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  2. Better athletes I guess. As mentioned earlier, Rangers have been shown to be fitter than Celtic and Eintracht in recent matches.
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  4. Why did Rangers have superior fitness? I can understand the quality argument when it comes to money but all clubs in the Premiership are full time. Surely Hearts should be just as fit as Rangers and fresher given Rangers have had to play midweek / weekend for a good period now including a couple of extra times, played a cup final on Wed and then had to travel.
  5. Thanks, I overlooked that 👍 . I'd be happy to see both Brown and Stewart called up in the squad.
  6. Hearts did sit back too much in the second half but they were still in with a shout. A better corner in the last minute and the cup could've been going to Gorgie. Rangers superior fitness told in extra time. Hearts were running on empty. It was like the Watson v Cink play off at Turnberry.
  7. He very rarely gave young players a start, when he did and we didn’t win he dropped the young players, yet week in week out some of the established players underperformed yet still started the next game, Mcinnes reverted to safety first no risk football not just against Celtic but most teams in the league which disappointed a lot of Aberdeen fans, don’t get me wrong Mcinnes was great for Aberdeen but it could & should have been a far more successful period trophy wise.
  8. Don’t all managers play their favourites, isn’t that what the job is all about, playing the players that they think are the ones best for a game? I’d be more worried about a manger that played players that other people thought were better - which is what you really mean, I suspect, that he didn’t play the players *you* thought he should do.
  9. I have no doubt people will mock Stewart's 'top flight' experience saying it is only the SPL. Even if they argue that the SPL equates to Championship-level well Stewart has a better strike-rate than Brown at that level.
  10. Iirc Stewart was in the last squad, for Poland and Austria. He didn't get on But he was called up He will be in the squad tomorrow. And could play a part in one of the Armenia games
  11. Aberdeen should huv won more during that period but two hinge stopped them doing so, the first was a very strong Celtic team & the second was Mcinnes, he refused to play younger players regularly preferring to play his favourites who were mostly journeymen, Mcinnes got off to a great start winning the league cup playing exciting football but within a couple of years it became safety first boring football, the last 2 or 3 years watching Aberdeen were eye wateringly painful.
  12. Yes Brown will be in the squad but his credentials are no better than Stewart's.
  13. To be fair to Jacob Brown, Clarke has selected him in recent squad and has turned to him as a late substitute in games. So he clearly rates him. So I would be suprised if Brown isn't named in the squad for the upcoming games.
  14. Plenty of times but ive never played for a team who have setup to just defend. Especially when my team have been winning games. For example when my teams been doing well in the 2nd division and then play a 1st division team. You go into those games with a degree of confidence. Im not saying Hearts should have gone all out attack however it was clear from their tactics that they werent going to commit players forward like they have been all season. Sims was flicking the ball onto nobody and then it would just come straight back at them. Teams all over the world manage to execute a game plan against the best teams with vast resources. They dont always win but they have a plan which isnt just park the bus. Rangers clearly have more money than Hearts and therefore are expected to have better players however you cant tell me that players such as Balogoun, Arfield, 37 year old Davis, Amad and Wright strike such fear into Hearts that they decide to not play football. Hearts have been really good this season. They have the best GK in the league, a solid defence and a striker with real presence. Their midfield have supported attacks and looked dangerous. I just dont understand where the belielf then goes.
  15. Or as a Scotland fan I seem awfully obsessed with young Scottish players getting opportunities. King and Lowry are too great prospects. Lowry in particular has been pretty much motm every time he has played for Rangers however isnt trusted. And just so I know, im largely being critical of Rangers recently. Does not make me a Rangers fan or clearly a Celtic fan? Given you have to be one or the other in the brain cell of some posters.
  16. For an Airdrie fan you seem awfully obsessed with a certain Glasgow team.
  17. Great end to the season after the trauma of Wednesday. We strolled yesterday’s game which is pretty incredible after the last weeks exertions. Lots to look forward to. I’m hoping Scott Wright is going to be a very big player for Rangers next season. Gio seems to be good for his game.
  18. Scottish Football is hardly unique to other top flight leagues when it comes to who wins trophies. Just looking over the last 2 seasons then the key competitions have been split evenly between 3 clubs. Aberdeen, the third biggest club, have failed miserably in the last 10 years. Even worse this was in a period when Hearts and Rangers have been out of the top flight for prolonged periods.
  19. Lowry and King will be given plenty of opportunities next season. The current manager uses his squad depth a lot more than the previous one.
  20. Also worth pointing out that people are clambering for Jacob Brown's inclusion yet he has never played top flight football unlike Ross Stewart who actually does not have a too shabby record of a goal every three games in the SPL.
  21. Rail timetables are out now. Gonna be a lot of stranded people I think.
  22. A blind man can see though that England are on a different level all together than us striker-wise. They have plenty of options up front and have done for a long, long time. We are talking about Scotland here and the options open to us striker-wise. Stewart comes into the equation for his goalscoring ratio. And let's remember Northern Ireland's record international scorer David Healy who has more goals than our record scorer Kenny Dalglish could muster in more games. He predominantly played the majority of his career in lower League football. I am not saying get him in the side but we must be realistic - outside of Adams, Dykes, Christie, Fraser and Brown there are no other contenders for a place in the squad.
  23. Rishi Sunak's personal wealth is estimated at £730 million He has just spunked £500,000 of taxpayers cash on focus groups to "repair his image" Better Together
  24. In that case we are in agreement I just don't believe now is the time to call him up
  25. point was not about Stewart - point was "just don't see how a player at 25 can suddenly become an international class striker" players at that age and beyond became internationals when at 25 they were in low level clubs - the discussion was around the age
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  27. This doesn't prove the point and wouldn't justify calling up Stewart. Would England have considered calling up vary when he was at Fleetwood? Nope.. Would you call up an Elgin city player for Scotland? Np you wouldn't To be clear here, I am not completely against stewart ever being called up but at this time it's too big a gamble to do so.
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