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    Not as strange as your tedious boring bastard routine
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    Gonna fuck off and not ruin another thread you boring tedious bastard. Away and lick door handles, please.
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    Maybe it just fell off the edge of the world.
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    I think a lot of people are missing the point. Calling him up to the senior squad doesn't mean we have to play him at all. And, personally, I probably wouldn't give him more than a few minutes to dip his toe in the water. The massive benefit of calling him up is to familiarise himself with the set up and build a rapport with his teammates. If we qualify for the Euros, and he has been putting in MOTM performances every week for Chelsea, then he will likely be starting for us. So get him in and introduce him to McTominay, McGinn, Christie etc i.e the core of his teammates for the next decade.
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    Keep the season suspended for now then play the conclusion when it can be played, regardless of how far away that is. This season has started so should be finished, future seasons haven't and can be amended to fit the necessary schedule. Nobody should be getting declared champions or relegated on the basis of current league places.
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    Why do you go out of your way to be a dick to more or less every cunt on here?
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    I would like to express my gratitude to King David for saving Rangers. You sir are simply the best.
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    Andy Wanker. Accurate.
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    what about a Willie Johnston pill dispenser
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    You are not getting rid of me that easy. I have strong lungs. I got a lung capacity check a few years ago through my works BUPA scheme as part of a general check up. They said I had the lungs of a 27 year old. Rather pleased with myself I told Mr Tidy that night when I went home. Cheeky bassa replied with ‘ aye and the chest of a 12 year old’. 😡😡
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    Here's another stat - there are 81,249 registered members on the TAMB and 0.00123 of them is an annoying tit.
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    I literally couldn't care less if the 21s win or lose, it's a pathway to the full team and nothing more. If he's good enough (which he is) then get him called up.
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    Ive got a figure for you. You are 100% a knob. Good night.
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    Aye Dave came first.
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    Speaking of mental cunts, you'll now be taking selfies with Coronavirus victims and claiming they're your girlfriend as well presumably?
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    Just had a look on Ebay to find out if people are taking advantage of the current situation. Was shocked at the price of Andrex toilet rolls but put a smile on my face. Pack of 4 £23.99 (New) £8 used.
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    so the following players who served during WWII are just made up then ? W. Thornton (Trooper - Scottish Horse Regiment) D. McLatchie (Gunner - Royal Artillery) T. Souter (Captain - Royal Scots Fusiliers) S. Cox (Gordon Highlanders) D. Gray (served in Middle East) A. Macauley (Army Physical Training Corps) Army (unclas.) W. Paton D. Marshall D. Kinnear 'T' Gillick Dr. A Little E. Rutherford J. Galloway A. McKillop T. McKillop J. Johnston W. Knox R. Cowan P. Grant A. Beattie GDF Mackay C. McNee I. McPherson E. Rutherford Airforce (unclas.) J. Simpson A. Stevenson J. Parlane B. Williamson B. Brown You should read Soccer at War 39-45, by the way. Harrowing book, but it might help to fill in your gaps.
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    We need someone like this to corner the government
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    Omitting him from the U21 squad would be early confirmation that he would be in the full squad. Clarke probably wants to wait until his press conference on Tuesday to announce Gimour's call up (assuming he does select him) rather than everyone finding out because he is not in the U21 squad.
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    Scholes played at Ibrox towards the end of his career and put in one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Everything about him that night oozed class and control. He was an absolutely superb player. For some reason he didn’t really get recognition early in his career, probably because both England and Man U had flashier players however, and forgive me for sounding a bit Parklife here, anyone that knows anything about football, can see he was one of the best midfielders of his generation.
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    Nah I'll settle for you being wrong. Fuck knows what your username will be by then.
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    away and drink some sake and roll yersel in rice ya cunt.
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    Mind this Falkirk fan got banned, can't recall his username. Seemed to be a reasonable TAMBer then he posted a link to gay porn claiming it was a film of Artur Boruc & Aiden Mcgeady.
