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  1. First job for mcleish....

    I would have agreed 100% if we where still in the 1970'/80's - but from my own personal experiences thats largely (thankfully) no longer the case (IMO of course)
  2. Rev Billy Graham

    Made a fortune in preaching about one big massive fairy tale !!
  3. Club vs Country

    Agree 100% - i'm getting too old & wise for gladly accepting (yet another) boot in the baws.
  4. Have supported the Clyde since my Da took me to Shawfield mid seventies & by f**k it's been a labour of love ever since, my old man was a big Rangers fan & my Mum was from a big Celtic family from the Gorbals, so to avoid any early divorce procedures my old man took me to see our local (closest team) Thank f**k it wasn't Queens Park
  5. God????

    I know it's all pie in the sky man made nonsense, and it's all about faith - But if "God" created the Universe, The Cosmos, Everything that has ever been or everything that ever will be. . . . why did he have his only son horribly mutilated, tortured & then murdered on a wooden timber cross to forgive mankind of their sins, instead of just well forgiving them. Could never understand that - load of nonsense !!
  6. Series Worth Watching

    Just caught up with "Genius" - the life story of Albert Einstein it was enjoyable and I would probably recommend it. Just watched "Feud" - basically the true (ish) story of the rivalry & bitterness between Joan Crawford & Bette Davis - found it a great watch, absolutely superb & would highly recommend it, it also focuses on there behaviour during the filming of "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" (an iconic movie in it's own right". Great acting in "Feud" by Susan Sarandon & Jessica Lange - this has also prompted me to look at some old Bette Davis movies, that woman could act all right - she must be in the top 5 female actresses of all time.
  7. Ha Ha magic takes me back to the Clyde v Aberdeen game mentioned above - all the lads dressed like they where going to the dancing looking for a scrap at Shawfield (picked on the wrong bunch of locals though). . . .though to be fair what I remember was the Aberdeen casuals where game as f**k
  8. Aye you could be right - it was a loooooooooooooong time ago - good days
  9. Shoosh don't speak too soon - seriously though our level with our (potential support) would be mid table championship - though given the right conditions (good team - important games) bigger support than many in that league . . . . . .Clyde still take the largest travelling support in League 2
  10. Me too mate - think we still have a "sleeping" fan base in the south side / east end - our support has been poor in Cumbernauld, though as I stated above that has been a large part the clubs fault.
  11. True story this !! It was either pre-season friendly or league cup qualifiers (1983) Clyde where playing Alex Ferguson's all conquering Aberdeen side (mind you we had a right good team then as well, including Pat Nevin, Tommy McQueen, Paul Flexney etc etc), anyhow during the game all these smartly dressed lads with wedge style haircuts () came from within the Aberdeen support (our first ever introduction to football casuals) think they where expecting to take a liberty with the Clyde young team - don't think it worked out too well as a few of them came from Rutherglen, Castlemilk & the Gorbals Scottish fitba was absolutely brilliant back then - even us "diddy" clubs had some cracking players
  12. Very trues Slasher - was a great wee stadium for the fitba, can't believe (seems like yesterday) i'ts not been used for that purpose since 1986 !!!
  13. There has been rumours recently (coming from our new chairman) - still think we should have done a lot more to encourage the good people of Cumbernauld to have a go at supporting their "local" team.
  14. My beloved team - our old home (wipes tears from cheek )