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    Welcome aboard old chap 🤣🤣🤣
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    I'm intrigued to see how that read before you edited it!
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    Going by opinions on here I'd say independence will never come about because far too many put provisios on for voting yes. Provisios such as not voting Yes if Scotland were to join the EU or not voting yes because they don't like the way the SNP are governing. FFS you are voting on the chance of freedom from a union that is more corrupt than the mafia. You have a chance to help Scotland forge a new future in which it can make its own decisions and choose its own governments. What a no-brainer. Yet people will vote no for such petty reasons. Yes I get some hate the SNP or don't like the way they govern or hate NS but when independent you will have your chance to remove them from power. SNP governments are temporary in 5 year cycles whereas independence is permanent. As for the EU situation well that is for another day. Heck first get independence then address that issue and again like the SNP government - EU membership is NOT permanent and Scotland, even if they did join, can leave anytime they want. It seems pathetic to vote no just because you hate the EU.
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    Even if that rumour was true, the front section of the stand is about 2/3rd of the way down. So would be closer to 3000. I’ve seen a couple of different videos of the crush, one from the wide open space behind the crowd and the one from the gate. Huns are keen to paint it as a potential hillsborough, when in reality it was more like a Next sale for angry men.
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    Knocked out by Sevcoscu then.
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    Glassius half emptius.
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    It's not designed for 3 or 4 daft huns jumping on top of it. Rangers fans were nothing but complete and utter scum on sunday. Dress that up however you want. Ticket arrangements were fine, forgeries, fake crushes and s cretins forcing open emergency exits so fans without tickets can get in is a mile out. Rangers statement thereafter is what you'd expect from a club that is riddled with sub human scum from top to bottom. I'll not even start on the song book.
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    Many Scottish Tories are not remotely aligned with the current Conservative party. Maybe the MPs are, maybe even the MSPs are, but I know quite a lot of Toryish people in my area who are pragmatic and decent people, probably not actually Tories at all if truth be told but a remnant of a bygone age. They are miles apart from your Gove/Johnson/Patel/GroperRoss hard right wingers. There are some who are actually amenable to an indy Scotland, which suggests the unionist part of the name is not really their cup of tea. These people should be welcomed to the indy movement and encouraged to spread the word, not vilified by the Sean Clerkins and the the like with their Tory scum banners. We need to distinguish between the Unionist folk (I hate indy because Rangers, or because the Queen, that sort of demographic) and the others. We will never persuade true unionists to vote Yes, but there are many who currently might be put off by the hostility when in truth we should get them on board on the premise that after indy, we can then fall out over the small stuff about which we disagree. The more the merrier on the indy train.
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    If you total the all the pro-Indy list votes and the pro-Union votes from 2016, then they are almost identical. There 1,129,257 votes for Indy parties and 1,128,921 for pro-Union parties. A difference of only 336 That in itself shouldn't be a surprise but if the parliament were truly proportional then there should have been a majority of one, with pro-Indy parties having 65 seats and prounion 64 and yet the actual composition is 69 Indy, 60 Union. The system currently favours the pro-Indy side and the reason why is because there are only two significant parties on the Indy side where as on the Unionist side there are three - and I suspect that the 46,000 votes for UKIP caused them problems as well. On a binary issue, having less parties actually helps you pick up more seats than is you have more. If there had only been one Indy party - the SNP - then assuming that all the votes for the others went to then, it would've been 70/59. Introducing another list only pro-Indy party is likely to swing things back the other way.
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    Because Forrest is fucking shite, and Mcgregor is bang average. Both have very good games sometimes, and make it look easy but they are generally playing against dung most weeks. Not even championship teams are interested which says a lot.
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    As our single forward representative in the EPL I'll be getting fully behind McBurnie and Sheffield Utd and celebrating every single goal he gets, no matter how many. Best of luck to him!
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    and the last Coldplay album sold 6 million
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    There isn't a correct answer for him.
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    Genuinely disappointed that TNS didn't draw Wrexham. Then you would've had an English club representing a Welsh league playing a Welsh club representing an English League in a Scottish competition. That would have summed up exactly how ridiculous this competition has become.
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    Celtic have coasted through the first two rounds of the qualifiers and now that they have drawn away to the champions of Romania suddenly this proves your point that celtics Scottish players are rubbish and that we only in your opinion have four good players. No one has ever said christie, McGregor etc are world beaters, but imo they are good players who under good management should be contributing to our national team and helping us qualify for major tournaments. You don't need a team of players playing for top European clubs to qualify for major tournaments, most countries our size don't have a squad of world class players so expecting us to have that is ludicrous. As I have said before you don't need to be playing for an elite European club to be a good player. You also don't need to be Zidane or xavi til be a good player so comparing Christie and McGregor to them is daft and proves nothing. To qualify for a tournament we need a group of good players who play or are capable of playing at a decent level. Imo forrest, Griffith's, McGregor and Tierney could easily play at epl level and Christie is starting to look like he could as well. This is what we need in our squad to allow us to qualify for tournaments coupled with some genuine top class talent in guys like Robertson and Fraser. Expecting more than this is daft and I find it strange given the last 20 years of failure.
