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    John Mason is a total bellend.
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    Prices have been announced and it’s an utter disgrace that the two friendlies are costing more than the competitive games. Regardless of opposition this should never happen.
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    Thank-you both to Ally and yourself for being two of my most favourite cunts. πŸ˜‚
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    You must have the wrong guy. I read on here that Ormond was telling them to ram their 88 quid up their arse
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    Aye but you save a tenner if you buy tickets for all 4 games. I think I'll save 50 quid and not bother with the friendlies.
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    He is a church elder or something too Wonder how that ties in with being a lying cunt
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    I know this guy from years back. He's a smug arrogant C**T. Curiosity got the better of me a year go when I stumbled on his Youtube channel and realised who it was and that he was now a Labour Councilor - he hates SNP and wee Nic. He actually put up a poll on twitter regarding the SNP walk out at Westminster which spectacularly back fired with over 10k saying they believed SNP were standing up for Scotland, and with only 1000 saying it just a stunt. He lies frequently and bends the truth with his media postings. Whats important, is that the BBC contacted him to discuss his Youtube content - the BBC did not contact Wings etc. I was cringing listening to his interview on BBC Scotland. Whats worse for me, is that I will at some point have to sit in a bar catching up with mates, and no doubt he will make an appearance as a friend of a friend. After a few beers, I sometimes find it hard to hold my tongue. πŸ™„
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    Same old Aberdeen, relishing their hatchet men players injuring opposition players and singing about it. Ryan Jack fucking ran the show today and that's the only way your pish players could deal with him. He's one of our own πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
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    He got a dull one. That is what I saw and he did not want to hurt anyone. Correct? Christ u guys won a watch today with your only shot on goal aganst 10 men!! Be happy and enjoy. I think Rangers proved today (but only on one showing) that they are a better side. But, it's a long season ahead. I think we will win the league though. Top scorers last season and Gerard has sorted out the defence. A lot of spaces in the home stands!!
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    Someone who should get a game before Barry Bannan does.
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    not quite the right thread but FYI Gary Mckay Steven is the player picking his music choices for tomorrows game.......
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