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  1. Yesterday
  2. Have I missed anything? Been away a couple of months and it’s still the DRS and GRR 😂.
  3. Was reading they plan to buy Cricket next, owning players outright and just renting them to the ipl, big bash and the national teams.
  4. Not really. He's played very few games at the highest level. From what I recall from his loan at Livingston there were a few questions about his ability. It would be too great a risk for Rangers to just have him as no.1. He might be more than able but it's not a risk they can take. Let's say he started the season and had a couple of poor performances, he'd get dropped and replaced by Mcloughlin who most Rangers fans think isn't good enough, Beale would be getting pelters. Butland is an experienced keeper at the highest level. It's a no brainer. If McCrorie impresses in training maybe he'll start, who knows. I would like to see McCrorie playing regularly from a Scotland point of view and maybe he will need a move away if he's not getting anymore game time but from a Rangers perspective, Butland is an understandable signing. If McCrorie keeps Butland out the team, that'll be good news for both Gers and Scotland because it will mean Robby is playing well!
  5. I've booked Seville so hoping it's nonsense
  6. Glad to hear they looked after you. 👍 I think we all still miss the old Love Street, but the new place is certainly starting to feel more like home these days - and pitch is always in great nick as you’d have seen when you were gracing the hallowed turf.
  7. Ross McCrorie now officially signed for Bristol City
  8. thesaint


    Fair enough.Why the f..k would that be there in the first place?Hopefully a lesson learned about taking everything Wikipedia puts on as Gospel and that it was just some fool guessing.Hopefully.
  9. Here's a screen grab from earlier
  10. It was on the Group A fixtures on Wikipedia , gone now though so presumably some idiot at it , seems an unlikely location tbh
  11. thesaint


    Yes.Any chance the guy who put this on the forum is coming the ....Although what anybody would get out of doing that beats me.Noticed he hasn't been back on since he posted it to actually say where he saw it.How's about it pal.
  12. I’m just at the start of S2. The missus is away to her bed and I’m dying to put on an extra episode but she’ll kill me! Can’t remember the last show I enjoyed as much as this. They’ve even somehow got me feeling sorry for Kendall and he’s an absolute moron AND an arsehole!!
  13. Fraudacoglu is a fuckin snake.. I don't wish him well at all. My own opinion, and I'll stick to it... Aussie cnut.....
  14. Sounds a load of rubbish . Why would they put it on Wikipedia and not announce it officially ? A 13,000 stadium is asking for crowd trouble . The Spanish FA have a contract with Andalusia but Girona is in Catalonia which is a no go area for the Spanish national team . Seville looks nailed on ,probably still negotiating fees with the stadium . I hope so anyway as we are all paid up .
  15. Really don't get the McCrorie situation. On the park he has done nothing wrong and he really should be in the current squad. Must be something we don't know about.
  16. Pretty stupid to say an Aberdeen player should be picked because he has more game time. Only thing going for him is his versatility. Hardly shone when he was playing in the English first division.
  17. At least that’s still to the left of the current Labour Party.
  18. Kevin Pringle returns as the FM's spin doctor...
  19. P.S. 26 Hope Street and The Grant Arms have cracking atmospheres on the weekend.
  20. I've moved on again mate. It's karaoke now... I'm fuckin offskii🤣🤣
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