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    Great result. Some cracking defenders in the unders teams and if they don't progress there's bound to be a couple in the England under 19's we can call up in their late 20's.
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    What was pleasing was that it wasn’t down to a significant degree of luck in the way that a 1-0 for the so-called underdog can often be. If the Germans had had a penalty or scored that free header, we could have had a penalty, not hit the bar and scored with some of our chances too. Not time to get carried away or anything, but in the next few years we really should be above Germany in the world rankings...
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    The parallels with Catalonia are apposite. While Scotland is not Catalonia and the U.K. Is not Spain, it just shows you what happen ends when you hold a disputed referendum - no one pays any attention. The key to independence is international recognition, without that it's a global "Independent, are ye, aye?" Catalonia had a referendum, declared independence, how did that work for them. What I don't understand about the whole Plan B approach and which I haven't seen explained anywhere is that it's predicated on an intransigent UK government refusing to grant a Section 30 order in the first place. It then assumes that the same intransigent UK government will somehow accept either a disputed referendum or something based on number of seats won or votes cast in an election to suddenly go "ah well, that's okay then". Call me a pessimist but I don't see that happening. On the last point, it's pretty clear why Stuart Campbell is devoting so much time to attacking the SNP, that's who he needs to take votes from if his vanity project political party is to get off the ground.
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    Just wish he hadn't decided to do it during the match against Russia.
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    Not totally sure how "the English" have tried to be morally superior. The reaction to nazi salutes and monkey chanting is justified imho. I didnt see any english fans doing nazi salutes last night. If there are photos, videos etc of English fans behaving like that last night share it with Piers i'm fairly certain he'll condemn it. Last night the Black English players were victims of racism of that there is no doubt
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    'traditional families' fucking drivel.
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    To one and all.....thank you for your interest in tickets......I asked who wanted them to gauge roughly how many would be needed. you will buy the tickets yourself at the stadium ONCE you have registered for a temporary Cyprus Fan Card when you arrive in Cyprus. There are locations to do so in each of the towns the buses are leaving from. Once CFA are happy with security arrangements for segregating you from SSC official tickets then I will post timings and locations of the registration offices. You MUST take your passport to register. It is FREE to register. i will keep you all informed on here and the Facebook pages once the CFA/SFA security visit has happened next week. Davy
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    I'd actually agree about changing the title of this thread. Stoichkov (Legend) broke down in years talking about it. You can tell that he's ashamed of it. And credit to the Bulgarian captain for spending ten minutes trying to talk sense into the idiots. Hopefully this prompts a similar dialogue in Scottish football about religious bigotry. I'd love to see Scottish clubs be punished for the mindless actions of their "fans". Point deductions and partial stadium closures would be nice.
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    Been a bit selective with the quotes they’ve lifted from here. 😂 https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4840806/robert-snodgrass-quit-scotland-san-marino/
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    We would lose 5 or 6-0 out there
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    Neither is Devlin, Gallagher, Cooper or Mulgrew. This resistance is because of where he was born. I couldn't care less where a player is born, if he has a Scottish parent or a Scottish grandparent and he's as good as or better than what we have, I'll welcome him. Just look at Scott McTominay for example. He plays week in and week out for the biggest club in the world. He comes up to Scotland in order to play a meaningless match against San Marino.... In soaking conditions. This lad shows more pride playing for Scotland than the majority of his Scottish born team-mates.
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    Of course not! Let's stick with center backs who play at a good level, like Devlin and Findley and McKenna. Nothing says quality like three defenders who were knocked out of the qualifying rounds of the Europa League by European giants HNK Rijeka and Connah's Quay Nomads..........
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    Here's the situation: Calker wants to play for us, Steve Clarke has limited options at the back Calker will be in the next squad, barring injury.
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    Yes, it's embarrassing that this country has not been able to produce an international class centre-back since David Weir retired.
