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    Aye, Audio same night as Opeth unfortunately. Audio is a dive, but could be good with a few folk in. More than a nod there to Fields of the Nephilim.
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    Tom English ripping Alex Rae a new one last night was enjoyable 👍🏼
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    no matter how much you give your tadger a shake after a pish you still get dribbles
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    I've recently discovered this band. Think they are playing in Glasgow soon.
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    I don't know. The confiscated ballots are the problem another 770,000 votes. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/11/catalonias-suspended-declaration-of-independence-what-happens-next That would be 60% turnout. Taking the narrative only nats would turn out. You'd assume similar distribution to the counted votes. And assuming similar yes, no, blank you'd have 2732472 yes out of an electorate of 5313564 which is 51% that's if the entire population voted. Or If you assume all 770000 missing were no you'd have a 60+% turnout with 32% no and 68% yes. Or as stated above you'd need a 77% turnout with every other vote as a no. Which ever way it is cut I am more of the opinion there is a majority sentiment for independence.
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    Nah - think he is still alive and well. Being Deed though would save us having to pay him off, probably.
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    Maybe it's like Milton in Office Space? They don't sack him, just move him to the basement, stop his wages and wait for nature to take its course.

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