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  1. Catchart Circle

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    The game was arranged as a money making exercise - nothing to do with progression of the team. The SFA should have learned their lesson after Yokohama - a game arranged in October FFS ( again for money) which sparked massive call offs. What other FA would sanction such a trip without a manager? I suspect this is why Smith was overlooked as I am sure if asked in his interview he would have said to scrap the trip whereas Eck was desperate to get off the dole. I remember Levein vetoed a close season trip to Australia and rightly so. I am heading over myself - call me a hypocrite - but with no expectation whatsoever for these matches. I too would normally call for any withdrawals not to be selected in future ..... but not this time. This is the one time of year players should be able to spend time with their families. And I suspect those kilted/feathered warriors who claim they would crawl over broken glass naked to play for Scotland would be the first to pull out if in the players position. We have a manager who has no concept of the word loyalty so he is hardly in a position to complain and is clearly no example to the players.
  2. Catchart Circle

    Anyone received their Peru ticket yet?

    Thank god - thought it was just me and £88 worth had gone AWOL as there was no note or email😁
  3. Catchart Circle

    Airport transfers

    As you live in London you will be aware of the risks but a mate of mine took the metro to the World Cup Final in '86 and had his ticket pickpocketed on the way to the Azteca - and missed on his one chance of seeing the biggest game of all.
  4. Catchart Circle

    Roaming charges

    Your mobile might not even work over there. Only had an old Nokia at the time but it didn't work the whole time I was in Japan for the game in Yokohama. Need to remember to check with EE before I go
  5. Catchart Circle


    Thanks for your help guys it looks like I have left it too late as next the travel clinic appointment is next Thursday - ans thats just for a consultation - so I may have to write the trip off. Steve, you seem quite familiar with the process. Are the vaccinations compulsory to enter the country and how high is the risk? I am guessing they may want to see a medical certificate on arrival?
  6. Catchart Circle


    Just found out vaccinations are required for both countries and I may have left it too late. Anybody any information on this?
  7. Catchart Circle

    Proof ??

    There won't be anybody there till Monday
  8. Catchart Circle

    England v Scotland 1977

    BBC Scotland don't have any complete Scottish Cup Finals from the '70s - and remember only the last three were shown live. I wouldn't say any footage of the 1970 final had been wiped unless you are referring to the film not kept once the highlights had been edited for broadcast. I can tell you that particular Cup Final edition of Sportsreel has been archived complete. Incidentally that was the last SCF filmed in black and white. I have also seen the STV footage of the goals only with Alex Cameron commentating - again in black and white. I think you are referring to some colour newsreel of the game which features on the Dons centenary DVD in your post as does colour action from the '67 final. I suspect the latter may have been filmed by Celtics own film unit who were active at the time and who recorded the Final in Lisbon in colour. I don't believe any of the 1979 SCF exists as the Beeb were unable to find any for a preview feature on that game when Hibs played Rangers in the final a couple of years ago.
  9. Catchart Circle

    £88 a ticket

    £88 for Peru £10 for Mexico £0 for Belgium so an average of less than £33 per game - if your glass is half full😂
  10. Catchart Circle

    £88 a ticket

    It's all the fault of the Westminster Government .....................
  11. Catchart Circle

    England v Scotland 1977

    I am pretty sure the whole game does not exist. As I understand it BBC Sport only hold highlights - albeit a slightly longer edit than that on the Great Wembley Victories DVD. ITV Sport archived the whole match but when I inquired about a copy approximately five years ago the second half had been lost as complete games were stored on two separate digital tapes. It is possible it was misfiled in the library and MAY have turned up but my contact there has now left so I can't check. A similar thing happened to the 1970 Northern Ireland V Scotland match where a search also only came up with the first half.
  12. Catchart Circle

    Bids to replace Hampden

    I'm a traditionalist and would prefer to stay at Hampden. But it is not just about the stadium. I've been attending matches there for over 25 years (less than many on here) and in all that time there has been no improvement in getting away quickly by train. And it doesn't matter if its a small crowd its just the same for 20,000 as 50,000. After a big game at Wembley there are massive queues but they are constantly moving whereas you can wait ridiculous times at Mount Florida. I appreciate there are other sevices on the line but why can't they have trains queing up after all the railway makes a lot of cash on a big match day. And the coppers only let you use one entrance. You used to be able to walk round to the side entrance and avoide the queue by using a bit of initiative but now there are a couple of PCs sending you back round. Bit of a waste of police resources for a handful of people. The SFA really ought to take the railwy to task on this. Fair play to them for putting on free buses but I am guessing after a big game it would still take around an hour to get into the centre of Glasgow.
  13. Catchart Circle

    Under 21 squad

    Andorras second point in five group games. It started off well for us beating the Dutch at Paisley but gone downhill since and chances of qualifying gone
  14. Catchart Circle

    SFA organisation shocking.

    Its to do with cash. The more turnstyles they open the more staff they have to pay. They'll only open all the gates if its a large crowd expected