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    That game was painful. Tedious. I think var needs to be given time. Most of the var decisions have been correct and the team affected has got justice. If the ref still can't make the correct decision with var then that surely is a ref problem. Would like to see retrospective punishment now for acting.
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    The biggest issue with VAR in this World Cup is not VAR itself, but that referees are still able to make appalling mistakes despite looking at replays. The standard of refereeing has to improve for any implementation of VAR to be successful.
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    I really don't think there is any issue with VAR and it's already proven to be a worthwhle tool. For the most part it hasn't disrupted the flow of the game and the overwhelming majority of the incidents it's been used for has resulted in the correct decision being made. The one's that are still being argued about are incidents that generally always cause controversy anyway due to the ambiguity of the laws and the fact that it's left up to a referee's interpretation. How many times do we see pundits argue about decisions in a studio after seeing numerous replays? So now instead of arguing about a referee's decision during the game, they're arguing about it after he's watched a replay. I think of the incidents that it has been used for I would say that the Iran penalty was incorrect and possibly the France penalty v Australia. There are far, far more incidents where it's been used to get to the correct decision and without VAR we would likely be talking about how referees and assistant referees need to allowed to use technology to get the big calls right. I think if you are going into this expecting VAR to eliminate all errors then I think you'll be disappointed as due to the prescence of a human being in the decision process there is always the scope for human error. Personally i'm happy if it helps eliminate the majority of the errors , which during this World Cup it has allowed the referees to do.
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    Those two touches from Messi for the goal were utterly outrageous.
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    Armstrong signs a 4 year contract with Southampton. Good news for Scotland.
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    Are there any Scots in that GB team?
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    What's more important the flow of the game or the sanctity of the result, you always have to balance those.
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    Aye he’s fine ta! It’s all gone a bit mental, especially the last 24 hours! 😆🇵🇱🇨🇴 https://www.seniorsnews.com.au/news/heartbroken-fan-cheered-rival-fans-world-cup/3451755/
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    Did anyone spot the guy with the "GLASGOW AS FUCK" T-shirt behind the Morocco goal in the second half?!
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    So now we're talking about players stepping down from league one to league two who have next to no connection to Scotland. This is truly desperate stuff guys.
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    Really? It takes a fairly bizarre reading of history to suggest that the dissolution of a 300-year-old political union - a nation state with all the shared cultural and economic elements that have developed with it - is on a lesser scale than leaving an economic grouping that has only really attempted a strong political focus since the early 1990s. This doesn't mean that dissolving the UK is either impossible or undesirable, it just means that your statement is myopic.
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    Agree totally. Our away support infuriates me a lot of the time. I'd say it's been more the last 10 years, prior to that it was much better. The "no Scotland, no party" crowd are usually full of song in the pub then turn mute in the ground. Countless examples of this in recent years.
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    I was just about to start school but hey, I still bought the t-shirt. 

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