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    Now I'm just short and stout.
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    If theres one thing worse than an adult wearing a football top, its an entire family doing so.
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    You’re a Hun and you worry about Dundee United’s results each week? You lot are beyond pathetic. 😂 Listen very carefully? It’s the country who thinks you lot are cunts, not just one team from Dundee.
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    Great performance and decent result from Motherwell. Great for Hartley getting the equaliser, couldn’t have scripted it better. Guys had quite a week, he didn’t even know he was a catholic until Thursday.
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    Sandy Chugg to spot a kid in the crowd who looks like they might be booing a Rangers player and screenshot it for the Sons of Struth Facebook. 6 thousand bears sign a petition for him to be expelled from his school aka apartheid bigot factory.
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    I would imagine he’s paid a lot more than 50k to charity over the years. You mentioned food banks! Food bank usage has gone up from 41,000 to 1.2 million in the last 7 years of your Tory party and 120,000 have died as a direct result of the Tory party’s austerity policies.
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    Is crime in Glasgow actually of a nature that requires police to carry guns? How many police officers have been injured in action/killed in Glasgow in the last 25 years? You're so out of touch with reality it's unreal. Hopefully your brother isn't as thick as you.
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    Id love to have seen the Rangers fans reaction to Hartley celebrating his late equaliser. Warm ripples of applause, embracing each other with genuine warmth and joy and smiling broadly in the knowledge that they were present at that time to share another human beings moment of delight.
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    I can handle criticism. I have been on this board over 10 years. Criticism does not bother me. I have been hounded, laughed at, sworn at, called an idiot by various folk on this board. It's laughable mate. I live in Ottawa. I have a beautiful loving wife and 2 wonderful boys who I coach them football. I have a great job. I have great pals. Life I've is good. I have a Celtic CSC. Do you honestly bthink I worry about what folk think of me on this board? Come on man. It's great banter. That's all. Yes I get homesick and.post my Scotland Forever threads. So what? Does that make me bad person? Anyhoo. Have a good night Vandervark.
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    I'm surprised you drink coffee when you're choking on your own hatred.
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    Ok, I am going to to bite. Why did the woman go to his bedroom? I dont know anymore than what is in that link but surely any woman going to a guys bedroom after a night of boozing knows its not to discuss the enonomy. However if he is found guilty of sexual harassment then he deserves all he gets, a man in his position should be fully aware of the consequences. I agree with others who think this is a test of the Scottish Government, though I am not convinced it is a deliberate test. Sturgeon and Salmond both know the score, personal feelings need to be parked to the side. I personally think the government will come out of it positively if they have played by the book. Everyone knows the Salmond/Sturgeon fondness and admiration of each other, this will be a test of Sturgeons character. Dont think it will change anything on independence. Salmond is a marmite character. Those who strongly admire him will probably be disappointed should he be found guilty, but I doubt it will change their opinion of him. Those who hate him will feel vindicated. The inbetweens will probably have forgotten about it by Christmas.
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    Would you, or have you ever thought about leaving Scotland? I was 8 when I left. It was not my choice. Looking back now, I wish I had never left Scotland. In saying that, I have a wonderful wife and 2 Bhoys I adore with all my heart. I have a great job, loads of Scottish mates, I play football, darts, and I coach both my Bhoys football. There is something missing though. I have been here 42 years, and I miss Scotland everyday. How can someone who has lived here 42 years feel that way. Is it Scotland? I play the Bagpipes, all my mates are Scottish, and that is the truth. They are all like me, they miss home. I love the rain, it makes me think of home. Yes, home! I may have been here nearly my whole life, but Scotland is home. The pride I feel in my heart, my blood boils when I play my Pipes, to me, being born in Scotland is the greatest feeling on earth. Watching Scotland play at Hampden. A lot of folk that I have met, that left Scotland say the same thing. Your heart and soul never leaves Bonnie Scotland. I know there will be folk that will read this and say awe Ramys drunk again, or what a Helmut, thickness fuck. No drink. Just setting the record straight. Yae know, does not bother me. I am who I am, I will never change. My wife knows how I feel about Scotland. I say be thankful you have A country that makes you feel that way. Be proud man, I am. So, anyone thought about leaving? Or have left Scotland and feel the same as I do..... Alba Gu Brath.. BR 1314
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    The appointment of McLeish is uninspiring at best. Give him the benefit of doubt but think that’s one of the main reasons why I’m feeling pretty flat about our future short term prospects.
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    I have worked abroad for most of the last 25 years - every 3-4 years have moved to work somewhere different but every 8 years or so have had a work opportunity back home (Glasgow) and have taken it. Love living in Glasgow but love working abroad also so happy to do both as the opportunity presents itself. I get a bit pissed off about the weather, the litter and the shite that is Glasgow Council but I probably take it all more personally than similar problems with places I have lived in/worked in abroad. I vote Greens/SNP, would give anything to see independence, and go to as many Scotland gams as I can. However I am not patriotic in the slightest - I follow Scotland as a national team as I was born/raised here but don't take any pride in being where I am from. I am happy being Scottish but am sure would be equally happy being Swiss for example. I vote independence solely for the purpose of self determination and how I consider Scotland would be so much better off and a nicer society if we took all our own decisions. When I am working abroad I tend to avoid expat circles and particularly look to avoid "professional Scots"......
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    That's some claim coming from the biggest whinger on the boards. 😀 As soon as Rangers are mentioned or their fans up pops the TAMB version of Statler and Waldorf. Only you aren't funny.
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    They will be utter cunts if they don't keep us at Hampden, shouldn't even be up for discussion
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    I’m no lover of Celtic but to be honest if you cant take a bit of gloating from players (as dickish as it may be) without completely losing your shit it is probably time to give the football a rest for a while. We all get carried away at the football, thats what makes it great, but a full blown foaming at the mouth mental breakdown is OTT in my book 😀
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    If you really believe that then I am sorry for you. The comparison is so preposterous.
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    The SNP under Salmond, then carried on by Sturgeon, have done more for the majority of people that live in Scotland than any Unionist politician has in the last 50 Your comparison is pish Edit - not forgetting the salaries and pensions Salmond has donated to charity
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    Unreliable source = made up in ma heid
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    Salmond is an absolute legend and alwwys will be
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    As a holy man, I hope it’s solely missionary style.