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    There is no place for Mulgrew with a fooking embarrassing man bun - get him tae fuck
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    I agree and don't understand why so many on here want him him out. I actually thought both he and Berra were pretty decent in the last campaign.
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    Pretty sure I'm getting a hazelnut Tesco finest egg...
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    I'd also check out sites for that green skin - I know I have. BTW the ads have started going mental again tonight just now. The site needs ads but they need to be better managed/edited.
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    Cheers Fringo - I think you are right, I will review the list and maybe put in to video format which might be a bit more engaging. Will also think about the manager list. Based on the same criteria of only counting leagues, national cups etc Alex Ferguson won a mind boggling 34 medals (16 leagues, 9 national cups, 5 league cups and 4 European trophies). Mental!
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    Try posting on an iphone 5s. I almost bought one of those patchwork shirts by mistake .
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    This could be the opening scene of trainspotting 3 independence day.
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    Probably nae got them yet but will when they update the points, how about you? Going by how they've screwed up over the last few months & the Hungary ticket debacle I've no confidence in them getting anything right.
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    No, he got a better paid job. Its emotionally driven clap trap like this that needs to be avoided. It makes you look ridiculous. Haven't you ever "walked out on" a job for another?
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    The previous incumbents were in motion to wind the tamb up due to running costs It’s a pity Jeremy Corbyn isn't the new custodian of the board and running things on his imaginary money tree Maybe you’d prefer to pay a premium cost to access the board?