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  1. My beloved team - our old home (wipes tears from cheek )
  2. Arlene Foster

    A female version of Ian Paisley !!
  3. 10 years since.....

    Have always heard there was s fair bit of bother in town that night, can't say I witnessed any myself ? Also don't remember too many Italians at the game either
  4. Hampden - stay or go?

    STAY (also liked the idea Toepoke had regards the safe standing area)
  5. New TAMB Logo

    No.5 for me !!
  6. Strachan's gone

    Like it
  7. Strachan "stay" or "go" vote

    GO !!
  8. BBC Sportsound

    Michael Stewart & Derek Ferguson are both very good and honest in their opinions on our game (Stewart in particular comes across as a real fan & not a happy clapper) breath of fresh air.
  9. To stay or go?

    Tommy Wright ?
  10. goodnight everyone

  11. Going vegan.

    Don't have a problem eating meat, although as I have got older I have tried convincing myself that the animal / beast i'm dining on has had a stress-free life & was slaughtered humanely (if such a thing exists) Will always be a meat eater though !!
  12. To stay or go?

    I don't really take the argument now that we don't have the talent. If we had held on against England or defeated a Lithuania side (who we really should be beating at home), we're through. If we didn't get humped so easily by Slovakia and made a real push to try and hammer Malta, goal difference could swing in our favour. It's really fine margins and small moments that go against us, we don't have a playing squad that's much different from many teams that go to major tournaments, they are just poorly drilled and utilised.
  13. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Edinburgers are very proud of their city.(and rightly so) Britain will always be a real country so not sure what you are talking bout. (He wasn't talking about Britain he mentioned Scotland - don't you think that we are / should be a real country) ??
  14. Ticket Sales Slovakia

    Crazy the way they are selling in random blocks - this time yesterday looking at the stadium plan I was (guessing) at 50,000 - i'm now (guessing) at 45,000