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    Hey rolling hills, I've got you on ignore so I've no idea what you are slavering about but, please, have an absolutely shite and lonely Christmas and may 2020 be even shitter than the sad, trolling, existence that 2019 has been for you. Xxx
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    We said in 2014 that if we voted No then the Tories would do all they could to fuck us, and they have, and they continue to. I am just amazed that people will happily lie back and let them do it as though they are not doing to them too! Pathetic.
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    How to improve golf: Forget the big, rambling courses...just a self-contained rectangle...say about 125 x 75 yards. Split the course into 2 halves & rename it a pitch. Put a rectangular set of posts with a net at each end. Make the ball bigger & not as hard. Get more people involved...say 22 each game. Call it football. Happy to help.
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    And accurate one I'd say. What say did an African have in his future when slavery was legal? None. What say do Scots have on Scotland's future as in a referendum on independence? None. That will alone be the decision of a fat toff not elected to power in Scotland who believes 'a pound spent in Clapham is better than a pound spent in Strathyclyde'.
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    Disagree profusely That's like Tory voters in Scotland rejoicing in their free prescriptions et al Happy to see the country subservient to the electorate of another country but sing Flower of Scotland Cunts if you ask me
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    That was Ronan Keating wis it no’?
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    I'd be as transphobic as fck then. Saw a cracker on FB when one of these debates erupted a few weeks back. A guy was saying that when archaeologists find bones and they then get analysed, the results always come back as simply male or female so presumably they didn't have this nonsense back then. Someone then asked him if he'd never heard of a trannysaurous rex!
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    Hope Santa was good to you all. Have a great day everyone, even you @Big Ramy 1314, I can just imagine you running downstairs in your hoops onesie, excited for your new Celtic slippers 😜
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    Sport and politics are uneasy bedfellows. I'm actually with Bonny here, no requirement to support Scottish independence in order to cheer on the football team.
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    Nothing gives me the boak more than a self loathing 'Scot'
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    Not really, by your own admittance, it was a wrong decision made and Cormack is calling out Ajer for being a fanny, Lawell has had plenty to say over the years to the media and you and the others have lapped it all up, now the shoe is on the other foot, Celtic are getting all high and mighty because they don’t like it.
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    Minutes applause on 9,24,27, 32,41 & 47 minutes.
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    Money down drain if so.
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    Arms like oars for swimming the high seas 😂😂
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    Good to see that Zander Clark is getting back into his old form. Another much needed goalkeeper to consider.
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    A device that will convert thplinth's perma-rage into electricity to power half of Scotland.
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    We just had one in 2014 lol.
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    Merry Christmas everyone Nothing beats tying to play jingle bells on this little keyboard my sister bought and hearing my niece sing along
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    If I could just get my mitts on the knob of that tranny we’d be making sweet music all day.
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    The half and half scarf is basically this decades AIDS.
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    Rolling hills left it late this year to get in his Christmas dinner
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    Not sure if you've seen this https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/50784201
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    And these are the people who can help win the next referendum
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    Wouldn't actually let them in the Scotland end. You're wearing the oppositions top, fuck off to their end Hamish.
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    Agreed. Was it that snake “Sir” Rod Stewart who called it Purple Heather? I remember he released a copy.
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    Plenty of people have them without using crates though. Each to their own as i said
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    fair enough, just feel cages are kinda shit on them, each to their own. 🤣
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    Because everyone knows that I’m a fucking legend. I’ll be crossing the forth to get there, risking life & limb against killer salmon to see the lads.
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    Don’t be daft, he’s owned by one of the dumbest men ever to grace the internet. There could be the worlds largest bowl of dog treats, a full marching band and bright neon signs pointing to his favourite tennis ball within 3 feet of the cage and the dog will still be dumb enough not to get out after Ramys instructions have led to the confusion.......
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    My wife and I went to Reykjavik in October last year for a few days. We didn't hire a car, we got the bus from Keflavik airport, it stops at various points on the way and at lots of places in Reykjavik itself. We stayed at the Sand Hotel on Laugavegur - it was nice, centrally located, but quite expensive. Round the hotel is the main touristy area so there are lots of things to see in walking distance. There are a few other hotels in that area, lots more, including the hotel chains, are a little further out towards the football stadium. We did one of the bus tours which goes round the Golden Circle taking in national parks, geysirs, Gullfoss waterfalls, the secret lagoon. I can't remember the name of the company we used, but there lots which do it all with variations on what they visit. There are other tours to other places nearby as well. In Reykjavik itself there's lots to see, the cathedral, maritime museum, Harpa concert hall, Sun Voyager, phallalogical museum. Next to the football ground is Laugardaslaug, a huge heated outdoor swimming pool complex, with lots of thermal pools round it. There are loads of places to eat and drink, a few really good bakeries and cafes as well. At the cheap end is the Chuck Norris grill - wings, ribs, etc, no more expensive for that sort of thing than here. At the other end of the scale, I'd recommend Meat, it was fantastic, but well over £100 a head for dinner. Lots of pubs so it depends on your taste, we liked Den Danske Kro, traditional pub, decent beer, live music from local singers. Bastard Brew is a modern microbrewery, food was okay, beer not bad, but poor service, hipster central if that's your thing. If your return flight is leaving early as ours was, I'd recommend the Hotel Berg in Reykjanesbaer. It's modern, clean, comfortable and reasonably priced and they'll taxi you to the airport at any time you like, it's only 5 minutes away. You can get a bus from Reykjavik to Reykjanesbaer, it's a few minutes walk from the stop to the hotel. Enjoy your trip, it's a great place to visit.
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    Would love a dog but the sad truth is I am too selfish to deal with the restrictions a dog puts on you. I am still enjoying some freedom with my time after bringing up two children, plus both my husband and I work full time and are away from the house 10 hours a day, not ideal for taking on a dog. I retire in 4 years and would definitely consider one then, and most likely a rescue dog. I get too attached to pets though. I still remember crying for days when our dog died when I was 9 years old. I even cried when my daughters hamster died. She carried it about the house for days in a gift box before it was buried, it was like a hamster coffin. The wee thing was stiff as a board, there was no lid on the box and she filled it with hamster memorabilia. We even had a funeral service for it. Another time i went to work crying because one of our guinea pigs was dying. We had 2 and unbeknown to is one of them was eating all the food. By the time we realised it was too late. I went to work one day and my husband was trying to feed it water through a syringe. It died an hour later 😢 There was no such emotion when the other fat wee fooker died a few years later.
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    DAVY BUS CYPRUS 🇨🇾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 £5271.77 on its way to TASA Thank you for your support & especially to the Bus Stewards, without you it wouldn’t run as smoothly 👍
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    It's like an instant Rob Beckett disguise for Cummings there
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    Please do. You are an arsehole and you are polluting cyberspace.
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    Another hun pretending to care about abuse victims
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    Yer baws. Lawell has never to my knowledge commented on opposition players or individual match incidents. Cormack has made a cunt of himself here and broken protocol. I could almost understand all this if the sheep had been robbed of a result as a consequence, but they got what they deserved that day........ fuck all 👍
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    Colin Weir has died! 😳☹️
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    Lol. Ya mad marxist man 🤣
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    Mctominay cruciate ligament damage. Looks like we'll be without mctominay and mcginn for the play offs.
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    The boy Stendel also looks like he is partial to the odd snifter and,certainly, based on that snout, his decision to join Hearts might have been aided by the sight of the nearby brewery.

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