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  1. madoneone

    £88 a ticket

    Thats a kick in the baws to the harvesters
  2. Quite right jim, a few victories are only papering over the massive shambkes at our club
  3. madoneone

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Sky sports newssaying oniell has turned down scotland
  4. madoneone

    Scottish Player Transfers

    took bain back to Edinburgh from dundee in taxi couple of years ago, massive jambo and hates hibees with a passion,
  5. madoneone


    If you want entertainment,drop into the balcony bar every drink £2 plenty of roasters to laugh at
  6. madoneone

    Netherlands match thread

    Booing your own players, and a few muppets wearing Aberdeen scarfs, class act from the ssb
  7. madoneone

    Ryan Jack?

    Ian black
  8. madoneone

    Ryan Jack?

    The new in black??
  9. madoneone

    Holland tickets

    Cheers mate I'll try that
  10. madoneone

    Holland tickets

    Trying to buy tickets for Dutch game website saying unavailable, is it the usual crap website or are they sold out