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    This isn't really a life after death story however it's kinda linked and makes me smile when I think about it so I'm going to share it. I lost my Dad to cancer when I was 24, he was 54. He spent his last few weeks at home and in the last day or so me, my Mum and brother were all round his bed usually taking it in turns to sit with him. About an hour before he finally passed it was just me and him in the room and he was slipping in and out of consciousness. At one point he woke up and grabbed my arm and with amazing clarity we'd not seen for months looked me straight in the eye and said "cupboard in the spare room, in a blue box there's something for you. It's for you, not your brother as you need it more". I was a bit perplexed and being honest thought it was the medication as he'd been prone to odd outbursts. An hour later he was gone and it wasn't till the next day I remembered and curiosity got the better of me. I went to the spare room, found the box and with trepidation opened it up wondering what I might find. Would it be a comforting letter passing on his last words of advice? Would it be a lump of cash he'd squirreled away to make sure I was alright when he was gone? Or a piece of family heirloom jewellery passed down from father to son? No. It was an old musty 70s porno VHS! My Dad's pretty much final act was to pass on his (well worn) copy of Big Bushes Vol II. In hindsight the "you need it more than your brother comment" was clearly because I was single at the time while he had a girlfriend. In some ways I find his parting gift more comforting than if he'd given me any of the above! And if there is an afterlife, it kind of creeps me out that he might have been sitting there waiting to see if it got put to good use....
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    Saves merging threads in a couple of weeks. 😛
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    Says the guy that attends Take That concerts 🙄
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    Is that why he keeps falling over?
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    Billy Brit, shut the fuck up. You lot are weirdos, openly admit to hating England, yet love being ruled by them. Self loathing cunts are pathetic. At least Alan can occasionally post semi reasonable stuff.
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    Foreign immigrants in Scotland were c.400k at last count all in so the 400k would include kids. Would note that 400k at last count was 7% of population compared to 12% UK wide. The 400k figure is double already from 2002 so we're still catching up plus there doesn't seem much issue in assimilating them. The policy in the link also includes migration from UK and returning Scottish folk and gives no split of non-uk vs UK. It would also depend on immigration policy but eu citizens don't seem interested in moving extended family. My wife is non-eu and we couldn't get any member of her family over simply for being related. The only caveat is if they have nobody locally to look after them and can't look after themselves. The percentage of folk over 65 has increased from 14% to 19% in last 30 years. Coupled to Scottish population being 5.4m compared to 5.2m in 70s they need to generate tax revenue short, medium and long term even to standstill. Agree we need a baby boom but that won't generate tax for 30 years unless Brexit goes tits up and we need chimney sweeps.
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    This post is tragic on so many levels.
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    He seems to be spending more of his time being condescending, holier than thou and generally boring people on a well known Aberdeen forum. He kinda sucks the life out of most threads he appears in.
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    Raith Rovers - Nacho Novo Dundee - Nacho Novo Rangers - Nacho Novo Morton - Nacho Novo
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    In my day ajax got rid of scum 🤔
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    I am sorry I just do more follow thst logic Paris I really don't. Scotland has been locked into this union now for 300+ years and chances for independence wont come around again in our life times after a next vote. Now an independent Scotland in the EU is no way going to be tied into the EU so tightly it will last anything like 300 years. Heck even the EU probably wont last for another 20 or 30 years in it's current guise yet you are willing to pass up the chance of a lifetime to stay locked, shackled and gagged by Westminster for the rest of your life. Hmmm....eh no thanks. I would vote Yes tomorrow whether it was Scotland in or out of the EU. Independence is the main goal nothing else.
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    I am an amazing foam machine and I am available for hire. Please PM me for all your human foam machine rental enquires.
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    FFS. Not even a proper map, no ice wall or dome or anything,rubbish.
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    Bit harsh missing Celtic out, they're no really Irish.
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    Anyhoo, off to Chester at lunch for 2 nights and a trip to Rhyl tomorrow for the game. Looking like 2,000+ travelling down even though we've only 800 tickets and the ground holds 1,500! Should be some party. I'll take any win over 2 legs and off to Belgrade we go.....
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    Alex Morgan for this year's Scottish player of the year?
