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  2. I should’ve placed emojis. I agree with you. Can I hide behind PAIK’s “It was a joke” screen? 😄
  3. My old man is not voting for the first time in his life. He voted Labour in 1966 then SNP in every subsequent election. He is a soft-ish Nationalist but is pissed off with some of the SNP's recent policies. Worried about the path Sturgeon is taking them down. My mum flips between Labour and SNP and is also not voting. Constituency is Hamilton East and Lanark. I think it will be touch and go (<100). Tories were 3/1 last week. Won't be that now. Unionist vote seems to be going blue by all accounts.
  4. Yeah. It's been a concerted campaign to smear him for a long time now. A campaign given a platform by a willing media and perpetuated by many people who should know much better. Not everyone is interested in politics or can be arsed to actually research things for themselves, as anyone who did would clearly see this is made-up bullshit. Very sad. Well, he's actually being tried in court for sex-offences. so it doesn't come close IMO.
  5. What I am saying is that I will not and never have bought a football top with any sponsors logo on the principal I will not pay money to display free advertising for a company I may or may not be a customer of. If other people want to do BT or whoevers advertising for them then that's their business. I actually know people who turn their 5p carrier bags inside out rather than promote the supermarket or shop. Personally I do think that's taking things a bit too far though.
  6. Ach, I’ve given up looking at any of that fat, impotent cunt Ron’s shite. Whether he fancies himself as Bonny, RH or whoever else he wants to be that day. 😊
  7. Is it just me or is the whole Corbyn anti-semitism story/smear/information the most outrageous, continued and widely accepted ‘fact’ in modern times ? I’m not really a fan of Corbyn but this stuff seems so ridiculous its beyond belief. 🤷‍♂️ Shite gets peddled all the time with varying degrees of merit but this one seems like its on another planet.
  8. Please stop trolling every cunt all the time, kid. It's boring. Hope you choke on your Glenlivet.
  9. And anyway, VAR wont help Morelos miss sitter after sitter. Stupid man.
  10. Just had an email from Norwegian Airlines to say that Oslo to Belgrade flight has also changed! Now departing at 18:05 so everything falls into place again! 👍🏼
  11. Firstly, I understand your sadness at your Gran giving up on something she has staunchly done. I don’t mean to sound like a cunt here but the best thing for Scotland is for as many old folk as possible to give up voting.
  12. Right dudes my guess for tomorrow is 44 seats to the snp, notables are sutherland to go yellow, moray, gourdon, angus, ochil, possible aberdeen south. This is pure antidotal from me and just my gut feeling.Banff and buchan will be close, along with most of the above i have suggested going yellow. There you have it, my mystic loon title may well be destroyed tomorrow hahaha. I will say in 2017 i could have put my house on the result however this time the result will be very dependant on turn out and which demographic actually votes
  13. Aww fcuk, agreeing with Thplinth. Sad state of affairs.
  14. Aye, no email as I booked with a travel company instead of the airline but on the flight website it’s changed. No worries with something as small as this though. Teeko can keep me updated on the flight going there and you can do the same coming back. 😋
  15. So you only want a fairer society for all (including in Scotland btw), if it comes with a 2nd Indy ref? To say you couldn't care less about what the UK government is, with the impacts on vulnerable people that will come with that, isn't something I can agree with at all. I say all of this as a pretty strong supporter of Independence.
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  17. I say it often. We all rejoiced when they went tits up but I believe purely for the laughs we need these monkey cunts for amusement. A good entertainment show always needs a clown making a cunt of himself. That’s not me on here before some arse says it. 😂
  18. Tierney our for 3 months, could very well miss the playoffs... you really couldn’t make it up, if injuries continue I can see him Being finished with football before he’s 25.
  19. My options are terrible in east hants so I've decided not to vote. First time I've not voted since I was old enough.
  20. I think there are more younger players being scouted than ever before. Probably time we closed down the JD Performance schools.
  21. You can’t beat the sound of leather on willow.
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