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    My point wasn't that it was a bad result.. What tactical things did we do to break them down? What patterns of play did you see from us? What, aside from confidence, can we take from that game into future games? It seemed to me like we just threw people forward, not really a plan. In the 1st half we isolated the fullbacks a few times, but like I said that's not proved viable for us against better opposition. Lots of shots from outside the area because we didn't have a plan to break them down. 16 fruitless corners, there didn't seem to be a plan or a routine. Folk went forward and we crossed it. We don't seem to have even a basic corner routine or two. Just knock it in and see what happens. There were no notable link-ups among our players anywhere on the park. No one learnt anything about Shankland or how he likes to receive the ball (which is a vital understanding between striker and midfield) because no one passed to him all day. So the result doesn't really matter to me. We were expected to win and we did win. What I wanted to see was some indication of development. Of organisation. Of discipline. Of us progressing as a team and putting things into practice for the next 4 games. Instead it seemed like a very individual performance. No real team play. Lots of people trying to get forward and get on the score sheet, hence so many shots from outside. I'd honestly rather have won 2-0 and seen the fullbacks involved in the forward play, or McGinn and Shankland actually playing a 1-2 at least once. To have seen some kind of established central midfield roles, so we can take that understanding forward. And a corner routine that gives us a decent chance of a goal. So yeah. 6-0, great. But we didn't do really anything as a team, so it feels kinda hollow and a waste of precious time with the national side to me.
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    Oh, come on. I feel the same way but desperate times call for desperate measures. If he steadies the ship while we wait for someone like Porteous to mature, I'm in favour. Clarke must think he offers more than Gallagher or Devlin at the moment. Don't think he (or 6' 5" Harry Souttar for that matter) would have lost that goal to Dzuba.
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    Don't really think it's acceptable for players to be retiring in the middle of a campaign. Ultimately he's one of the better players in the squad and we could do with him in the playoffs. Can't help but feel he's letting the team down here.
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    Love this post mate. I'm almost starting to feel the same. I think we've hit such a low over the last few months that the only way is up now. I think the away match to Cyprus will be a test but if we win that, then beat Kazakhstan at home, by the time March comes around there will be some real excitement built up. That semifinal at Hampden will be a spectacle, and if we do win that (which I think we're well capable of doing) then the confidence and excitement levels will be through the roof going into our biggest single match of the century. It's not all doom and gloom. Come on Scotland!
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    Probably pointless commenting on a thread in which people who do care and are thinking about it are discussing it then.
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    Quite right, he's presumably a proud Englishman.
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    Money for my 2 seats sent
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    I said on another thread weeks ago, this whole gender identity shite is an online warrior issue, pretty much no one in real life gives a flying fuck about it.
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    Rangers had an ideal opportunity in the lower leagues to build a good young team but instead spunked their money on Kevin Kyle, John Daly and Fran Sandanza.
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    I really hope we do too. Fed up passing all our best players away to either richer clubs (Chelsea) or losing them because we don't play them. We should be trying to find games that these young lads can get blooded in and gain valuable 1st team experience.
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    Oh dear. Someone needs to learn what a race is.
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    I should really read all the replies before replying!
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    Craig Samson couild kick it from one end of the park to the other, longest I 've every seen somebody kick a ball. Unfortunately he couldn't catch a ball.
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    Eight PS played. Mair, Chris Hamilton, Campbell, Leonard, Ross, Mebude, McPake, Dickson (sub). Patterson didn’t play but is also from PS.
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    You know how bad things are and you don't want things to improve? I haven't seen Calker for a while. (It's interesting to see that so many Scotland fans regularly tune into Turkish football, since so many are saying that he's not good enough) but i know how fiery Turkish football is. He's supposed to be doing there. If that's the case then call him up. It sends out the wrong message? I think it would send out the right message, the message being "You're not good enough, so we're going down the grandparent route", to the fringe players. And "If you want to get into the team then you must work as hard as you can", to the youth. Plus Calker has been through a lot, he would be a good influence of the next generation and be a good mentor. I remember exactly what you said when i suggested that Andy Robertson be switched to anchorman. You said that I was "At it". Now lots of people are calling for that very thing. I would suggest that Scotland fan, en mass, be more imaginative and be open to new ideas. Hell, i would suggest that Clarke be more imaginative and be open to new ideas. A lad like Ryan Porteous learning from Steven Calker would be a good thing, in my book.
