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    Wow, Scotland is responsible for more than 50% of the deficit yet they are STILL desperate to hold onto us. Would it not be cheaper to get rid of Scotland than exit the EU ? My heart soars at the love and generosity bestowed upon us.
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    I'm absolutely fkin sick fed up to the back teeth with the SNP's softly softly approach. It's way beyond time they were taking the gloves off. That's if they could get off their knees asking permission for another indyref long enough of course.
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    Mate, you need to drop this 3 at the back nonsense.
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    This could lead to a flood gate scenario considering some of the thick twat ex pros we have passing comment in the media 😂🙈 Kris Boyd could be looking at electric chair/lethal injection.
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    Disgusting thing to joke about, horrible woman.
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    Do you know what a selfie is?
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    Glad to see that you're finally questioning the moon landings.
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    Douglas Fraser on GMS this morning lying through his teeth about GERS and how it was a measure of the finances of an indy Scotland - which it is not. The BBC aren't even trying to be subtle any more. Well beyond time to create a new independent measure of our finances, spelling out all the stuff that WM spends our money on without asking us. Really annoys me the way the SNP meekly accept these figures as being in any way valid - the ridiculous claim that somehow Scotland is responsible for half the UK deficit is blatantly nonsense but the MSM aren't going to do anything to rock the boat. The SNP need to stop pissing about with false unionist info and demonstrate that Scotland is perfectly viable, indeed potentially wealthy, and they need to do it in a manner that will be accepted as impartial.
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    Today is GERSmas for the unionists, so there's a good chance Alan will come down from his mountain hideout.
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    Not kidnapped, no. There were a handful of pilots, flight crew, and passengers that sold out and made a deal with the devil to 'disappear' (or most likely most were 'disappeared').
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    The are in the public domain? For Shanksville... there are none. TV or otherwise. For The Pentagon... there are none. TV or otherwise. For The North Tower... there is only the one blurred Naudet Brothers clip that wasn't shown publicly until September 12th. The illusion was sold at The South Tower when everyone turned on their TV sets to see what was happening at The North Tower. You should be able to determine that this isn't real all by yourself... https://911planeshoax.com What you need to learn about and understand is 'deepfake'.
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    Is it? Is it really? When you have a referee with the history of brother Beaton I’m struggling to see what’s incorrect with questions to his integrity. I mean it’s not like he goes drinking in a Hun pub after games or glaringly misses decisions that can be seen by thousands yet not by him from a few feet away is it?
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    He genuinely makes Ramy and Rolling Hills come across as fairly level people.
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    Yeah, getting offered tickets for the final at €600 a pop 🙄
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    Some journalists were tweeting yesterday that Scotland's deficit amounts to over 50% of the UK's as a whole, less in a "That can't be right!" way, more in a "jeezo, look how shite we are!" kind of way. Now, I'm prepared to accept that public spending per capita is probably higher in Scotland than down south, for a number of reasons (Scotland is more sparsely populated, has a slightly older population etc.), but saying that about 8% of the population is responsible for more than 50% of its deficit just doesn't seem plausible.
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    If only there was a short phrase which succinctly summarises this situation in the vernacular.
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    This level wasn't on your previously defined scale.
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    It's far too much hassle to deep dive back into all that. If someone genuinely wanted to know they would already. It was the same with Armstrong the more you studied the shadier it became.
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    That's right, I forgot Rangers have never had a decision go against them. I've still got plenty of tinfoil left over from Christmas if your hat needs any repairs. And as has been stated above, if the refs are out to stop Celtic, how come you've won so many trophies?
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    We don't have space in the squad for him. If we're bringing him in I'd want to see Barker and Murphy released, Hastie out on loan and Grezda euthanised.
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    The thing that strikes me about the 9/11 theories that float around us that in many respects they are less useful in terms of any kind of pro-Bible, anti-whatever perspective than the official line. All you really needed to make it happen was several million deeply unhappy and angry people, out of which you’d not struggle to find a few willing to learn how to fly a plane & crash it, all helped by a culture of lax airline security. What you then get is what you got. Islamic extremists causing thousands of deaths. That was enough to justify pretty much anything the US wanted to do in large swathes of the Arab/Muslim world. Looking at the array of ‘reasons’ suggested as to why it was faked, none ever strike me as any more plausible than the actual reality of what happened. That’s before you even get into the practicalities of all the nonsense you’d have to get into to persuade & sustain the collaboration or tricking of relatives, witnesses, etc The argument about the Antichrist is, to me, so unprovable as to not really be worth debating. You take that on faith or you don’t. I do recall though very many ‘Bible believers’ saying in various 9/11 threads (& I’m sure it popped up on here) that Obama would be revealed as the Antichrist before he left office. Unless I missed something... Armageddon theories are part of human psychology & thus far every one has by definition been wrong. Geopolitics is of course a strange beast & I have no doubt that lots of bad, sad & downright evil has & continues to be covered up, or the public manipulated, but I just don’t see this, at least not in its entirety, as being an example.
