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  1. Was fantasizing about Accies halting the record, but come in and turn on the radio and Celtic score twice immediately. Oh, and Rangers score anaw. You can thank me later.
  2. On my honeymoon at 23 on a Med beach (it was November and no excuse, ...but after a hard night... on the voddy), I had to get the brand new missus to uncork the bottle. Was just water like, but I couldnae manage Ah, those were the days... but we have a secret pleasure with a new jar of beetroot.
  3. Sex Dolls

    I'd just like to say that whatever response you saw was natural and Mrs Grim still knows nothing about this . My lawyers will be in touch. Tiny Tears says you're taking this far too far.
  4. Anyway, Ben Nevis is highest in Scotland. Rest is irrevverrent.
  5. Folks who complain about voicemail Just turn it off. Aoanyhoo, phones are for outgoing. Not incoming. Throw it in a fuggin' drawer, or a puddle or volcano. Woosh!
  6. Hey, this could be a new thread! "├ćnema" by Tool... Some say the end is near. Some say we'll see Armageddon soon. I certainly hope we will. I sure could use a vacation from this Bull. shit. three. ring. cir-cus. side. show. of freaks...
  7. Rugby is a poofy nawbag wanksport

    I've got a golf advert on this thread.
  8. World Cup Draw,,

    Could have been so exciting, but didn't even know it was on until I browsed the TAMB. Nope, still nothing. What's the equivalent of Viagra for the WC?
  9. No, buy I've gubbed my left shoulder and can't wash my right armpit or left buttock
  10. Arlene Foster

    At least she's given us a definition of British culture.
  11. Thanks for the link Toepoke. I managed to miss the programme each time it was on TV. I'd just finished reading Wings on my Sleeve coincidentally. I read that several times aircraft manufacturers would get into difficulty and ask Farnborough and hence Winkle to dig them out their hole. Must have been pretty scary stepping into the DH.108 to replicate the fault that killed its previous test pilot, then having such a narrow escape too. The 3rd and final prototype killed his successor too. The number of deck landings is amazing when you consider attrition rates as well Biffer. Even in operational service 38% of the RN's Sea Vixens were lost in accidents, killing 51 aircrew, and 51% of their Scimitars too. (Plus he did a lot of simulated deck landings and catapult take-offs on land, and a load of undercarriageless landings on a matress.) Scary Sea Vixen pic. The wee helicopter's job is to fish the aircrew out the drink as required.
  12. New TAMB Logo

    Oh feck, aye! Next away strip mibbee?
  13. Thought that was the Daily Mash for a minute. Only 1,800ft for the first attempt. He could drive up 14,000ft in Colorado to give himself a start.
  14. New TAMB Logo

    Oh, Mediterranian sky now? Neither shirt-of-darkest-blue, nor Pantone 600 optomistic-Scottish-summer. A bit royal no? (Toss-grenade-and-leave emoticon...) Looks a bit bolder on-screen I suppose.
  15. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Superb statement by QPFC.