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    Lets be honest, Rangers are a cunt of a club. The (majority) of fans are bigoted cunts, the people in charge are moronic cunts, they just cant help themselves.
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    Did you not used to wank over Arsenal or am I getting you mixed up?
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    If I manage to stop laughing this side of August, I'll try to reply 😁
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    Guardiola does like a keeper that’s good with his feet.😂
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    Just went and voted, and almost belted the brexit party campaign guy. I know the guy who is doing the leaflet stuff for the Brexit mob at the polling station, (I see him the shops most mornings, and he's for ever telling everybody, that he is one of the high heid yins, at one of the local lodges), and he knows I'm a big Rangers fan as well as an ex squaddie, so when I told him I voted SNP as always, he started trying to tell me that the SNP where just Scottish Provo's in disguise, and how could any Rangers fan vote for them. I tried to tell him my football and my politics are 2 different things, but typical ersehole he would not listen, and then said I should be ashamed to be a proddie, at that point I snapped, and I went to deck him, but the wife stopped me. The next thing I know his wife appears, (they stay across the road from the polling station, and she must have heard the shouting) and instead of backing him up, she said sorry to me and the wife, and then she got ripped into him instead. Everybody could hear her calling him all the fecking erseholes under the sun, how he had only been there 10 minutes and he had already started a fight, how he could not do anything without causing a fight, and if he was going start fighting with her neighbors, he could feck off back to his brothers. It was so fecking funny, watching this clown getting a severe public verbal kicking off his missus, I really hope somebody has it on video, because you'll pish yourself laughing. All I can say is that if that is the Brexit party's idea of a vote winning strategy, they are going to to fecked in more ways than 1 in Glasgow.
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    That's true, but I'm sure he was back playing for Celtic after pretty much all of those double headers. You only have to do a simple search to see his passion for Celtic (he's a fan playing for the club). Unfortunately, I don't see the same passion for the national side.
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    Always makes the motor insurance prohibitively pricey going down this route, better named driver, third party. I'll get my coat.
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    Didn’t you support Arsenal?
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    Did you shag her then?😁
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    I’m glad Chris Martin scored the winner when he was booed coming into the pitch for Scotland by some idiots
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    Are there any moderators on this board that can remove this dross?
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    God. Another one. There’s nothing wrong with being optimistic. Doesn’t make you a happy clapper. I’m not clapping anything. To write off a campaign after 2 games when we’re just about to appoint a new manager is pretty stupid in my opinion. You (or I) have no idea what’s going to happen over the next 6 months. Russia are hardly world beaters. We’ve been to harder places and got a result. The sad fact is though we were always unlikely to get second place in this group, regardless of whether we beat Kazakhstan or not. That’s what happens when you’re in the 3rd seed pot. Won’t stop me supporting the team though.
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    Can the argument that we don't have good enough players be dispelled now please? This season we have: In the EPL: Andy Robertson: Easily the best left back in the premier league. Brilliant energy, defensively and going forward. Equal most assists for a defender ever in the PL. Every country in the world would call him up. Ryan Fraser: Arguably the best player outside of the top 6 this season. And linked with a move to 3 of them next season. Has created 25 'big chances'...more than any in the league and 1 behind Hazard in assists. For Bournemouth. Scott McTominay: Breakout last couple of months as a keep-ball, more defensively minded midfielder. Has won over fans and management and has been rewarded with a long term contract for one of the biggest clubs in the world. Other mentions: Callum Paterson...had a good run as a striker for Cardiff, can play anywhere, wins everything in the air and would be a very useful player to have when a change of tactics is required in the final 10 minutes. Stuart Armstrong...decent first season in the premier league, provides drive and confidence going forward when others are scared to do so. Robert Snodgrass...has managed to start 25 games for a very good EPL team, wouldn't have him starting for Scotland but shows some depth. In the Scottish Premiership: Callum McGregor: Named as Celtic's best player this season. Can play deep or further forward. Brilliant short and long passer, central to most of Celtic's good play. James Forrest: His best ever season and named PFA's player of the season. Was poor in the past in the final third but has completely turned that around this season. Provides pace, goals and composure AND has done it Scotland recently too. Kieran Tierney: Hasn't had a chance to display his talents as much this season due to injury. But an incredible talent at 21 with similar attributes to Robertson. Stands out whilst playing in Europe too which seems a good indicator. Ryan Christie: Again a couple of injuries have cut short his season but would have been in the running for POTS otherwise. Can score goals and has great feet in and around the box, played very well for Scotland and for Celtic in Europe. Think