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    Michael O'Neill has done an amazing job really. They've always had a solid core of defenders to pick from but really their forward options are much worse than a decade ago when Healy was in his pomp. To qualify for one tournament and get play offs in the other two campaigns is amazing consistancy.
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    Excellent result and win. Was fearing a bit of a dooing going on the back of the first two games and Germany humping Belarus 9 (YES, NINE) -2 ; but what a great win and fair dues to Stark and the coaching. For the Elite round IIRC, the teams are now seeded by their performance in this campaign and put in to groups of four again with the winners going to the tournament next year. That could be blethers, but I'm sure it's that Noticed its in Belfast next year! So if we do manage to get there, hopefully get a few fans will get over for it.
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    NI will finish third in their group and so (hopefully) will we. They are punching above their weight at the moment but they will soon fade back into the obscurity they languished in for years.
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    Oliver McBurnie's market value is 14 million more than Northern Ireland's.
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    Spot on. Plan B is a mix of impatience, desperation and wishful thinking. The UK government, if they won't grant a referendum are definitely not going to recognise UDI - not a chance in hell. On top of that neither will the international community in political circles. Certainly no chance of a UDI Scotland joining the EU and they'd be treated as international lepurs unable to strike any trade deals with other countries. It, realistically, is not an option.
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    From what I understand, this is it. That said, he looked like he chucked it at HT in Moscow.
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    About 50% of the twitter video montage released by the SFA just shows him playing Fifa at the team hotel. It's hardly inspiring. Kinda shows how little highlights there's been for him as a player and Scotland as a team.
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    We did and we did. 😂
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    The Czechs made 10 changes from th team that beat England !
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    For the last couple of qualifiers going into the playoffs, I would like to see: Marshall Tierney Souttar McKenna Robertson Fraser McTominay McGregor McGinn Christie McBurnie The theory being that Fraser offers natural width on the right, with McGinn slightly narrower on the left allowing Robertson the space to overlap. Christie has the intelligence to drift into space and interplay with McBurnie (who isn't effective in isolation). I think this system also offers some reasonable depth across the positions. For instance, Fleck or Armstrong could easily be swapped in for McGregor (though it would be good to see the latter get more game time at Southampton). Jack/McLean for McTominay. Forrest for Fraser, and so on. Obviously Griffiths still to come back; would be a straight swap for McBurnie if fit and raring..
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    It is a tough call, but these people are being paid a good wage to problem solve. It's about time something was implemented. Tonight was a start, as the fans were warned, some were ejected, etc. The first step was to stop the match and award England the win. I don't watch Scottish football anymore, as it's too corrupt for my tastes, but the SFA should do something similar when it comes to bigotry.
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    Romania v Norway will be an interesting game on Tuesday evening. We could potentially face one or both in the play offs.
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    Awa tae fuk. If you get a chance to score a goal you take it. It's not Armstrong's fault that the goalie is a dafty. McTominay booked again though. I think if he gets another one he is suspended again? That needs to be managed properly with the play off in mind.
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    He’s absolute garbage. As is the entire Sky coverage and shared build up / studio for Scotland/Wales/NI. Insulting pish.
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    Isn’t that like moving to Australia if you’re scared of spiders?
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    He wasn't good enough for Dundee, in a season we were relegated. He is in no way good enough for Scotland.
