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    My wedding night....
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    Are you for real? The comments were the fault of some religion? I hope he recovers and feel free to discuss his football ability, but dont try to gloss over his abhorrent comments by pinning the blame on anyone but Glenn Hoddle.
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    Save face? 😀 You're the only one chucking names about. You're the only one making stuff up. You're the only one who can't admit they're wrong. And you continually peddle bullshit about me, with no substantiation. Interesting that this is exactly what Parklife says about me. It's obvious to me now that you're not going g to point out my lies, because there aren't any and you're just going to loop round your usual bullshit name calling. Ive wasted enough time on you. Enjoy your weekend and hopefully one day you'll grow up enough to see what you're doing.
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    Quite a few tragic threads knocking about, this is certainly one to add to the list.
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    The abuse I tweeted her landed me a 12hr Twitter ban.
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    Is there any need for this divisive pish on the Anything Goes forum FFS
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    I announced my retirement from the national team today as well. It will have the same effect
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    Parkie, we've had the same argument before. I'm happy with what I posted, years ago now I think, that your posts at the time were bigoted. I don't understand your claim about smearing your character though. I don't go about claiming you're a bigot, it was an argument on one thread, at one point in time. I don't think I've said it more than that, although I don't commit all of my TAMB conversations to memory like some. As with Vanderark, my conversations with you appear to be pointless. You accept no criticism and are only willing to dish it out. Have a good weekend, except for at the football.
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    As much as I like Rodgers, this is becoming painful to watch. I don't have the answers, but the last few years we are going backwards in Europe. It's becoming embarrassing. I love Celtic, always will, but something has to change. Hope it gets sorted sooner rather than later. The competition in the league is no joke, Killie, Hearts, Hibs, these are not pretenders and Celtic better it take the league for granted. Sometimes you have to go with your head rather than your hurt as painful as it is. HH
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    No offence mate, but if had been Rangers being accused you lot would have been all over it, and you know it.
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    He’s apparently about to deport some moron in a shitty pickup that slammed on the anchors and forced him to bump into him despite his best efforts not to drop his toke. The talk is of a ‘Saudi-style’ operation. Apparently the guy was slavering some nonsense about shouting for ‘hauners’ and getting a ‘green brigade’ involved while Trudeau bitch-slapped him silly.
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    N Ireland going to invoke 5 day rule, so he can't play this weekend
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    Rolling Hills met him at a Mensa meeting. Really nice guy.
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    No, but then I'm not a forensic accountant so I wouldn't have the requisite skill set. Can you show that I even exist and that I'm not a bot? An equally nonsensical question.
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    I support Dundee and Scotland FFS, my glass isnt even half full, its a paper cup soaked through with pish.
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    Do you teach fish-farming?
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    Just because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t make them a liar. I’m trying to teach this to my 5 year old just now. I also tell him if he can’t play nice with someone, don’t play with them at all. This argument is tedious, and I doubt anybody cares who is right or wrong anymore.
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    steady on neebur your rage is affecting your brain to keyboard cognitive skills
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    Sex Cauldron? I thought they shut that place down?
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    The last few years saw us qualify for the CL for the first time in 3 seasons, then do it again the following season while securing European football after Christmas (something which we rarely ever do) so to say we've been going backwards in that period is simply incorrect. The board let the manager down in the transfer window. Hope all these people wanting Rodgers out are happy when we replace him with Jackie Macnamara or Alan Stubbs cos there's not a chance we'll get anyone of Rodgers class ever again. A double treble and people are still wanting rid. We really do have a very spoiled bunch of fans.
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    What lies? Go on, be specific about my lies. You trot this same tired shite out every time people don't agree with you. Next you'll pull the " I can't be bothered going on with this discussion" line to stop the thread before you have to admit you're talking rubbish. You're more consistent than your team, at least.
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    "How 30 years of torment following horror tackle drove me to sectarian shame" - Ex-Ger star opens up on effects of 30 years of bile from Dons fans.
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    David Linden asked to submit a question in writing as the English Tory MP couldnt "understand" his accent in the HOC Alan probably got his cock out at this latest development ...
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    You seem pretty clued up on all things Rangers, so I'm sure you could.
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    2 folk who were at the match in Israel witnessed it happen just after full time and have no reason to lie or even talk about it unless it happened. I'll take their word for it if you don't mind. Hopefully someone had the camera phone out recording it and it makes its way online as it may well start a clear out at the SFA. The SFA, especially folk like McRae, have less than zero respect for fans. We're the shite on their shoe and a mere inconvenience when they are on their all expenses paid trips.