they've missed him greatly whilst he's been injured. Other mentions: Scott Bain...has shown he can step into Gordon's/McGregor's shoes with his displays for Celtic. If he plays next season like he has the second half of this then we'll have a very solid keeper who's shown ability to play out from the back. Scott McKenna, John Souttar, Craig Halkett, Josh Kerr, Ryan Porteous...all young centre halfs showing quality - a couple will step up to the next level...surely!? Also like the look of Turnbull at Well and Henderson and McCrorie at Celtic and Rangers. In the English Championship: Oli McBurnie: 22 goals for Swansea at 22 years old is very impressive. And as others have mentioned he doesn't always play as the striker furthest forward. Hasn't played his best for Scotland but that's not a reason to write him off. Great feet, can hold the ball up and has the height to win headers. John McGinn: Won Aston Villa's player of the year. A team with £25M rated Jack Grealish and 25 goal Tammy Abraham. Similar to Armstrong but provides more dig all over the park. Other mentions: Kenny McLean...won the league with Norwich and is now a regular in their midfield, will need to start games in the EPL next season though. Steven Fletcher...must be the best hold up striker in that league, fits in very well with Scotland's style of play. Also mentions to Barry Bannan and John Fleck showing our depth in midfield. Abroad: No-one really standing out but Jack Harper has managed to get a move to Getafe who are in a Champions league position. If he proves useful to them next season he needs to be in our squad. David Bates seemed to having a great season for Hamburg but was dropped recently but so has Hamburg's form. Would love to see them promoted and Bates holding his own in the Bundesliga...at 22 he has massive potential. Also Liam Henderson but doesn't seem in favour at the moment, would need to do a lot more to get into Scotland's midfield. A team including: Robertson/Tierney, Fraser, McTominay, McGregor, Forrest, Christie is strong and teams ranked in around us would love to call player of this standard up. We're lacking centre halves and a right back but one/two of the young players are bound to step up in the next couple of years. It would be unlucky if they didn't. Lets be a positive, a good manager could navigate wins against every team in our group bar Belgium and 4 points from Russia. If not, the play off games are very winnable with the players we have. This is also the reason why I think the Scotland job should be attractive to good managers. We have a few players playing very well at the highest standard and lots of younger players playing good football at the levels below.
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    Strachan had two full campaigns and didn't even deliver a play off let alone qualification. Replacing Strachan wasn't a mistake, the error was who he was replaced with.
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    I'm rarely on here these days. I'm no saint, having had some warnings and even a ban a while ago. But some of the characters who infest this board just aren't worth the effort. There used to be the occasional warmer, and that made them easy to ignore. But these days it's hard to see the wood for the warmers. If we could get rid of the argumentative, foul-mouthed trolls, there are still enough decent posters on here to make visiting here worthwhile. (it takes a bit of maturity to accept that someone who holds a different view from you isn't your enemy - and we are all supposed to be Scotland fans after all).
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    There seems to be a handful of cunts who just spam every second thread these days, and its boring as hell. I know that trolls get some kind of sick pleasure out of it, but jesus, some people need to get a life.
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    The longer that bonny twat is allowed to comtinuously troll the board ..then the less the board will be used by the rest of us. Total turn off.
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    I can't really pick a winner here. It's just a shame St. Mirren didn't edge Accies in the end. Nothing really against Accies but I'd pick a visit to Paisley or Tannadice over that soulless stadium and shitey pitch any day. 👍
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    Well, you're the only one that has even mentioned it so far.
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    Pound is already crashing as we speak mr bongo I enjoy your posts and are one of the better posters on here but please don’t encourage that clown
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    She told me she was on the pill!!!
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    3 minutes between the two posts, so possible?
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    Can someone in admin get this troll cunt to fuck ? It was bearable when it kept itself to the TA specific forum - clearly wasnt getting enough attention so has moved here
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    Bonny , you are like a fckin ventriloquist with 2 dummies. Take Dickov and Farage elsewhere , the joke has gone too far.
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    Lolz Were you moaning about no previous contenders during your 9 in a row when you paid players your couldn't afford and had a Celtic side in opposition which finished 4th and 5th? The Huns were in the league for plenty of the titles Celtic have won in the 8 so far. Same with their trebles (as much as it pains me to say it) . They are on course to win 10 trophies in a row, all of which you have taken part in. As for the your guard of honour, like your pals at Parkhead, you've shown time and time again, you have zero class. Two clubs that lower their standards to appease the very worst in the Scottish population.
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    Bloody shambles again. I went in to buy three tickets and it went through without a hitch. Nothing to complain about. I'm going to complain.
