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Man, where to start ...?

  • Paul Weller succumbed to the smooth, insidious charms of soul/rnb (not in itself 'wrong', but no band as tight picked up the reins of mod-influenced rock/pop).
  • There's an argument that nowt went wrong with Ian Curtis. He confronted the shit of the late-seventies; he enabled the rest of us to see it through a new perspective; he put on Iggy Pop's The Idiot; he got out of it all. There's a certain rightness in all that.
  • An electorally viable reaction emerged to the cold-war wallowing in post-colonial liberalism that took advantage of the disjunctions inherent in a gloriously inefficient, relatively affluent industrialized society meeting the resurgent trading juggernauts that were the nations it had been a part of defeating a little over a generation before.
  • Technological innovation and the expectations it inspired meant the end of drumming, amateur TV announcers, slide-rules, solitude, dancing to the radio, coking plants, monoculture, the 'high street', dead rivers, memory, Vesta curry, community, rickets and a whole lot more.
  • Some twat invented the internet.

Stuff like that ...

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13 hours ago, Eisegerwind said:

Where did it all go wrong.

Nazi's back in fashion everywhere it would appear.

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