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  1. glasgow jock

    Europa league qualifiers

    Hope some old ASC are heading down, they would still fit in & look the part as Burnley is still stuck in the 80's
  2. glasgow jock

    Europa league qualifiers

    Cheers Scotty - Hope your team wipe the floor with them 👍
  3. glasgow jock

    Europa league qualifiers

    What are the dates for Aberdeen / Burnley ?
  4. glasgow jock

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Brought back so many great memories (tried not to have flashback of the horror that was Argentina '78) - Remember like yesterday the farewell bus tour at Hampden (show said 30,000 - I'm sure there was double that there that night), I can still remember me and my pals from School waiting until the Rangers End emptied so that we could collect carrier bags full of ring-pulls off the beer cans that where drank (was for some School / Blue Peter project )
  5. glasgow jock

    Toulon Tournament

    That is 100% correct - it's very sad but by fuck it's very true !!
  6. glasgow jock

    Toulon Tournament

    Cheers !!
  7. I have noticed more recently that when England are playing their opponents fans always seem to fly / unfurl a Saltire flag, just a wind up I know, but always brings a wee smile to my face !!
  8. glasgow jock

    Azteca Stadium

    Ahh the summer of 1983 - long warm days & great music, loved it !!
  9. glasgow jock

    Toulon Tournament

    Can't find it on anywhere ?
  10. glasgow jock

    McLeish post-Peru

    He's been looking & sounding "odd" for a while now, not sure if he's been ill recently, though there has been "rumours" about the "swally", anyway hope he's okay & takes us to the Euro's !!
  11. glasgow jock

    Peru - Match Thread

    Remember it like yesterday 🤔 - pretty sure we would have got out the group had Hansen opened his fuckn eyes !!
  12. glasgow jock

    Neale Cooper

    Sad news - good player & part of an outstanding team / squad. - Just had a look at the regulars from Aberdeen's 82/83/84 squads , some amount of talent amongst that lot !!
  13. glasgow jock


    I'm not a Celtic fan - but any time i have heard him he's came across as a level headed young man, maybe you know more about him though ?
  14. glasgow jock

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Yip, odd - hope he's okay !!
  15. glasgow jock

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Don't know if it's just me but I thought Alex McLeish was looking and sounding a bit "off" ??