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  1. Winter Olympics. Official thread?

    Hanging on by fingernails. Need a steal here.
  2. Leon Bailey

    The most popular boys & girls names in 2017 were Jack & Oliver, Olivia & Emily. Sorry, can't discriminate on name alone
  3. Digs

    I liked that wee street, and I'm no hipster. Was pretty quiet, but that let us get close to a jazz club for some free entertainment over dinner.
  4. Next Scotland Manager ?

    For anyone, found this guy has the whole game here. Watching for the first time failed to backup my own assertions about the game conclusively. (3) Euro 2008 Scotland v Italy 17 November 2007 First Half - YouTube (3) Euro 2008 Scotland v Italy 17 November 2007 Second Half - YouTube
  5. Alan Hutton

    Got 4 games at least to experiment if he doesn't get too many call-offs. Should make best use of them, and hope younger players establish themselves. When it comes to the Nat. Lg. games, it needs to be whoever is in form (and is a good fit). Not just building for the future at that point. They could be our best chance to qualify as we will see when the Euro Qual draw is made afterwards.
  6. I thought Toronto banned Bare Naked Ladies? Anyhow... " those with binoculars could see..." wtf???
  7. Ticket pick up

    I've given them a call and asked to collect myself before. Was no problem.
  8. New manager: Who do you want?

    3 now.
  9. SSC Renewals

    Gonna need a spreadsheet for play-off allocation. I love a good spreadsheet.
  10. SSC Renewals

    That's at least 19 games away though isn't it? Could be 2+ years and renewal points will drop off, ...or do they accumulate?
  11. SSC Renewals

    Well I followed the simple 1,2,3 steps to get a membership before scrolling down to re-new instead Didn't get any extra points for double membership though.
  12. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    I heard the tradition is that way around, such that if strips clash, then the away team don't have to drive all the way home to find replacements.
  13. I'm not drinkin' my bottle then in case it's all gone soon.
  14. Hungary

    Or, this may suit depending on where you are staying: 200E bus to Kőbánya–Kispest metro terminus, then change to the metro and take the M3 line towards Újpest-Központ. (This route suits me since I'll be staying along the M3 line between the stadium and the city centre.) BKK ticket machines are just outside the airport door, as are the 100E/200E bus stops. If anyone's staying for a few days and needs to hop on and off transport, then the "Budapest 7-day Travel card" may be worth getting, and it costs HUF4950 which is about £14 and includes the airport transfers plus all trams/buses/metro. http://www.bkk.hu/en/tickets-and-passes/prices/ http://www.urbanrail.net/eu/hu/budapest/budapest.htm I gave up waiting for us to draw Hungary and took a city break last autumn