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    I've read what you wrote several times. That's not what you said. My 81 year old mother has dementia and is exceptionally well looked after as a resident where she is. My dad passed away in Aug last year, I'm 500 miles away, moving her isn't an option, what should I do o' great one?
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    I'd be prepared to bet anything that she isn't, and the fact you're even suggesting that probably says a lot more about you than it does about her.
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    Matt Hancock has to be the most patronising wanker on the planet. He is worse than your typical Tory if that is possible. Just heard him saying how much the Gov has always valued the NHS and care workers. He must be on the glue fuckin prick of a man needs a kick right in the balls and I would gladly do it. Hate these Tory cunts and anybody who votes for them can fuck right off.
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    No you didn't. I referenced your point, which remains your problem, not mine How about you take a fuck to yourself you sanctimonious fuckin prick
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    It's actually an abomination that some centenarian is having to hobble up and down his garden to try and raise funds for THE front line service during a pandemic while folk applaud him encouraging it. Sitting thining about it makes you realise how fucked up it is.
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    A few points if I may... But then you did.... Other leagues in Europe are also calling their leagues and not naming champions so your use of a precedent there hasn't really worked. Aye, it really comes across as banter when you repeatedly and frequently refer to Rangers and their fans as "a shower of shite", "moaning faced cunts" and whatever other tasteful epithets you chuck out on a regular basis. Even Ormond outgrew that pish before his latest withdrawal.... Ranger never won 10IAR so that doesn't make any sense. The 9IAR they did win was before the EBT years so again, not much sense in that rambling either.
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    Mine is my two favourite things to shove up my arse. I'd have gone top 3 but 'Airport Toblerone Thistle Whistle' didn't have the same ring.
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    I'm not sure why people seem to think that's such a ridiculous suggestion, seems to me like its a pretty reasonable compromise position. On one hand there is a recognition of the results in the league up until the point it was suspended, i.e. prize money is awarded on the basis of current - or adjusted for PPG - league positions. If the league wants to award titles then, personally I think in the current circumstances they're pretty meaningless but I'm really not fussed either way. Essentially what you are doing is drawing a line under the current season and getting ready to move on. The problem is relegation - and by implication promotion - as that disadvantages teams *in the future* when there is still a lot of football to be played. I really don't see how you can legitimately relegate a team before the league is complete. Promotion is less problematic but for teams to be promoted when teams aren't relegated means that the top division will need to run with additional team(s) next season.
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    Being able to work from home has seen a slowdown in the pace I was living at and loads extra time to spend with the wee lass. One of the main benefits is it has allowed me the time to learn something new everyday. Just take today as an example - up to an hour ago didn't know Rolf Harris could play bagpipes.
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    For those who haven’t heard of them they were admitted to the league back in 2012.
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    Well I've done it! Uploaded my book onto Kindle today, should be ready to go in a couple of days 🤓🙏
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    You were talking specifically about the Scottish government and it was your ridiculous assertion that Nicola Sturgeon was praying for people to die in England that you were - rightly - slated for.
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    Is Andy Chung your partner?
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    It probably made perfect sense when he typed it out hammered, around midday.
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    Sarah Smith should be sacked, its not the first time she has given an opinion instead of reporting news. The sad truth is, I bet her, her colleagues and bosses are delighted with her performance. To call her a cunt would be insulting to cunts.
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    Anybody that actually knows me (rather than a bawbag on a fitba forum), understands that I have the same level of disdain for that horrid club as I do for your horrid club
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    I’m not sure you know what gloating means!!
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    Your new club were given 54 that were nothing to do with them so surely we can’t grudge Celtic getting one for free?
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    New club or old club, who cares. They've won fuck all in coming up in a decade, so whether they like it or not, they are a diddy club.
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    Stupid comment, not all care homes 'don't give a shit and let you die'. Lots of them do a great job.
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    You're wired to the moon. Pretty disturbing assumption that you have jumped to there, although given your past posting history I'm not survived. You strike me as the wee fat know it all kid at school that even his parents hated and you've resented life ever since.
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    Fuckin state of mine! I didn't even know till I burst out laughing at the post above. Then Mrs S decided to show me her handy work 😳
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    translated: 'I used to like Tom English. Then he said something I didnt like. So I dont like him anymore.'
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    So, the only reasonable solution is to Null and Void the season and start afresh next season with the current divisions as they stand?
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    Last two games? Celtic WON a trophy in one of them you thick fuck.
