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  2. I'm no most. I'm me.. shankland is nowhere near the Griff...
  3. There'll probably be some fanny out there that wants McLean or Bannan to start though
  4. Fleck first name on team sheet for me. Been immense all season. Hopefully avoids injury though.
  5. He’s streaks ahead of McGregor for me. Been outstanding all season for them.
  6. Today
  7. Looks like the Don's made very hard work of it today against dumbarton. Never saw it. I
  8. Why the fuck Griffith's is still playing for this club in 2020 is fucking beyond me. I know it's unlikely, but I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Thistle caused an upset here.
  9. Full card of games in the Scottish cup and not one comment about it. Well done trolls, you win
  10. With McGinn injured could play jack as the holding midfielder with fleck and Mctominay more advanced.
  11. Fleck would be in my starting XI at the moment. Good to see Stuart Findlay back in action for Kilmarnock
  12. I would maybe start fleck in place of mcgregor for the play offs with mctominay if fit. Maybe a little controversial.
  13. John fleck has scored for Sheffield United. Saying on sky he's been superb
  14. The report it refernces is the thing i posted earlier. It's both persplexing and grim as fuck.
  15. I've known he was eligible for awhile.but i thaough it was just a grandparent, but aparently his dad Scottish. Cant say ive seen him play much, so dont know if he be a improvment on what we got.
  16. Supposedly Kane is eligible but it's just rumours. Palmer deserves to remain our right back for the time being though.
  17. I emailed them a few weeks ago ( I had a panic I had binned tickets with all the Xmas junk ) & they said cards & Israel tickets to be posted out end of January.
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