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  1. Grim Jim

    £88 a ticket

    I'm no harvesting this one 👀
  2. Grim Jim

    Songs you hate.

    Reminds me of Wheeler Dealers. But in this case I prefer the short one 🤢
  3. I didn't even get a notification that I'd been quoted 😀 Anyhow: What about colons?
  4. Grim Jim

    Songs you hate.

    Feck, I've not seen that in a while. Is that the time? Good-night...
  5. Grim Jim

    Songs you hate.

    Greenhoose surely? This place is full of rotten tomatoes...
  6. Grim Jim

    Songs you hate.

    I can't do it I have to pick the Supertramp song I hate most, so I tried to start one or two on YouTube. I just can't...
  7. Grim Jim

    Songs you hate.

    I used the word "most" myself, but still got pulled up for being non-specific. So being a hard rock/metal fan I went for a sort of stereotypical "rock" band I dislike. I'd still like to see certain other folk on here being more specific too
  8. Struggling to think of any headliner I went to see that turned out crap. I have least enjoyed gigs due to the venue: Vacuous like the SECC or sitting miles away in the Hydro (worse for a support band when you're a fan), or else venues that were overcrowded. I've been unable to even see the band on three occasions. (The Sword in King Tutt's, Buckcherry in The Arches, and Clutch in the Bar Bloc pub, but that was still amazin' ) The running order messed me up once, and I only caught the last song of Opeth's that I'd gone to see - so was in a huff for the following act Arch Enemy, and twice went to gigs to see the supports (Fields of the Nephilim and Crobot who were brilliant) and left after just a few headliners' songs. Not their fault entirely.
  9. Grim Jim


    That's the joke.
  10. Grim Jim

    Songs you hate.

    OK. If you insist. There's some excuse in that this was a mid-70's song, but UFO made a perfectly good song of the same title the year before. Pre-pubescent pish.
  11. Do you not remember '79? This malaise is starting from a much better position. Don't let the bastards grind you down!
  12. Grim Jim

    Songs you hate.

    Most pop is shite. Most punk and new wave was shite; and country. Most so called rock doesn't and most opera is certainly boggin' along with any Andrew Lloyd Webber and his most of his ilk. I could be up all night...
  13. Grim Jim

    BBC ban Indy Supporters

    Exactly, we do all know this. However Hardeep mentions that the blacklist is on an email. Should be easy to verify with a Freedom of Info request then. Oh I forgot; the BBC is exempt, doh. ('Didn't get the email' might be a figure of speech anyway. The bias is so ingrained.)
  14. OK, maybe just for fans, but I thoroughly enjoyed this...