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  1. BucksburnDandy

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Bang on. There is a real lack of commitment from our players. There are genuine reasons such as Robertson being in the CL final but the likes of Ritchie and Fraser pull out of the squad far too often for it to be just injuries. Totally frustrating as we feel further away than ever before from qualifying. 26 years old and I barely remember the 98 World Cup. A whole generation of fans have been starved of the joy of qualification.
  2. BucksburnDandy


    We all know he's good enough to take a bigger step. Problem is top English clubs don't. Like Virgil Van Dijk and Victor Wanyama before, top young players from up here have to use the likes of Bouremouth, Southampton, Newcastle type clubs to get a season or two in that league under their belt to "prove themselves". The perception of our own top league is one of development standard for these clubs. I'd be delighted if KT goes straight into a top club and plays every week. He's ready for that. The likelihood is that won't happen though.
  3. BucksburnDandy


    Only my own opinion but the link to Bournemouth is probably the most sensible move just now. He's unlikely to walk into a big team and play each week. Couple of years at the likes of a Bournemouth playing every week then move up to playing for a huge club. Whether pragmatism can overcome the whole Bhoy living the dream shtick is a big question. He's achieved all he will in Scotland. For me, time to step up in weekly quality of games.
  4. BucksburnDandy

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Number of withdrawals and non selection due to clubs are annoying but not at all surprising. The Italy and France games in 2016 did little to boost morale ahead of the Euros. Looking increasingly like these two friendlies will be as bad. Important that this trip is put to better use in building bonds off the park. Understandable the likes of Griffiths getting operated on but Ritchie constantly withdrawing is hardly good for team building. Problematic when half the squad is missing. Found Michael O'Neill interesting when he said on Sportsound that you need more club buy in to succeed at international level. In the last 15-20 years, there's been little of that. Little vision beyond each club's own interests. Hence both the national team and club teams being left for dead in Europe.
  5. BucksburnDandy

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Understanably experimental squad for this. The necessity of ensuring rest for some players has led to the chance for the likes of Shinnie, Stevenson, Souttar etc. Some will make the grade, most won't. The Hungary game brought plenty of positives in the likes of Hendry, McKenna, McGinn, Armstrong, McGregor, Fraser and whisper it in Phillips. Not expecting results in either of these games but a couple of positive performances would be a good springboard.
  6. BucksburnDandy

    Bids to replace Hampden

  7. BucksburnDandy

    Match Thread - Hungary

    A good win tonight and importantly a performance with personnel much more suited to a high intensity style of play. While I still felt we looked a bit uncomfortable in the formation we settled into it a bit better in the second half. Encouragingly I feel we got answers to the conundrums of the back three, midfield and right wing back. At the back, Ted was man of the match, outstanding. Hendry showed a maturity beyond his years. Both were good readers of the game and physically battled very well. Mulgrew meanwhile looked disappointing for the second game in succession and is questionable moving forward. KT could well replace Mulgrew and if so, it would be deserved. At right wing back, Fraser did really well. He was defensively pretty sound, more sound than Paterson. Going forward while he wasn't as good as normal, his ball for the cross shows that he has quality when it matters. A much more assured display than "Dr Funk" and that should assure him of a place ahead of CP in the pecking order. The middle three of McGinn, Armstrong and McGregor was exactly the high energy, intense, assured combination that we need. McGinn was a lot more judicious in his tackling than before until the final 10 minutes and had a good night. Armstrong is just a class act in there and has to be a first choice. McGregor did a lot of off the ball work, tidy in possession and carried the ball well. McTominay v McGinn will be the one real battle moving forward, not a bad battle to have. While Phillips did well tonight, he's not a natural striker. Perhaps dropping Forrest for Griffiths and having Phillips doing the work around him pulling wide would work well. What I will say is Phillips showed a work rate and quality I haven't seen from him in a Scotland shirt before. Overall a good bit more encouragement than Friday, a step towards a starting team. Importantly plenty of youth there and also a good mix of home based and Anglo based players. Not the finished article but a good bit closer to it.
  8. BucksburnDandy

    Starting Line-Up V Hungary

    For tomorrow, based on a number of disappointing performances on Friday, I would revert to 4-2-3-1 and go: Archer; Hendry, Mulgrew, McKenna, Robertson; Armstrong, McGinn; Forrest, McGregor, Fraser; McBurnie. The aim here would be use this to head towards a workable team for the qualifiers.
  9. BucksburnDandy

