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  1. Regan Gone

    I think we can take the reasonable silence as a positive? The reaction can be described as a bit "meh" but better than pure outrage I suppose. Let's see what comes about...
  2. David Bates

    Ah well there you go! Hopefully be beneficial for him performance-wise although the 2 debut inclusions at CB in McKenna and Hendry also impressed so if we can get competition there then I;m all for it.
  3. David Bates

    Great attributes for a defender and when on his game can be outstanding - as referenced the 0-0 old firm game. Consistency is key however, it's clear at Rangers they are keen to go with more experience even though I don't think Alves or Russel Martin have covered themselves in glory since moving to the SPFL. It could be a great move for him if he can get a run of games. As far as I've been aware he's never been mentioned for the Scotland squad, but if he can prove himself god knows we need coverage at CB. Good luck to him.
  4. Train.

    Does anyone know if the game has actually been confirmed as being played at Tel Aviv yet?
  5. Portugal

    Obviously they'll jump on it more aggressively after Ronaldo's goal tonight! Feck me
  6. Portugal

    Like I said previously it seems a logical contingency for them to financially cover the shortfall of only a 3 team group instead of 4. It will be a good test, as will Belgium, the kind of games that are likely to help raise our standards against the lesser opponents competitively. Should get a reasonable crowd as it's not often we can say we invite the reigning European champions and 5-time Balloon D'Or winner to Hampden
  7. Phillips

    I love to be proved wrong when it's for the benefit of the team! Well done Philips and glad he got on the score sheet. More competition for places let's welcome it!
  8. Match Thread - Hungary

    Having not been able to see the game last night it's pleasing by the sounds of it that we could feasibly make the 3 centre backs system work. I said all along the result wasn't important but it is a by-product of us getting closer to getting things right. Having said that we will come across sterner tests than this particular Hungary team. Significant upside when you think that we didn't have close to our strongest squad available for this game alone. Peru and Mexico will be significant tests if we can prove we are up to it. Although I have a feeling the players will be in end of season holiday mode for that one again with a depleted squad. One decision for McLeish now is after backing Mulgrew so strongly as captain of the squad, can you have him back in? If not, who does he have captain?
  9. Starting Line-Up V Hungary

    I personally don't like 3 at that back for us either. Mainly because it sacrificed another body in a forward position to carry us up the field with the ball. Largely we looked very short up top on Friday night. In terms of how the organisation should have worked defensively, I'm not sure who was supposed to be tracking the man who scored against us who jogged into the box in acres of space and had time to pick his spot. McLeish knows a result could be important tonight, but regardless of what the score if I'd much rather see us getting closer to a system that works or indeed the right personnel in the right place that is gonna do well by us. Early days yet.
  10. Starting Line-Up V Hungary

    "More experienced team" to be starting tomorrow. I don't want to dampen any spirits but I can't think of too many players who didn't start and haven't pulled out that have any more than about a handful of caps at most.
  11. Phillips

    Having watched match of the day and seeing how easily Phillips got beat for Bournemouth's first goal I'm convinced he can't defend for shit!
  12. One more friendly for 2018?

    The idea of a season ticket is to add value to the regular attendee rather than (from memory) last time they did it not actually represent any discernible savings. That and if you get stuck near an absolute weapon you know you can't move next time.
  13. One more friendly for 2018?

    If they're saying they were listening to the views collected from the supporters at the end of the last campaign surely the season tickets would be one of the first things to get ousted? Having said that, they are probably raging we got drawn into the 3 team group so they'll have to plug the gap caused by the lack of a 3rd competitive home game somehow.
  14. One more friendly for 2018?

    Aye I made an arse of it to be fair.
  15. One more friendly for 2018?

    If I may begin the rumour merry-go-round we had going on at the start of the year. I saw some rumour spread on Facebook last night (probably bullshit) that our last friendly to be announced for this year was Portugal at home. Presumably, looking at the dates this would be around 16/11 to make the last Nations League game at home to Israel a double header. Again don't shoot the messenger, but if there are any otherwise informed people inside the foreign press then please feel free to have your say.