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  2. Chill mate. Was meant as a joke. One thing I like about the TA is the banter, but perhaps that's a thing of the past along with qualifying for major tournaments?
  3. Actually, it was: Very poor; poor; average; good; very good; world Class : https://www.tamb.net/forum/index.php?/topic/13775-scottish-players-in-action-1920/page/12/&tab=comments#comment-531147 If you wish to be pedantic by leaping on the second extra casual "very" then you are more than welcome to do so. Hell, I encourage it. Just means that you're joining the TAMB herd. C'est La Vie.
  4. Spot on πŸ‘ Fans who blindly toe the party line are just as bad as the armchair wanks, who sit in their living rooms watching dodgy streams and then moan about everything in my book!
  5. Then your memory is shocking. I said that, apart from four players, our players are average. According to your scale our players don't even receive a label.
  6. Exactly, even the Beeb say as much... "Does Gers tell us what an independent Scotland would look like? No. The Gers figures are not meant to be anything other than a way of showing the current position under the present arrangements." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-45271076
  7. At least you can acknowledge the ludicrousness of the suggestion Rangers get nothing. I’m finding more and more with Rangers fans I know, who are otherwise rational intelligent guys that they are buying into this paranoia that the whole world is out to get them. As a fan of a diddy team it’s laughable they think the media, referees and football authorities aren’t giving them a fair crack of the whip. πŸ˜‚
  8. Maybe not the GB with the support being taken for granted but certainly seen plenty from Celtic fans insinuating that. I've no issues with fans wanting what's best for their club, I just find it funny when you hear Celtic fans (not saying you are like this BTW) claiming they've this 60,000 loyal support that support through thick and thin, , yet the first sign of shite results (Delia years) 10,000-,+ disappear like snow of a dyke. That said, growing up, Celtic's hardcore home support was 30,000-35.000. It's probably just inflated by success then goes back down to a more natural level in more testing times. I've said it before but the Rodgers affect massively swelled the Celtic match going support. Look at Semi Final tickets even now for example - hard as fuck to get, whereas under Lennon (first time) and Delia they went on public sale and never sold out. If I was a Celtic, I'd have been livid that Lennon was appointed boss. and the fact he's wasted the money he's spent so far it seems. Lawelll appointing him could be a massive OG. Big couple of weeks I'd think, as I can't see Rangers losing at Ibrox (stick money on away win now!)
  9. From memory it went from good - very good - world class. May I suggest the following: Mince - bang average - average - handy - crackin' - class - pure class - total class - world class - very world class
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/ScotlandNT/status/1164130037836242948?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1164130037836242948&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailyrecord.co.uk%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Ffootball-transfer-news%2Ftransfer-news-live-rangers-celtic-18974422 Including a certain Josh McPake.
  11. The BBC did feature this story prominently today though... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-49413445
  12. I would be surprised if it wasn't. You don't jump from "good" to "world class" in a single bound. Consider this "scale 2.0"
  13. Still is where the buses park. I'm rarely in it as I prefer the Brass & Granite but few of the boys are regulars.
  14. I'm absolutely fkin sick fed up to the back teeth with the SNP's softly softly approach. It's way beyond time they were taking the gloves off. That's if they could get off their knees asking permission for another indyref long enough of course.
  15. Douglas Fraser on GMS this morning lying through his teeth about GERS and how it was a measure of the finances of an indy Scotland - which it is not. The BBC aren't even trying to be subtle any more. Well beyond time to create a new independent measure of our finances, spelling out all the stuff that WM spends our money on without asking us. Really annoys me the way the SNP meekly accept these figures as being in any way valid - the ridiculous claim that somehow Scotland is responsible for half the UK deficit is blatantly nonsense but the MSM aren't going to do anything to rock the boat. The SNP need to stop pissing about with false unionist info and demonstrate that Scotland is perfectly viable, indeed potentially wealthy, and they need to do it in a manner that will be accepted as impartial.
  16. Today
  17. Draw with England. Draw with England? Beating Croatia. But you're right in that the 3-2's against Spain and Germany (both world cup winners at the time) were close but no cigar. πŸ˜•
  18. Spot on. I have a friend who supports Partick and is so tired of the "who do you really support" question he pretends not to hear it. If you answer "pardon" enough times apparently even the morons fuck off. πŸ˜‚
  19. The number of red card challenges that Motherwell players get away with against us is unreal. πŸ˜‰ I think fans do remember dodgy decisions that go in their favour, they just don't admit it. 😁
  20. GERS is an imperfect measure of Scotland within the UK, it's not a indicator of an Independent Scotland's public finances particularly on the expenditure side. Even if they looked fantastically encouraging they would still be an imperfect measure of Scotland's public finances in the UK.
  21. I have no Idea if Lennon is a dinosaur but he certainly isn't as good as Rodgers. So I can understand players seeing a drop in standards, in their eyes, and being upset. Whether that impacts or not remains to be seen.
  22. Today is GERSmas for the unionists, so there's a good chance Alan will come down from his mountain hideout.
  23. I think you'd probably be right that over the years Rangers and Celtic get more decisions going their way, however I suspect it's down to a couple of things. In general, they've been the better teams in the country, therefore more attacking, less defending and so more opportunities for decisions to go their way, eg goals allowed that shouldn't be, penalties awarded, etc. conversely less opportunities at the other end for the same. Then I think you have larger crowds causing referees to bottle it at times. I'm not sure that you can really draw any inference that Rangers have benefited more from this than Celtic, there is of course nothing that proves or disproves this. What I would say is that in the past - and I mean 50+ years ago - it might have been possible for Refs to favour the teams they supported because of the level of scrutiny that comes these days I don't think it's possible.
  24. Gers today still looks a bit shit tbh, i thought with production up in the north sea and stable oil prices, combined with the onshore sector rise in output it would have looked a lot better
  25. When did The Green Brigade mention anything about our loyal support being taken for granted? This stance that everyone and their gran seems to have taken that we are spoiled just because we are questioning the way the club is being run is truly laughable. I'm delighted we have sections of our support who voice their opinions and strive for us to do better, even in times of unrivalled success, otherwise if something did go wrong you're sitting on your hands and before you know it your club doesn't exist anymore. I find it very strange that fans of any club would question anybody's else desire for their club to improve, it's very, very strange.
  26. I guess the problem would be that because so many people in Scotland support either Rangers or Celtic you'd struggle to get a referee to take any of their games - and don't forget the allegation here is that Beaton is biased against Celtic because he's a Rangers fan means that you can't have a referee who is a fan of either team handling games involving either side. Then even if you had a referee who said they supported Brechin City it would be "Aye but who do you really support?"
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