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    You're not using the internet properly mate
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    The thought of him playing next week brings me out in a cold sweat.
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    I see we have some budding producers and script writers on here now. Every cunt on this board is an expert on every cunting thing. Incredible stuff. Still game, humorous and easy to watch still.
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    I think our expectations of this are maybe a bit high. It's a well made and reasonably entertaining sitcom.
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    Just because I think some people may find this useful, I'll be posting a list of football games that are going to be available on Freeview within the upcoming week for those who want to watch football but don't want to, or can't, pay for Sky or BT.
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    Blue Gaz is quite entitled to look at it from a Rangers perspective, no idea why he’s getting a hard time on this occasion.
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    Updated list Ztours - 9 DOUBLE SC - 2 JF MILNE - 3 ARRANC 97 - 2 Debian - 13 Londonwell - 1 Rhuri & Craig - 2 Total - 32
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    There’s no greater sight on the internet than a Hun having a meltdown
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    Sorry but we looked far more secure at the back with Berra and Mulgrew there. Hanley has yet to convince me he can hack it at international level and I'd sooner we think to the future.
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    Compared to where we were pre-Vern we're made excellent progress and seem to have a bit more strength in depth. It wasn't pretty today and first half we were poor but showed character to grind out a win courtesy of Laidlaw' s boot. Hope no one believes the hype about being the Northern hemisphere All Blacks as there's no room for complacency if we want to take it to the next level.
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    Doesn't matter he made a mistake against Lithuania.
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    Folks Latest numbers for this one below. As long as we can get 25+, costs should not change but I will confirm this at the start of the week once I get the final details from the boat folk in Budapest. I will also provide payment details (paypal) or bank transfer details if you need it via pm. Here is the list so far. Ztours - 9 DOUBLE SC - 2 JF MILNE - 3 ARRANC 97 - 2 Debian - 13 Londonwell - 1 Total - 30 Cheers
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    Not saying you're wrong but the clubs won't do this properly while they make money off the back of the bigots. Simple Economics. They might, however be forced to up their game if the Police stepped up the number of arrests.
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    Everything about our current squad points at a 3-5-2. We have the players for it, hopefully Mcliesh tries it next Friday
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    Just having a look on a couple of betting sites (Bet365 and Ladbrokes), it appears that Swansea vs Tottenham (12:15) and Man Utd vs Brighton (19:45) in the FA Cup are both available for streaming should you have money in your account - both are on BT Sport 1 otherwise. So free if you've got money in your account.
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    Elementary phartson
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    I have no ability to create original scripts but I can't help if i see the set ups. For all we know I could be the greatest deductive/Inductive reasoner since Sherlock Holmes, so it might not even be that predictable.
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    I'm not saying it is worse, although there's more of a chance that you're going to get other people joining in or incite people as a result of doing it at a football game than down the shops. In practice, who's going down the shops to start singing songs about murdering Catholics or whatever? Yet, for some reason, people still think it's okay at a football match - football is still viewed by some as a place that should allow and accept this sort of behaviour; people don't think that about going to the shops or a rugby game. That, to me, is why it's right that the act includes the potential for stricter penalties to make it clear that a football match isn't the place for that behaviour. I don't think the act is useless. I think there should've been amendments made to it, rather than it being repealed. People have been blaming the act for the heavy handed actions of the police in some situations. I think those people may get a shock when they realise it was nothing to do with the act.
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    There are laws applying purely to football fans in England and Wales. The issue is that football an the event where people think they can get away with things such as racist or sectarian chanting more than in general, mainly down to mob mentality. Tougher sentences to discourage people from engaging in this behaviour isn't unwarranted. Although the way the act was worded doesn't ensure stricter penalties, just allows them. Repealing the act will only make those who are willing to engage in certain behaviour more willing to do so, as the penalties will be less severe. Surely if the legislation when in force isn't preventing the type of problems that it was designed to prevent, then surely that's nothing to do with the act and everything to do with policing and their tactics. Repealing the act, if the police aren't doing anything, will do nothing to change the situation - meaning that the act wasn't actually doing anything to most people in the first place, making some of the criticism against it unwarranted. Sure, there are faults in the legislation and its implementation, particularly that the legislation was vague in several areas - allowing certain actions come under scrutiny when the shouldn't - but the overall premise of the act was fine, IMO.
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    It's nothing to do with upsetting anyone else. No one involved in a picket line here would have a problem with someone from another organisation crossing it. It's about my own ethics. Your first reaction was 'fuck the strikers'. It kind of sends a message about your ethics as well.
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    My point in asking the question was to ensure I didn't fuck anyone around. If I have to take a day of leave not to cross a picket line, I would do that, because i don't want to screw my employer over. You just jumped in and and immediately said that strikers can fuck off (fuck them were your exact words) and went straight to disciplinary consequences rather than any worthwhile help or suggestions. Sounds very much a full on Tory attitude to me - if you can enlighten me as to how that represents any kind of left wing view, I'd be interested to hear it. So in terms of contribution to the thread, well done there. Wrt to running a business myself I'd make sure that people knew what the situation was so that if they knew what they were allowed to do and what they weren't - i.e. if you don't want to cross it you need to take a day off and normal policies around that will apply.
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    Heard that too. I don't actually mind Alex Massie but his argument was absolutely eviscerated by Lembit.
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    You should be out enjoying your last few weeks Mr Fringo 😁 I have recently booked tix for Queen and Adam Lambert at the TRNSMT festival. The other day I told someone I was going to see Queen and Adam Sandler 🙂 I saw Queen with Freddie Mercury in Paris just a year before he died so hoping I am not disappointed.

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