenders wanted to have such a makeshift defence, and it was beyond even Ally's control. I really don't blame McLeod for playing Rioch and Masson in the first game. His massive, stupid midfield mistake was not playing Souness against Iran.
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    aaid if you don't like it no-one is forcing you to comment. Went up to Stirling overnight on Thursday, saw the penultimate gig as I couldn't get tickets for Saturday and got the sleeper back to Kings Cross and there were people who came from a lot further afield than me, most of the front rows seemed to be German or Danish. Again like hampden loon very mixed emotions, sad that I'll never see them live again but a great gig and support from Julie Fowlis and Donnie Munro. Amazing when Rory Macdonald introduces a song and says I wrote this one 50 years ago!
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    Every time I find a new favourite, they run out Glen Grant 5 (which got me started) Bailie Nicol Jarvie (is it coming back?) Glengoyne 17 (the 18 is inferior IMO and twice the money) Glen Turret 10 (they probably ruin what stocks they still have/make it by blending it into Grouse) Bladnoch 10 (distillery closed; now re-opened selling 10X price stuff in perfume bottles) Old Pulteney WK499 (was an airport special; the expensive 21yo is similar) Glencadam 15 (disappeared after yon bassa on YouTube made it his whisky of the year) Get these now before I drink them dry anaw... Benriach 16, Aberlour a'Bubadh, Lagavulin 16, Tomintoul 14, Powers Signature.
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    Horrible odious cretin of a guy. Was on a par in seeing Murphy getting punted from Eastwood when Sheridan lost his seat in 2015. Good riddance
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    Davy paid for 2 seats through your bank , bus 7 thanks .
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    Davy, money sent just now via Paypal for 1 x person (me). Thanks for organizing the bar.....I owe you a pint over in Albania. Uncle Albert/Andy
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    Poorly worded statement from Jim but the sentiment is understandable. The attempts to besmirch Corbyn by the Blairites and their MSM pals have been shameless. Margaret Hodge saying she now knows what it was like to be Jewish in Nazi Germany
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    Did the bairn like it? Start them early, that's what I say.
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    Under £30 judging by the ticket tout websites. They are offering tickets all areas of the Sammi Ofer Stadium for Scotland match at £28/£30. ( doubt they even exist, yet!)
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    dave can you message me bank details and i will transfer money for my 6 seats. thanks swarrander
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    Hi Davy Can I book 5 seats on the airport bus if available? If not then 5 on one of the ‘normal’ buses! oneforcolin.
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    Have never ever "got" it at all Absolute drivel - apart from this
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    Just finished reading Archie McPherson's book. Really good read and, as Craig Brown's endorsement states, very 'insightful'. Adventures in the Golden Age. I suggest must read, certainly for Scotland fans who, like me, experienced a lot of it, but really for any Scotland fan. It exposes SFA who have let the players and therefore the fans down in at least 3 tournaments. Jimmy Hill disnae come out of it smelling of roses either, you will be pleased to know. Really enjoyed it, great read but confirms SFA hierarchical attitude, their disregard for welfare of squad and also Ally McLeod's overconfidence in not preparing by watching opposition. Puts some of our abject performances into perspective.
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    Finally got round to seeing it. What came across was not just the passion/hope/confidence of the fans but generally the whole country, even in other parts of the UK, a sort of extended honorary tartan army. Not just that they were wishing Scotland well - but where 'doing well' meant actually winning the competition. So the Scotland manager going into the WC with reasonable hope, like, today, the manager of say Belgium might think, we have a talented team, we're ranked third in the world, maybe this time's our time. Even on Blue Peter they were wondering if Scotland could do it (ie actually win the whole thing)...
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    Knowing that Willie Donachie would be suspended for the first game, you would think that a manager might think "I need to try out an alternative left back". Not McLeod though, Donachie played in 3 out of 4 of our warm up matches prior to Argentina. Even if you take the point about injuries to McQueen and McGrain - especially McGrain - being significant, that doesn't really explain how we were unable to score against Iran.

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