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    Alan isn't worried, he doesn't have the depth to be worried by something. He used to throw fireworks, then run away when asked questions, now he throws sparklers, but still runs away. He probably wants more Scots to die to even the numbers up. If we were worse than England, he would be chugging himself to oblivion, all over pictures of the Queen and Boris, then wiping it clean and starting again.
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    Are you saying the criticism aimed at the Tory Gov. on the last few pages are not justified (you didn't say)? Reading the last few pages I don't see any support for the SG (I've said they could do better). I have had a go at Hancock (Justifiably) IMO for being a patronising bull shitter. Maybe it's his demeanour, his tone of voice or the constant we are in this together rhetoric or all of the above that earns him the justified criticism. The guy was and will be a grade 1 bell end before, during and probably after this crisis is over. Again I will say the SG can and should do better but the support I will give NS (I'm not her biggest supporter) is that she seems to be more upfront, admits faults have been made and has taken the lead ahead of Hancock and the Tory's when it comes to what may happen when the lock down is eased. BJ and his chums have made a cunt of this from the start and should be held to account and to be fair there should also be an open investigation in to all the devolved governments on what and should of been done better.
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    He said feck all, all weekend, then falls in line and sucks up. Pathetic. If you vote Tory in Scotland, youre a cunt. Its that simple.
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    The current crisis has shown what a Mickey Mouse and inept domestic league we have. Aside from the mishandling of the current situation it looks clear that when we return which I suspect will be next year, we will have a small number of clubs left. What are the implications for our game?
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    Thanks for the heads up. Deleted the Facebook app until tomorrow.
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    Don’t you bump into a lot of things with the balls hanging over your eyes?
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    Also the huns used to have a song for him that went something along the lines of "he hates the pope and the ira, Andy Halliday" and he'd applaud them while they sung it so hardly a massive leap to think that's the type of guy he is.
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    You always have to take the positives out of a bad situation, and as a wee Jambo, the wee man did this ‘news report’ as part of his home-schooling yesterday 😆
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    If she could be reprogrammed to perform more complex sexual adventures, I would definitely consider this.
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    Love watching these thick hun fucks trying to argue that they're the same club they always were. A truly vile group of people that Scotland would be better off without.
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    Andy Chung is shite, and so are your posts.
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    WTF is going on in Scotland... astonishing. This is Stasi like. It is funny how it all just one way, targeting people who supported Salmond. If this what they are doing now you can just imagine what it will be like if they get their "Hate' Bill passed. Mark Hirst, a former senior SNP staffer at Holyrood, is being criminally prosecuted under the 2003 Communications Act for saying this: The Crown is making the ludicrous charge that this is a statement of a “menacing character”. Mark is being charged under the Communications Act 2003 Para 127 (1)(A) ... When we consider what they are doing against Mark Hirst and myself to attack free speech using the Contempt of Court Act 1982 and the Communications Act of 2003, we have to seriously worry about the new legislation currently going through the Scottish parliament specifically to limit freedom of speech. On 23 April 2020 the Scottish Government introduced its Hate Crime and Public Order Bill into the Scottish Parliament. This vastly increases the amount of speech subject to criminal prosecution. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/05/defend-mark-hirst/
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    Apparently getting 13 votes is massive...... but 13 points is no big deal 🙄
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    Your Glenlivet patter is fucking toe curling. Truly horrendous.
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    On the plus side, it does give braveheart lynch a shit ton of time to make an epic pre play off montage! 👍🙂
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    Boris Johnson is a wanker. Enough said.
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    I'm kind of off again in terms of writing. No idea why but it's just bursting out of me? Dunno why but I thought I'd share ❤️
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    Twats. I'm with this guy... [/img] ETA I have been enjoying a VE Night fire out the back door. Mainly paying homage to ma faither's early memory of a Hitler dummy being cremated on a pyre in Irvine.
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    That part is a bit of a giveaway
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    The "evidence" they said they would provide tomorrow? I am guessing they'll submit what they have tomorrow... Probably safer sending a letter though; we know how those pesky SPFL servers will likely quarantine something they don't like.
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    I like the old codger, he seems proud of his achievements but i get and agree with what you are saying. One of our neighbours has been questioning why im not outside clapping. I didnt respond, i didnt think it was worth telling them they were fucking hypocrites therefore turning our house into the one everyone hates 😂😂😂. the majority of people in this estate are tories, clapping like demented seals every thursday whilst championing the tories every election. Hypocrites, every single one of them.

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