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    Disappointing tonight but not overly surprising. The formation did not work due to a midfield that was slow with little penetration and a lack of a quality right side. The personnel did not suit the system and it looked more like the Scotland team that played Lithuania in 2016 than the exciting one of 2017. Things improved when Armstrong and McGregor came on but we still lacked width high up the park on the right side. Individually: A.McGregor - Not at fault for the goal and very little to do. Prefer Marshall and Gordon but no criticism based on tonight. Paterson - Looked uncomfortable all night. Defensively continues to look shaky and lacked quality in his delivery going forward. Hanley - Exposed for pace and quality at the goal. A normal Hanley performance. To me, still not a good enough defender at international level. Mulgrew - Did alright but should have stepped out to close down the shot for the goal. McKenna - Best of the debutants. Linked well enough with Robertson. Lacks distribution wise at times but a defender's defender. His usual 7/10 steady performance. Robertson - Easily our best player. One mistake all night at the Ruiz crossbar moment but other than that outstanding. Some player. McDonald - Distinctly unimpressed. Looked average and not up to international football. Tidy enough in possession but little threat. McTominay - Similar to McDonald in terms of possession with little threat. Would work far better with an Armstrong and/or a McGinn beside him. Cairney - Very disappointing. For a player who has been superb this season, offered nothing tonight. Granted being played wideish isn't his game but still hoped for more. Ritchie - Just continues to not suit the way we need to play. We need to play a high energy, quick, slick passing game. He's slow, ponderous and not the best worker. While he possesses a lovely left foot, it comes to show far too little. I'm sorry to any Ritchie fan boys but I just do not rate him at all. Doesn't suit us or have enough quality consistently for this level. McBurnie - Worked hard, with not enough service first half, got into some ok positions but ultimately couldn't carve himself out a chance and in the end cut a frustrated figure. A victim of the poor personnel to fit a system. Subs: Armstrong - Even lacking match fitness, brought an energy and a direct style of play that we lacked previously in the match. A player who must feature in the Nations League. C.McGregor - Similar to Armstrong but an inferior version of it. Tidy player and more direct but sometimes lacked the quality in his final passes. McGinn - He's not the best sub truthfully. A lad who struggles coming off the bench and is far more effective as a starter who can grow into a game. Matt Phillips - He's not a striker lads so please stop using him as such. Jamie Murphy - Not enough time to show anything. Disappointed not to see Ryan Fraser in this game as that is the sort of direct running we need. Still prefer us in the system we have under WGS of 4-2-3-1 as we get more width higher up the park and a central attacking player arriving from deep.
  10. BucksburnDandy

    Starting XI Costa Rica

    Disagree on the last paragraph given how good he was in the win in Vilnius. A stop start season to blame for Armstrong losing form and confidence.
  11. BucksburnDandy

    First Scotland games

    Apologies if this has been done before but I spotted the topic on the Irish national team's message board and thought it would be a great topic for here. Obviously as you can see below I am a mere pretender compared to some of the veteran members, so I'd love to see what everyone's first games are. TV - Scotland v Brazil at France 98. What better than the first game of a World Cup against the flamboyant Brazilians to get me hooked on the national team. Even in defeat. Live - From memory Scotland v South Africa at Pittodrie. My parents never followed the national team so a trip to Glasgow with them for a game was never going to happen. Kris Boyd scored the winner. Couldn't afford to go to Glasgow until 2010 for a game! Away - The England friendly at Wembley in 2013. Went with two friends who have stopped going to any Scotland games. Got the bug and travel away as often as I can afford to now. Genuinely nothing makes me prouder than pulling on the kilt and going out to "represent my country" as a tourist and supporter. Been lucky and met plenty good lads and lassies in my time travelling.
  12. BucksburnDandy

    Angus Gunn

    Thankfully the latest squad has put that nonsense to bed. The big problem around Scottish keepers comes from inferior coaching. Anyway it wasn't genetics that cost us in Slovenia, it was players not concentrating at set pieces and a failure to counter the half time sub for Slovenia.
  13. BucksburnDandy

    Angus Gunn

    The big problem with young Scottish goalkeepers is that they are all very much the same. Reasonable shot stoppers with average distribution and a poor command of their area. As good as all three have been for the national team, Gordon, Marshall and McGregor all fall into a similar skill set to varying degrees. Speaking with my club hat on, Joe Lewis commands his area far better than any Scottish keeper I have seen at Pittodrie in my 20 years going and that gives him a huge advantage over young Scottish keepers. Until we can sort that issue out, through better coaching, clubs like Rangers, Aberdeen and Hibernian will tend to go foreign in order to secure a better keeper.
  14. BucksburnDandy

    Squad and new players

    Outside of Ritchie, Martin and Christie, a fair enough experimental squad. Generally players on good recent form / who have had a good season. I generally do not like Matt Ritchie, just not my kind of wide player at all. Bannan for me does not carry the ball forward enough, his passing also is quite limited. On Kenny McLean, he and McKenna have been the only shining lights in the dross recent weeks for Aberdeen. McLean is a lot more deserving of his call up now than in November, where he'd taken his usual 3 months to lose the half stone he puts on every summer resulting in a slow start to the season. On John Souttar it looks like his rag dolling on Friday night has cost him a place. Fair play to Big Eck, let's see who cuts it over the two games looking forward to the summer. These are the two games to experiment a bit round the fringes before looking to bring back into the squad the likes of Morrison, Berra, Gordon, Griffiths, McArthur and Snodgrass in the summer if possible.
  15. BucksburnDandy


    Used to stay round there and drink there from time to time but wasn't part of their TA. Cracking pub until it closed. Lot of good lads drank in there. Sorely missed!