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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    As expected at the start, it would be an uninspired and lazy appointment. Classic Scottish FA. Anyway I wish Alex McLeish the best of luck. He needs it. His task is simple - qualify or get tae. Nothing less. As for the Scottish FA, the top level of it needs a drastic reform with far more executive power and far less committee structured decision making. Equally the clubs have to give up some power. Their lack of ability to think beyond their own interests for the greater good sees us where we are now.
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    No surprise that Smith has thrown his rattle out the pram. The whole thing had to be done at his pace or not at all. As we all feared at the start, the inevitable Alex McLeish or Malky appointment draws ever closer. The Scottish FA really needs a gutting. Embarrassingly bad recruitment process and nowhere near enough executive power. The committee and board system leads to woefully slow appointments. Still they will be delighted as they aren't paying out a wage.
  3. Club vs Country

    I'd place my country above Aberdeen but previously when I was younger it was the other way around. Aberdeen is the bread and butter but I find the league too repetitive due to the 3-4 games a season stuff. I also find the club game frustrating due to the increasing difference between the wealthy clubs and the rest of us, that's worldwide and not just here. Internationals are a refreshing break from the club scene, often a chance to watch players I don't get to see often or in the case of more obscure opponents, ever. I would give anything to represent Scotland.
  4. SSC Renewals

    Fairly content with the changes. Pretty much in line with my club team's own loyalty scheme. It works well IMO.
  5. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Walter Smith certainly would not be my first choice for the job given his length of time out of the game and his style of play. However when measured against the possibility of racist Malky or a totally unprepared Scot Gemmill getting it, it's not the worst. The worry is we seem to have gone from wanting to make a big appointment to making an easy one. I would be more comfortable if the Scottish FA also spoke to Bilic, Clarke and a wild card like Prandelli or Bielsa rather than settling for Smith. If Smith then emerges as the best candidate from there then fair enough. It all seems a bit rushed to be going for one person. If Smith does get appointed then we must have younger assistants in with him to learn the ropes and take over when he heads into the sunset. What Strachan and McGhee did with Docherty and Davidson in 2017 was a sensible idea and Smith doing that with two assistants would be welcome.
  6. Regan Gone

    Regan was long overdue his binning by around 6 years. The fact that his reign ends with no manager, no major sponsor and no resolution to the home ground sums up the shambles of his tenure. Pathetic ending to an ultimately abject 8 years.
  7. Next Scotland Manager ?

    So if we are to get a resolution to this, we either wait for a new CEO or put Rod Petrie in charge of the search. Absolutely brutal.
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Sky Sports reporting that Scot Gemmill is being backed within the board. Yup, looks like the cheapest possible option idea is growing again in the corridors of Hampden. Despite pretty average results at under 21 level. Good results further down the age groups but not really been massively impressive with the 21s. Not entirely convinced that would work.
  9. Hampden - stay or go?

    Rangers and Celtic have put their bid in now for games: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42824301
  10. European Nations League

    From a personal point of view, three teams was more than enough financially for me. Two competitive trips and maybe a friendly more than enough for me this year.
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    The dread of it being Malky or McLeish has just capped off a depressing day all round. Utterly grim prospects. For what it is worth I'd like to see us be ambitious and look at Prandelli or Bilic. However McLeish will be on speed dial no doubt. Rotten.
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    The blame for me would lie at the door of the Scottish FA board who were guilty, after around mid-December, of dithering too long over speaking to O'Neill. Another Rangers and McInnes situation where the current employer moves heaven and earth to keep their manager, while the prospective employer takes so long that the manager questions whether he would get the support he receives at his current job. Blame would also lie at the door of the Scottish FA that we have ended up so financially poor due to not qualifying for tournaments for over 20 years.
  13. Next Scotland Manager ?

    MON would be a positive choice for Scotland manager. He plays in form players and that is something that WGS was guilty of in 2015 and 2016, which cost us two campaigns. MON might have a patchier record against the big teams however he got the job done on both occasions, only being outdone by a disgraceful refereeing decision and some bad luck upfront of goal. Strachan brought us back to a more respectable level but couldn't the job done. We need someone to get the job done. I feel like MON would be the man to do it.
  14. The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    I missed the game at the Emirates but on both occasions at the new Wembley, I've been in the bottom tier and you are correct. Poorly done. I'm of an average height, about 5 ft 10 inches and on probably over half of my Hampden games, I have struggled to see over tall folk in the row in front of me. It's not a good place for watching the game at times.
  15. Hampden - stay or go?

    Coming back to these two posts, I wonder if the delay in announcing whether we are staying or going is down to the Scottish FA exploring the option of taking over Hampden from QP. If so, with a proper redevelopment to follow addressing the obvious flaws of shallowness, distance to park and failure to retain atmosphere then I am all for staying. If there's no plans to upgrade, despite thoroughly despising both of the clubs, Parkhead and Ibrox as a home (Scotland fan) are better venues than Hampden. Sad that our national stadium, is viewed with such ambivalence and contempt by some fans through Scotland. Obviously built on the cheap and fans of Scottish clubs can see that. Murrayfield is not the answer and would be a dreadful move.