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    I'll always remember Lustig and his astonishing complete lack of self-awareness in criticising Neymar for his theatrics. Yes, Lustig criticising another player. For theatrics. Astounding.
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    Firstly, it wasn't Scotland that faced a financial disaster in 1707, it was noblemen and wealthy landowners who faced personal ruin, funnily enough the same people who were paid off and who voted for the Union at that time. For the sake of argument I'll concede that the Union *was* beneficial to Scotland, however that had more to do with what happened with the growth of Empire and the opportunities that that presented than access to the "UK internal market". Again for the sake of argument I'll put to one side how much that was individuals who personally benefited rather than the bulk of the populace who lived in slum conditions - the term Dickensian exists for a purpose - and how much that was built on the back of exploitation of the colonies. Good and bad, these are things which apply to England, Wales, Ireland as much as Scotland. However, any benefit that Scotland had ended with the end of Empire, post WW2 and from that point - personally I think a lot earlier - Scotland ceased to have any advantage or benefit from being part of the Union. With an increasingly globalised world the Union has become more and more irrelevant.
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    Agreed, you’re the shining example of it. You’re a Nationalist, British forever, and would never contemplate anything else, you’ve said as much in the past. At least you’re consistent.
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    I'm an exiled Scot who couldn't vote in Indyref but would have voted No had I been able to at the time. As far as the 'once in a generation' thing goes, I do believe that Brexit is a game changer in terms of 'material change in circumstances' and that there is a strong case for Indyref2, particularly if the likes of Farage, BoJo the clown and the ERG Tory shower of shite seem hell bent on turning the UK into a low tax/low regulation haven which will essentially provide the platform for the rich to get richer, higher levels of poverty and there being even bigger gulf in wealth distribution. I don't believe this vision is shared with the majority of Scots who are probably more aligned with most major EU countries which tend to be more centre leftish and more pro social justice/fairness. If the Tories deliver a No deal Brexit (I don't accept that there is a mandate for this) or continue to make a pig's ear of it then I would have no hesitation in voting Yes in Indyref2. I do think however that Sturgeon hinders the prospect of Yes winning next time around. I don't think she has the ability to energise the public like Salmond was able to first time around. Indyref2 campaign planning and execution (and the people leading it) would have to be absolutely on the money as it probably will be the last shot at it for at least a generation.
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    At the risk of rerunning 2014/2016. Remember we were told a No vote meant we'd get to stay in the EU, we'd get Devo Max and "the closest thing to federalism". They don't even pretend any more they ever promised it. Or remember the joke of the idea of Scotland would "lead" the union, or thrive as an "equal partner" in the union. Except that the majority of view in Scotland will always to be overruled by the majority vote in England. Incidentally I wonder what Scots unionists feel about Northern Ireland - the Good Friday Agreement allows the citizens to NI to decide any time they want, any time they have a majority, to leave the UK, they can just trigger it, any time they like, no problem, no need for special permission from the UK PM. But Scotland must stay and obey.
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    We will never give up our freedom.
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    That’s a bit disingenuous. He scored more goals than your £9 million centre forward and from midfield at a bottom 6 club.
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    I so wish this was true.
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    😬 was just a joke about Toepoke being a jinx.
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    Are all the killie fans that booked for Belgrade going to support the home team now? 🤣🤣🤣
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    Wonder if Killie will increase the ticket allocation for the Famous for the first game of the season.
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    I have had this debate on here before, mainly I think with Kimba, but I refuse to believe that if there is a god, s/he/it does not make decisions based on how you were as a human being. We are being asked to believe that a child abuser who ‘finds god’ in prison - let’s assume genuinely - gets in, but the Buddhist who won’t even swat a fly doesn’t because they backed the wrong deity. I don’t care what theological proof any Bible believers come up with, I think God/Allah/whoever, if they turn out to exist, just wants us to be as good as we can be.
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    To be honest I have not thought about it. For me the first and most important thing is independence. Gain that first and concentrate on that and then we can begin shaping our Scotland.
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    Why do I get the feeling that thplinth would freak out if ordered to do something by a woman ?
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    Gorgie Loyal union flag, what a minter Hertz are.
