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    I don't think ladies having their 'monthly visitor' should affect your car insurance...
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    That's when the magic happens Try shoogling it a bit faster.
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    On the contrary, ma bits have never been perkier than in this weather 🙂
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    Good idea - make love to anybody and everybody you can before you perish in the Armageddon.
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    Its pretty bad where I am now. At this rate I may actually find a use for the Fray Bentos pie I won at tombola 3 years ago.
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    2 hours to get to work this morning. Usually takes 25 mins. The major hold up was the guy who got stuck causing chaos for everybody else. It's time they made folk responsible for their actions. Don't go out driving in the snow if you don't have the skills or the equipment. If he had been on winter tyres he'd probably have been fine.
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    So this is the end of the TAMB? Whose snow is deeper than the others? Pathetic
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    The away support are getting back to the previous low levels. It's very wearing as White Ceelo poi ta out they'd shite their pants if they were on there own. Stick 2000 of them together and their balls suddenly drop. A long time ago my Mum worked behind the bar of the local Rangers Supporters Club, which was previously an Orange Lodge. They had a portrait of the Queen at one end of the main bar and at the end of every night they played GSTQ. You were supposed to stand up but I got chucked out for sitting down. The 2nd time I did it they barred me and threatened to sack my Mum. The little Hitler who ran the place was one of the 90 minute bigots. When I saw him on his own in the street a few weeks later he virtually ran away from me, when I walked towards him. Admittedly I was going great to give him a slap. Thank god I grew up! I was a Diddy in my teens. All of these pricks are like this. Cowards that feel better in the anonymity of the crowd. It's time Police Scotland stepped up and did their job properly.
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    this is what's happenin, we're running oot a space raiders
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    i had a quick search on twitter folk moaning cos the kebab shop is not doing deliveries tonight
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    Employment lawyer on radio today said employers do not have to pay you, may make you take it as a holiday. Many workers are covered such as teachers or lecturers but it’s not blanket coverage.
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    That's quite an honest, albeit embarrassing admission on a public forum.
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    It maybe is the 29th tomorrow afterall
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    That might be a bit rough on your hingin doon bits, hen. The snow must be at least 6 inches deep by now.
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    I patched work as the roads were bad enough here and didn't fancy driving all day in the snow when idiots don't know how to drive. Rather safe than deid because of morons
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    Aye I arrived at the stadium to do exactly the same thing about 4 hours after that and the groundsman said "your friend was just here!" Wasnt that much of a coincidence as it was the 30th anniversary of the goal.
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    Its based on the free teams who are also in 3 team groups (like us), so there is only limited availability and on certain dates.
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    Fired off emails for a couple of months (Easyjet,Menzies Aviation,Dutch airport authorities etc) and got nowhere. Was told getting the press involved might help but really didn't want to be in the paper's and yes made it to Leveins masterclass via eindhoven
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    Sorry to hear that mate. I remember when I was told it was permanent I went into mild depression. Trying to cope with loud ringing in my ear, knowing there was no cure was hard. I get the suicide bit as tinnitus can drive folk there. I can cope with it now but I have to be careful with my diet as sugar and caffeine are the worst stimulants for tinnitus. Sometimes I just wish it would stop even for one minute to give me the peace of what it was like when I did not have it. Anyway mate, hope for the best for you.
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    Braw colour for the ‘Celtic’ end though.
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    You should take a break mate. You are embarassing yourself.
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    There is no real appetite from RFC or the SFA to put an end to it, if there was an appetite they would have done something by now,
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    It’s about the most tasteful number they’ve sang. I’m not one for turning up the volume to be offended, but if that’s the normal songbook at Away games, if the SFA, RFC or police Scotland have any interest in stopping the sectarian/offensive singing they could use tonight’s game to make a stand, 90% of the output has no place at Football and a good bit of it has no place anywhere.
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    That must be why Guinness is as bitter as fvck
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    Wasn’t something I ever thought of to be honest. Did you know that you and the rest of your mob stood idly by as your club died?
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    The stones or the grannies?
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    Just found out “the beast from the east” is the weather, and not a Rangers Media pseudonym for an Edinburgh referee.
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    The narrative on Hampden Park is way out of line with reality. Terms like "Dilapidated" and "not fit for purpose" are pure hyperbole similar to a political rant on social media. It has positives and many inaccuracies in the current debate. Transport It has 2 train stations. 5+ public bus routes. Shuttle buses from Buchanan Bus Station. 1 hours walk from city centre. About £10 to £12 in a taxi. Every stadium has delays in getting 50k out after a game. Wembley, Ibrox, Parkhead, Murrayfield. There have all been delays when I visit them for football, rugby and concerts. Better planning by supporters would make their journey easier. Better communication on what is out there would also help. Pubs There are 20 pubs within a 30 minute walk of Hampden. More restaurants. About 10 bowling clubs. q nightclub. Lots of places for people to go before and after the game from traditional pubs to trendier bars in Strathbungo. On here it seems people congregate to the same 2 or 3 venues that cause chaos. Facilities Yes behind the goals is poor. That is one area that should be improved if financially possible. South Stand is superb. North Stand is decent with upgraded facilities from Glasgow 2014. What else do people want? A fan zone in Lesser Hampden would be very good especially for families and hopefully something there or in the car park would be used. Atmosphere In the past 15 years Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, France, Italy, Spain, England even Poland were all games with big atmospheres. Late goals v Slovakia and Slovenia were outstanding. I've seen grown men bouncing out the stadium after a good result and heard roars that I don't get at my own club team. On the pitch and off the pitch combine to make the atmosphere. It can be good. It can be very good. Being in another stadium would not improve this. History It's our home. Spiritual home of Scottish football. Go the museum as it is brilliant and learn and remember the history of the place and our place in the global game. The unique setup of Scottish domestic football means we need a neutral venue for the Old Firm who will (unfortunately :-) ) be in many cup finals against each other. This is the way of the world. Why would you want money to be given to the 2 biggest clubs if we played there or to another sport at Murrayfield? Selfishly it also brings a lot of money to Glasgow which is where I live.
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    Makes a further mockery of our game. Ffs, just change it to a 16 team league and play each other home and away. Bin the split. Feck Sky, they’re doing nothing for us anyway.
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    I was also about five years old when I got my first bank account
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    Saw a survey on twitter asking if you were planning on going to the forthcoming games
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    Safety in numbers mate, next to no one would sit alone in a train station singing these songs. I wonder how many have the balls to call their employers Huns or tims to their face even if they are thinking it.

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