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    Simple. Ban the cunts. Whenever hassle occurs at a football match in this country these dumbfucks are rarely far away from it. Bump an extra couple of quid on the price of a ticket to compensate for loss of income, im sure most normal folk would rather this than have to tolerate these minky bastards arriving on their doorsteps.
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    It is also really funny how two-faced Better Together is. In 2014 their mantra was that the EU membership issue was key and that would be lost with independence. Now it has changed to you won't get in any anyway if you do you will not be independent. My how times change. In 5 years the EU has gone from being the only place to be to a dictatorship.
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    100% you’d really need to go some to be offended by their banners but they are completely gimpish. No idea why they don’t stick to creating the noise/atmosphere which they are clearly good at. Brian, aged 42 from Stirling who works as a Manager in Sainsbury’s during the week turns in to Michael Collins for match day. Ridiculous
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    Please do. You are an arsehole and you are polluting cyberspace.
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    What value did he bring to board other than a touch of Hun Tourettes and an obsession with sweary words. ?
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    100% agree. Btw, it's time for you to make a 3 ATB thread. You nearly had me convinced, then you got banned. I like that your new initials are TDK, which were cassette tapes that were famed for repeating the same record thousands of times and never wearing out.
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    One of the biggest mistakes made in 2014 was the continual "No more Tory governments" mantra. No wonder we didn't win, going from a starting point of telling 500,000+ folk that they could just fck off. "No more governments that Scotland didn't vote for" might've been just a wee bit better. The above must've made indy a hard sell for campaigning groups like Wealthy Nation.
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    I think I have woken up in the fucking 1950’s judging by some of the posts on here re Nicola Sturgeon. And before I get the partisan card thrown at me its absolutely nothing to do with her but feminism in general. Speaking as a woman, I think there is very little she says in that video I disagree with. Whether you like to hear it or not men ARE generally more brash and over confident and do push themselves forward even when they are barely equipped to do the job. I have lost count of the number of complete dunderheads in my occupation who have scaled to unprecedented heights merely through talking a load of bullshit, and they are all men. And believe me, coming from someone who talks more shit than anyone else I recognise it when I hear it. I absolutely do not agree with manufacturing some balance in the workplace where there has to be an absolutely equal balance of men and women. It should always be the best person for the job who gets it, irrespective of the sex. However , child birth without a shadow of a doubt puts women at a disadvantage. I don't need to spell out the reasons why but anyone who thinks women do not have to work harder to progress in their career is deluded. Things have got a lot better in the last 10 years and this progress in no small way down to people like NS highlighting the issue. NB. The guy in that video comes over as a condescending prick.
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    @vanderark14 is right. You are a fucking waste of Internet space. I've held back on engaging with you before now but it's gone on too long. This is a football forum, for discussing football mostly. Not for hearing your rambling pish, or drunken Glenlivet shite. It's tedious and inane at best. I don't agree with Vanderark on much but I wholeheartedly agree with him on this. Even the odd sensible post you put up is just fishing to get folk to start a conversation before starting in on the same old guff. FFS get a life which doesn't involve baiting strangers on the Internet. It's fucking sad. And before anyone says anything, I'm on holiday right now and I'm in a very good mood. This was me being nice.
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    And yet, he's still a better poster than you are.
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    It's an anomaly that is not hard to decipher. I want to be run from Edinburgh but don't want isolation from Europe. I also don't want to be run from Brussels but want us to be part of the EU. Scots law, education and health are good enough for me and models copied the world over. We aren't actually that bad. Economists and business experts who keep comparing us with other small nations are wrong. Scotland is different. In culture, geography and well, just about everything. When some expert comes on tv or online and starts talking about Sweden or Ireland et al, I switch off. They have nothing in common with Scotland. Yes, we can all learn from good practice elsewhere. But not copy. My dream is for independence and to see the Saltire flying over Edinburgh Castle once more. Run from London? Eh naw.
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    Anyone who votes in an election based on the football team they support should have their right to vote taken from them
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    You're like a dog with a bone that never had any meat on it in the first place. Give it - and us - a rest please.
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    You've not really been paying attention here have you!
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    Correct. On the game itself, we simply weren’t good enough. They were a better team than us by miles and the last round is our comfort level in european football. Personally though, I blame the likes of Motherwell, St Johnstone etc etc. If they gave us regular tough matches, we would be better prepared for these games, but they don’t, so it’s all their fault that we’re stagnating. Not St Mirren though, they’re pretty decent by all accounts. Djorkaeff plays for them and he won the World Cup.