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    There's bias commentary and then there's absolutely deranged comments from a person who thinks the world is against his club. You're right, in-house commentators are biased. I'm regularly watching MUTV and Paddy Crerand sounds like he's been at the whisky before matches, and yes, he's Manchester United centric, but on the main he's harmless and he's never once said anything really sinister. I'll listened to a lot of in-house channels and they may be biased, but generally they just have a sincere passion for their club and the fan comes out in their commentary. I've Celtic TV a couple of times. One of the matches, I think it was against Motherwell (I'll probably be wrong with that one) and Bobby Madden was the ref. Every single decision that went against Celtic it was because "Bobby Madden never gives us anything", "I'm not surprised that we didn't get that decision as Madden is against us". That's actually verbatim. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I'm only surprised it took so long for the media to get wind of this and the SFA to act. He genuinely thinks that every since official as well as the SFA are against Celtic. Yes. Celtic continuously win every trophy in Scotland and yet there's a massive conspiracy to stop them from winning. This must be the worst conspiracy in history as it simply is not working. As a player he seemed like an unassuming character, pretty harmless. What happened to a person to make them so paranoid and filled with demons like that? Celtic are wrong to back him. Boyd is clearly suggesting that a referee is actually got an agenda against Celtic. We've all seen what the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Trump has done in the US. When dumb people get empowered all hell usually breaks loose. Talking of, can't wait to see what the Green Brigade have to say... odds are it'll be rooted in paranoia and they'll paint Tom Boyd as a political martyr.
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    No, it makes getting the fck away from these absolute loonies in Westminster more important.
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    As soon as one of the foreign refs missed an obvious decision for Celtic you'd want him hunted. It's what Celtic fans do. Always cheated, never defeated. Rangers fans can be equally stupid but for some reason aren't quite as mental about refs.
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    Replace a striker with a defender. Great logic. Did Griffith's not call you back after the first date or something ?
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    Can't believe people are taking this crap seriously. Watch any club football channel and the bias commentary is the norm. The commentators and co-commentators are saying the nonsense that any club supporter would say.
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    😂 I’m honestly not surprised by this post.
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    On loan to Rangers in January it is then .....
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    This forum is just as bad, two threads devoted to an apparent lack of "Scotishness" of a couple of players, snowballing into half a dozen more no doubt. Should just have the one thread with an if you don't like players because of were their grannies came from theme. It could cover both Scotsmen with Irish grannies and Englishmen with Scottish Grannies. To the majority of young Celtic fans and players the tricolour is a Celtic flag. Interesting that both threads were started by the same person. The same person who felt the need to say that he would not call Michael Johnstone Mickey
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    What’s incorrect?
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    It would also be strange to have a team up on the board knowing that some players have 4 more games to play before the fixture itself.
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    Cocu has put Shinnie with Derby's U23 squad until he can 'fit him into his plans'. Feel bad for the lad considering it was Lampard who signed him and now he's got a manager who doesn't really want him
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    Oh. I covered my bases quite well. I said that Scott McTominay is "good" on multiple occasions. It's not exactly a glowing reference. He might just be "good" but it's still head and shoulders above the dross we have in midfield. I thought McTominay was neat and tidy last night. He certainly wasn't the worse player in a United shirt. He got a solid 6 from me. As I said previous, the Manchester United midfield is an absolute hot mess at the moment: Fred hasn't lived up to his £50m price tag. Matic's legs have gone. Mata is a shadow of what he once was. Lingard doesn't offer anything. Pereira is awful and Pogba plays like he's in the playground.
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    Jokes on him, I’ll be dead by then - Homer Simpson
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    I like how you’re not counting England as one of the bigger teams but they were top seeds in our group and World Cup semi finalists last year so they probably meet the criteria.
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    SFA raids on sportsman’s dinners. 😂
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    Aye and good riddance to Souttar. He doesn't want to play for us. Took a wee tantrum about not being included in a squad over a year ago. Loaned out again to Fleetwood for another season anyway, doesn't look as though Stoke are keeping him for the long term. Enjoy all those nice long flights to Australia Harry
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    Scottys return is more mentally disturbed than normal. I hope that all his religious shite is real, and when Scotty gets to the gates of heaven, St Peter says no chance you fucking mentalist, down you go.
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    The day that we promote a player to full or under 21 level in order to stave off the might of Ireland is the day that we should pack it in. McPake hasn't done anything to justify an Under 21 call up. I have a feeling that Ireland will give his agent a call in the next day or so. If he turns out for Ireland then fair enough and good luck to him.
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    Apparently he was brilliant with the young lads behind the scenes. I think he knew he had made a bit of a cunt of things when he was younger and used that in a positive way. He was genuinely gutted that Houston never gave him an extension. British leagues are full of players that never fulfilled their potential because of their own attitude. Fair play to the ones that realise that as they get older and use it to educate the young ones. There’s not that many if them
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    My personal criteria would need you have been born north of Perth or maybe Stirling and south of the Shetlands and probably Orkney, have a clan name, proper tartan and a grave stone at the proper end of Culloden which is a shame being a Macleod. Oh and get rid of the Mc's it's Mac.
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    Apparently Sheffield United fielded an 11 of British and irish players today. A first in 7 years.
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    Wowsers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙈🙈🙈
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    I know, but she's an ex MP. And she wasnae standing in front of me yesterday.
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    Taken to a secure area alongside astronauts and Antarctic scientists.
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    10 years a Jag - I accept that is not important to anyone these days. For someone to have dedicated himself to an unfashionable club (let's face it....that's what we are) for almost his entire career speaks volumes. Cannot say any better than if you have no other obligations on 15th September then please consider contributing your afternoon to one of the model professionals of Scottish Football.
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    Fuck the Tories. Bunch of bastards. Fuck them.
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    It's not good stuff. Worse than normal cannabis imo.

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