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    Palmer should be nowhere near the squad.
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    Things is I find it is almost unheard of here that there are 'pretty serious comments being made towards them/families etc or some bigoted/racist/homophobic slurs'. So I would not make a rod for your own back. Trust your judgement on a situational / context basis. There are no hard and fast rules for stuff like this. Ormond was a sweary, very likable rude kid while Chripper was a technically polite, extremely dislikable w**k. This place is a lot better without Chripper than it was with him. He was a like a new guy who comes to your local pub and annoys the shit out every person he interacts with. If you cant ban someone like that just for that then your rules are missing something.
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    Not true. Ive met both Ormond and The Ormond. I can however confirm they’re both arseholes.
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    Ehm let me think......AYE👍
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    Are you staying over night ? If so where ? Could make a difference to my recommendations. If you are down near the V & A or along the front, the White Goose is decent for some food and drinks, as is The Wine Press. For a more upscale restaurant Castlehill is very good. Boozers in the centre try the new St Andrews Brewing Company behind the Caird Hall. Or for a traditional classic Dundee Boozer head to the Phoenix Bar for a top notch pint and the Chilli Burger will sort you right out. 👍
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    Reckon he could make a decent Midfielder....
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    Oh, if only you would Chripper
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    Theres more chance of me being the next FM than Ruth Davidson, the media obsession with this bastard is irritating. She is a contemptuous, dishonest wee fucker.
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    That's true, although 1967 was actually the 68th year of the century.
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    The cringe is strong in this cunt.
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    For a while Parkshite seems to have had a major problem with me on here and his digs and abusive posts haven’t ever really phased me but on Wednesday I was actually doubled over with laughter at how riled he was I’m actually a wee bit concerned for his mental health
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    The master of twisting facts. He has managed three clubs and nearly won the best of the rest EPL in England in another., but still only survied a year and a half at West Brom. Caretaker at Villa and they decided Steve Bruce was a better option. Won't even bother mentioning Reading as that is self explanatory You stay in your little SPL gold fish ball were you think finishing fourth or fifth makes a good manager. Forget who he has worked with add up how many years he has actually managed clubs. Then ask your self why? Also ask yourself why he ended up at Killie and don't say it was his childhood dream Your probably think that club management and international management are the same thing, well that just shows an ignorance of the whole concept of people management. He has no experience what so ever at international level. If they want to bend over backwards they can go for Bilic, if they want some one to bend over for them they can get Clarke.
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    Indeed it is and has been our post match pub of choice for a good few years now. It used to be packed with loads of memorabilia including a surfboard that always cracked me up. Presented to him by the Los Angeles Celtic Supporters I was reminded this week of something that captures the fact that he had time for everyone. In October 1999 we played Lithuania at home on a Saturday, it was the last game of the campaign and we could finish nothing other than second and were guaranteed a play off spot, you literally couldn't give tickets away, the crowd was 20-odd thousand. We went in before the game for a change and it was pretty quiet, no more than a dozen or so punters in. We had a couple of English mates up from London for the weekend. Billy was working behind the bar and as it was one of the English guys round, we said to him "Here's you chance to get served by a guy whose lifted the European Cup" He ordered the round up and Billy said to him "Are you English son?" Mike was a bit taken aback and said "err, Yes" half expecting to get thrown out. McNeill then produced a fixed odds coupon, said "can you help me with some of these matches" and they spent the next five minutes discussing lower league English matches.
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    Anytime I see Rolling Hills username I get song in my head....."John Greig's a bastard....."
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    Don’t be ridiculous. Tell that to McTominay and Harper, neither of whom have a former Scotland captain as a father.
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    not the best game of Good guy wank.
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    2001: A Space Odyssey is a crap film based on a mediocre book.
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    I think that says more about you than the players available.
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    Well, well, well aaid m’boy with a little bit of effort you can quote from a locked topic... just as you have done above 🤨 Regarding Parkshite having a poker up his arse, I’m assuming your just completely airbrushing the abusive post, one of many I may add, in which he directed at me to support your somewhat flawed agenda Now with regards to the quoted post to theplinth from myself, with the 🥁🥁🥁 emojis it’s pretty evident that it was a banterful post a la “bdum tshh!” admittedly pishy banterful but banterful nonetheless. Although, on the other hand it could be construed as justifiable after he took the time to read through then criticise the thread Are you one of these butthurt(wanky phrase thread for this pish) individuals who doesn’t like it when people who are on the end of abuse reciprocate some abuse back

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