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    Tbf last night's result doesn't reflect well on Celtics Scottish midfielders but lots of good players have off nights and Celtics defence were terrible coupled with Scott brown giving away a daft pen. What I don't understand is your logic regarding McGregor and Christie etc being average. Yes in the grand scheme of things they are average but are they any worse than Iceland or northern Irelands midfielders. The answer is no, but those countries seem to get results and go to tournaments. We have to make the best with what we have and you seem unable to grasp the difference in levels when talking about players who are good and average. For a country our size we will always have to rely on average professional journeymen but hopefully we can have a few genuine stars who will help us punch above our weight when well managed. For example when discussing spl footballers I may say that Cosgrove is a good striker or Stevie Mallan is a good midfielder but that doesn't mean I think Cosgrove or Mallan are able to play for man United or Tottenham. Everything has to be taken into context and guys like McGregor, Armstrong or Christie are always going to be mainstays of our squad and even team. Anyways I think you should look at the positives for once and that is we have mcginn and mctominay who can play centre midfield. Those two at least look like they can be top players in the epl and both are relatively young as well. So it's not all doom and gloom. What we need is a few more genuine class players who can cut it at epl level especially at centre back.
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    Apparently there was crush as the turnstiles today as Hibernian fans desperately tried to exit the stadium.
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    Good shout. Also, what Southgate has done is get the England team to play to their strengths and play the percentages. He knows they are limited, so he does whatever it takes to bridge the gap, which pretty much resulted in them being set piece kings at the previous World Cup. I like Steve Clarke a lot but I'm not sure how he can knit things together and make us punch above our weight. We have two left backs that I rate, a winger and a central midfielder. Apart from McToninay, the spine of the team is brittle. We have no top center back, the keeper situation is a mess, our only top central midfielder is McTominay and we are light in the striking department. I'm not sure Clarke can do all that much. And John McGinn does OK. In the first half i'd say he got a 7, in the second he got a 4. So he got a solid 5.5 out of 10 from me. Spurs had about 80% possession in the second half, so pretty much everyone in the Villa team got 4.
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    Fed up of Chripper's constant negativity. Think others value our players more than he does. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/leicesters-last-gasp-callum-mcgregor-18870070
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    Don't feed the troll. Squash and tennis are the middle England boys game. I am happy for for every Scottish team to do well. Some aren't. Simples.
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    It's cretinous because they've used the word fenian? I genuinely thought I had missed something you had picked up on. What a panty wetter you are.
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    Fuck a world where we need to build things with the foresight that coked up bigots might one day trample across a shelter housing disabled people. Fuck folk like you trying to make the world that way. And fuck the disabled-trampling coked up bigots as well.
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    I voted Yes the first time round and I will vote Yes the next time around as well if it happens. I am not convinced its going to happen. I would vote Yes because I am Scottish. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror if I voted No.
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    Start of the league football is always a buzz. Currently out with @McTeeko for a few pints before the Cove/Edinburgh game tomorrow. Happy days are here again. Heres to hating football again in a matter of weeks 🙄
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    I can't believe the stick McBurnie is getting. It feels like most folk are basing it on a few Scotland caps he's had. He has something and can be a real asset for us.
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    On the same subject why are you allowed to call people c**ts?
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    He was boring.... serious dose of look-at-me-itis too.... I say he stays banned and let him fester in pie n bovril.
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    Agreed the guy was clearly one of the most annoying posters on here. Those missing his 'banter' jeezo, swearing every second word and typing in slang during his anti rangers posts are my only memories of him, extremely cringeworthy.
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    Yeah but you started out a complete fanny and morphed into an all right poster... time... Ormond is one of my favourite posters. Yeah sure he has this bizarre hair-hun-trigger. But apart from that he shits on what you post eddard. I demand his return.
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    A board which allows total dicks like doon the slope to have 2 accounts, yet bans ormond for it. Weird.
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    Stuff like this proves my point. You add fuck all apart from complaining about other people's posts and concerning yourself with how many usernames people have had. A humourless gimp who takes the board far too seriously. Scotland forever.
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    Assuming that was Sturgeon? What is the correct answer that will appease people of your persuasion? Im not a massive fan of Sturgeon, but she cant get behind Boris, and she cant push for independence, so what is she to do, go to B&Q buy a picket fence and ram it up her arse? Politicians demanding better is what they should be doing IMO, and if thats telling Boris that he is a useless cunt, and we want no part of it, then so be it.
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    Still as inane as ever, I see.
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    Is that the annual donations to UEFA yer talking about?

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