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  1. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Not saying he is "the one", just the best back up to Griffiths. Naismith is just one of the many number 10's who have been forced to play striker in recent years. In his correct role I think he's very good.
  2. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I still think Naismith is the man to turn to. Not necessarily to start but he's looking really sharp.
  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Or that they've found something else that also suits him? Agree that wing back would suit Scotland best though rather than right back.
  4. Players we have given up on

    Yes, I have great sympathy with Gauld and Burke. Folk can criticise about making the wrong moves but both were adventurous and wanted to grow. Sporting Lisbon had a reputation for developing plus he clearly wanted to learn. If it doesn't work out then it just doesn't. He made a sensible choice at the time and I hope a young guy who tried that gets his career on track even if he never plays for the biggest clubs.
  5. Under 21 squad

    Are the Hearts lads in the U17? I know Cochrane's injured.
  6. Under 21 squad

    Surprised Ethan Hamilton's not had a call-up. Have heard good things from Man Utd fans.
  7. McTominay starting again.

    Yeah. Excited to see that. Had a quick check that Hamilton wasn't on the bench as that would have topped it off. I hear good things about him so hopefully his time will come.
  8. Squad and new players

    Just curious as to why Cummings is never mentioned, even as an outsider.
  9. First job for mcleish....

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/12090/11277704/charlie-nicholas-surprised-by-scott-mctominays-decision-to-represent-scotland He's talking utter bullshit and it makes me really angry. I've listened to this sort of crap so much it drives me nuts. Yes, there may well be players who choose their country on dubious grounds but who knows how anyone feels about who they are and what makes them feel English or Scottish (or whatever)? If you are born and raised in the same place as your mum and dad and grandparents then I can understand how there is little or no question of your identity. For many of us though there are many complex reasons why you'd say "I am X". I was born in England but I always so desperately wanted to be a Scot. Andy Irvine's penalties and Gordon strachan's goal in 86 all reinforced this. I'm an adult now and can say "I am Scottish" but also "I am English" (and to say anything else would be an insult to my mother) but I would still give my right arm to represent Scotland (football, curling, whatever...) Excuse the rant but Charlie Nicholas can do one.
  10. First job for mcleish....

    I'd be gutted. Although at 42 I'm maybe a little ambitious to expect a call-up.
  11. First job for mcleish....

    Listening to James Richardson's Totally Football podcast today and one of the contributors spoke extremely highly of McTominay's performance against Chelsea.
  12. Future stars

    Living in England I'm not able to follow domestic football as much as I'd like. It means I'm not completely aware of our future stars and cling excitedly to any new name. So over the past few months I've been keeping a list of players 23 and under who have been identified as prospects. Wondered what you thought. Which are the most likely? Any I should remove? Any obvious ones missing? (Please excuse errors). Robby McRorie (19) RANGERS GK Kieran Tierney (20) CELTIC LB/CB Daniel Baur (18) HEARTS CD Liam Lindsay (22) BARNSLEY CD David Bates (21) RANGERS CD Harry Souttar (19) STOKE CD Ross McRorie (19) RANGRS CD Scott McKenna (21) ABERDEEN CD John Souttar (21) HEARTS CD/Mf Andrew Robertson (23) LPOOL LB Callum Paterson (23) CARDIFF RB Jack Hendry (22) CELTIC Def Ryan Jack (25) GERS Def Mf Lewis Morgan (21) ST MIR Mf Andy Irving (17) HEARTS MF Harry Cochrane (16) HEARTS Mf John McGinn (23) HIBS Mf Billy Gilmour (16) CHELSEA MF Mark Leonard (17) BRIGHTON MF Ethan Hamilton (19) MANU Mf Liam Hendrson (21) CELT Mf Ryan Fraser (23) BMOUTH Mf Anthony McDonlad (16) HEARTS MF Ryan Gauld (21) SP LISB Mf Ryan Christie (22) CELTIC Mf Scott McTominay (21) MANU Mf Oliver Burke (20) WBA RW Jason Cummings (22) FOREST ST Oli McBurnie (21) SWANSEA ST
  13. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Lot of Man Utd fans think he was using McTominay to have a go at Pogba.
  14. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    You are right. The likes of Cochrane should be seen as more of a prospect than Hamilton. However, I guess the EPL is at such a high level there's an assumption (not always correct) that to make it into the squad signifies a certain standard and hopes are raised too much.
  15. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I guess It's about the pool from which you choose from. There will always be great hopes placed on individuals but if there are a few of them you would hope that 1 or 2 will shine. It's not about expecting too much from Hamilton but keeping an eye on the likes of Gilmour, Hamilton, St Clair and the others.