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    After an unsuccessful attempt to squeeze into my Benidorm 86 flamenco dress I watched another 2 episodes last night. Definitely getting into it more now 👍 Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the dress. 💃😕
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    Took wee lass to a Wacky Warehouse for her 4th birthday party and we got 30 kids. Greet most of the parents as they come in and give them the free light refreshment voucher – one of the dads says ‘oh I’m going just drop Dave and come back in about an hour if that’s ok?’ I agree and he is out of there before I can actually nail down which one of the hyperactive wee bastards is his. No problem I think – I’ll just ask Mrs Whistle but she says she hasn’t got a clue either who Dave is but suggests Whistle Junior will know. Unfortunately Whistle Junior is up on level four of the climbing frame and showing no sign of coming down any time soon. I have to drag my fat arse up the apparatus, through herds of mental sugar fuelled ‘rules of the jungle’ kids and finally catch mine swinging from the monkey branches - she reluctantly agrees to help me track down Dave. She’s like a ferret and trying to keep up with her through the tunnel, over the cargo net, under the rolling sausage things has me sweating like an absolute beast. She’s well ahead and disappears around a corner when I hear her shout glaekit ‘Quick Dave my daddy is chasing you’. Before I can get around the corner they’re down the slide cackling like lunatics and all I can see is the back of a 3 foot Hulk disappearing to in to the distance. ‘Fuck it’ thinks I – I’m just going sit here and wait for their return. Unfortunately a fat, red faced man sitting uncomfortably at the top of the slide without an obvious kid of his own is not a great look and a couple of parents at the bottom were evidently wandering what I was up to. Luckily Hulk turns up but wee lass has scarpered. ‘Are you Dave’ I say in a voice that I am overly conscious of being a bit creepy. ‘Sorry my dad says not to speak to strangers’ – which is a fair point but it takes me all my restraint not to tell him that’s all well and good until his dad fucked off to watch Liverpool v Man U leaving him in a room full of them but before we can get in to logical discussion he is tearing down the slide. I launch myself after him in a manner that would be deemed out of control, reckless and a red card offence in current football parlance or a quick word that’s then rescinded on appeal if I played for the Old Firm. I get there just in time to wheezily point him out to my wife expecting a pat on the back for my efforts as try to avoid a potential cardiac arrest. To my surprise she says ‘That’s not Dave – he’s in the party hut having a drink’. Feeling slightly uncomfortable I’d just chased the incorrect infant down a shoot because two kids turned up in a Hulk costume she compounds it by smugly telling me she knew who Dave was all along and just wanted to see my fat derriere struggle up the spongey ladder to get to level two. We’re about to argue the toss when the eponymous Dave comes over ‘Thistle Junior’s Dad – I need a poo’. I walk him to the toilet like a condemned man and as I see it I have four potential scenarios ahead of me: I get a request for a help to wipe with the single ply paper being all that is between my didgit and a four year old’s anus. I stand and watch a four year old wipe his arse and talk him through it oblivious to if anyone is listening outside. I hang about outside the cubicle and give general motivation chat or ask how he is getting on hoping nobody walks in. Leave him in the hope Dad turns up before he shits himself especially as the cuffs on his Hulk suit don’t look particularly jobby tight and if that streaks on the slide it’ll ruin it for everyone. Option C is obviously the best of a bad bunch and stand outside the cubicle but unfortunately ‘Junior’s Dad – I can’t get the suit off’. So I’m in a toilet cubicle trying to unfasten his Hulk costume without looking and think I’ve got away with it when he says ‘Finished’ but unfortunately he means finished shitting so his knob is out and he’s expecting a wipe. I’m not getting involved in that so decide it is his dad’s fault he’ll do home with an itchy arse; make sure he washes his hands though as I am not a total reprobate. Curveball – Dave’s mum turns up and she is proper proper fit. I’m nervous around moderately attractive women so I’m looking like a prime gammon when a second EU referendum is announced on seeing her and the situation is compounded by Dave straight off the bat telling the now leading contender on the Cancer Mum Replacement List I watched him have a poo. I got all flustered and told her he needed help taking his suit off and that I tried not to look but couldn’t help it! Her looking at me really very shifty exacerbates the problem and all I can think to say is jokingly ‘He’ll make a girl very happy one day – like a baby holding an apple!’ And that your Honour is how I found myself in the position of having a sweaty red face, looking extremely dodgy whilst complimenting the sexual reproductive organ of a 4 year old in a public place. Where do I sign and date the register?
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    Bring back Sensible Soccer.

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