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    Craig Murray article that talks about the prevalence of the 'security services' in trolling places... well like here. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2019/07/how-to-spot-a-twitter-troll/ I have zero doubt Murray is correct. On that basis who in the SNP is an infiltrator (in your opinion)? Nicola Sturgeon is my immediate nomination. She took a vibrant, super energized movement and gradually turned into her boring radical feminist agenda shite. As evidenced by the utter fuds who represent the SNP on here these days.
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    To be fair, he doesn't go to see Take That, he just goes to see the weemin pishing in the street.
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    Do I detect maybe you're not fully signed up to this whole equality thing being necessarily a good idea?
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    Bob Malcolm was another horrible bastard. The Young brothers mentioned above is a good shout 😂.
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    This confirms the rumours that have been circulating for the past month or so A report I heard earlier was he’s planning on investing upto £15million into the club so I’ll ask you the same as I asked all those jambo bastards when the wee Russian cunt took them over. What happens if/when Ronald Gordon gets bored or something happens to him and Hibs are back to paying £8,000(purely an example) as the average wage. How will the club sustain this expenditure? If you pay transfer fees for players then you have to pay those players a salary that reflects their market value. There’s not much in the way of room around the stadium to expand the capacity etc Exciting times? Nah, not really. Interesting times? Definitely!! but I’ll be holding off a while until I start looking to buy myself a green and white chullo
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    Bit like Rodgers when he departed fae paradise 😜
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    I dont want our players playing for GB because I dont support anything GB related. I'm a proud scotsman and I dont want to be part of GB or the union. I wont apologise for it either.
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    Adidas have made an advert for arsenal's new kit, with Tierney's name on the back of the shirt
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    According to the Sun..... Man Utd in for McGinn at....... £50 million Hibees and St Mirren fans gettingvthe calculators out!😀 fond memories of Aberdeen fans on here saying Jack was far the better player to McGinn.
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    King James I (the real King James I, that is, not King James VI & I who is constantly called James I by the British media) banned football in 1424. Not enough people were practising archery or swordsmanship - how was the king going to fight a war with England? Football was banned by royal decree and then by an Act of the Scottish Parliament; this has never been repealed.
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    whether it was us, the English or the Chinese, where there is no doubt, is that we gave the world the word "fitba.
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    Shall we look into Bitter Together lies Alan? Aye why not? Scotland would not have been able to keep the pound as they wouldn't allow it. Blown out of the water since by The Governor of the Bank of England who said a currency union would have been perfectly feasible. Vote No to safeguard your place in the EU. Hmm and we know what is happening now and given that 62% of Scots voted No to Brexit then quite clearly EU membership was a very important issue. An independent Scotland would lose the NHS. Totally unproven and in any case right now the Tories are enthusing over privatising the NHS. Scotland would lose (not that this one would bother me) the Royal Family. Before polls closed the Queen herself had already debunked that myth. Scotland were reliant on oil that was all but gone. And not long after that Westminster moved North Sea borders to steal oil and just recently two new substantial oilfields have been discovered off the shore of the Shetland Islands. Vote no and more devolved powers will come your way. Em no actually more powers have ben taken away from Scotland considering powers return from the EU that should have ended up in Holyrood ended up in Westminster's greedy paws. After a No vote was returned we had to listen to nauseous puke from Cameron and Mundell about Scotland being a valued partner of the UK. Spin that forward a couple of years and Mundell's rhetoric in a House of Commons speech had changed totally to Scotland not being a partner but a part of the UK. I am sure there are others that I have missed too.
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    Good job you're not dyslexic 🤔
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    Aye, Scotland. But nae change there.
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    Scottish referendums should be dictated by people who live in Scotland, by those who vote in it, and those who decide when to have one. Did Westminster ask Brussels for the EU referendum? Did they fuck, it should be the same for Scotland, if you think otherwise then frankly, you're a moronic stupid cunt. UKIPers and Tory wanks should unplug their heater this winter, then they can reminisce about the good old days in perpetuity.
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    Can’t believe people are enjoying watching this pish.
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    It's a brilliant idea because it annoys sorts like you.
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    if applying generalisations, it tends to be someone who is a fatty, a couch potato and a car driver who tends to have a real dislike for cyclists.

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