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    I dunno 'padding about as though it's a fuckin bank holiday' would conjure up a certain image in my mind but apparently not for you. Anyway, we'll leave it there you seem like a dog with a bone here and no doubt you'll want the last word..... have it!
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    Mr Tidy is a breakdown electrician. He was called out to a guy who owns a convenience store this morning. Got a packet of toilet roll as a tip . Ya beauty !
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    Anything the Italians can do...
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    Bono has apparently written a song for the people of italy haven’t the poor cunts suffered enough
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    That's me working from home for 12 weeks due to underlying condition. It's going to be a challenge especially with 2 teenage girls and a stressed Mrs Slasher for company. Might need to move my 92 year old Dad in for company as well. Anyway I don't give a fuck as long as we all get through it. Good luck to all tambers and as Dave Allen used to say 'May your God go with you'.
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    Only folk that I can see that want season null and void appear to be huns.
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    https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/rangers-appoint-senior-orange-order-21702050 Couldn't make it up!
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    You've made 17 posts in this thread i have made 7, in the last 36 hours.
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    Why does it have to be about Rangers? If it's finished now and declared as it stands then Celtic get it. Who really cares though, there's people dying and people are worried about a league placing. Perspective ffs
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    They look angry too!
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    Last 16 has been a cracking achievement for us this season. No shame in losing to a clearly superior team. We’ve punched above our weight just to get here.
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    I don’t think he has to be better than him at all. Livingston. Sheffield United.
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    Where's Van Halen? 😉
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    Gilmour is the first Scottish outfield player to start for Chelsea in the EPL since...Steve Clarke! source Opta
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    This is a bit simplistic is it not? Does form not come into it? It obviously also depends on the age of the player in question and what their career prospects are. If Dykes was signed by Wolves tomorrow (if we ignore the transfer window) should he be picked ahead of McBurnie for the Israel game? Andy Robertson was playing for Dundee United 3 or 4 years before he was playing in the Champions League final. Lyndon Dykes could be playing in the EPL next season and McBurnie could be sold to a Championship side. Who knows what will happen? Steve Clarke needs to consider a hell of a lot more than what club a player is signed to before he selects his squad.
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    Would be absolutely fantastic to go down and utterly destroy and pillage some shitey wee Brexit stronghold like Burnley with 7000 drunken IRA sympathising Celtic fans but the games would be a bit shite.
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    Ive never understood how some football fans cant grasp the concept of the best teams having the best players. There are the odd exceptions to the rule like when Larsson stayed at Celtic however it should be taken as a given that a player getting games at Man Utd will be better than a player in the same position playing at Norwich who will be better than a player at Hearts who will be better than Raith Rovers. Yet we continue to think for some reason that guys like Dykes should get called up over McBurnie, McLean, McGrefgor or Jack to start over McTomminey. Its madness. If Dykes looks good or is scoring goals its because of the level of opposition. No team in England rates him cause if they did they would have purchased him. They have the money. McBurnie has been poor for Scotland but would tear up the SPL. Can you imagine how good McTomminey would look playing St Mirren!!! I heard on the radio the other night that Gilmour was the same as other young Scottish talent. Ferguson at Aberdeen, Hickey at Hearts etc. This is just totally wrong. Its a million times harder to break through at Chelsea than Hearts. The core of our team should be players performing at the highest level. Hanley knows what its like to try and defend against the likes of Kane and Aguero. He might look like an idiot at times but thata because these players are top class. McKenna on the other hand wouldnt have a clue what top class players movement, touch or all round games like but we somehow think he will do better when we fling him in at Int level.
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    Seen a suggestion the Celtic fans are now also planning an 8th minute applause for him on Saturday 😂
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    Not sure this is a serious suggestion but I want Scotland to win every game we play
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    Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you Mrs Tidy by name tidy by nature. Bet you loved this 😀
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    How is the fake burd ya weapon?
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    Don't take this away from me! "Only decent hun cunt on the TAMB" is the only accolade I've won in my adult life and I won't have you try and spread the honour around!!

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