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  2. Tommy Conway back feom I jury and off the bench to score. A promising return.
  3. Lyndon Dykes in goal for last 5 minutes for QPR at Leeds
  4. Was through at mum's earlier and she put the news on with the chatbot PM's speech. We are more together than ever apparently, reference to "our country" then a lame unnecessary Nicola Sturgeon gag. Cut to Andrew Bowie laughing and an interview with Douglas Ross in full Sunak boaby sook mode. Next item was about the by election and plenty anti SNP folk in the street. I couldn't get out the door quick enough. If Labour win this it's an onslaught of 'no appetite for independence' and god knows what follows from that.
  5. For those that missed out on last Euros (covid cut the allocations) be prepared for the joy of tix only available via the UEFA app and having to go a couple of hoops to activate them on the way into the ground... To be fair it worked OK, but the fear of a flat battery haunted me all day.
  6. You’ll be among the first to demand Clarke gets sacked if we go on a losing run. He has no choice but to scout English-born players.
  7. Again, how the fk is the "normal" fan on the street going to afford this!?
  8. Today
  9. Yes they are.Haven't told us where from though.
  10. If I remember rightly for the last Euros we had to go via the SSC who them emailed out a code/link to get SSC allocation via UEFA... but it was a while back
  11. I forgot to even mention that. Sacked and arrested in the same day 🤣
  12. Laurence Fox posted a video about vandalising ULEZ cameras and goaded the Police into arresting him He then posted another video with the Police inside his house arresting him and had a rant about the Stasi You have to laugh he is such a knob
  13. I should say these things more often 😁
  14. Lazio passing Celtic off the park already, they'll need to up their game here...
  15. Sky sports still have a Scotland flag beside his name. I however hae ma doots...
  16. Yep just for Spain game , sure everyone is picking up for France
  17. Anybody know the location for those who chose to picking up?
  18. Bit of a rant. Sunak talking of replacing A levels in England with a 'British baccalaureate'. What is the matter with him, does he not understand that education is a devolved responsibility?
  19. If you include the northern isles everything below the Forth is in "The South".
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