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  1. TAMB Blog

    Since taking over we've tried to improve things around the board, making the board somewhere people want to visit and spend their time on. On top of this we've had a number of bigger ideas that we are looking into to try and give Scotland fans somewhere to come to and interact about the Scottish national team. One of these ideas is a TAMB blog where a team of writers would have the opportunity to write pieces to be included giving their opinion on a variety of topics, from old games and players, current goings on or even their favorite Scotland kits. Would this be of interest to people? Is there anyone out there who would be interested in writing for it? Let us know your thoughts!
  2. Interesting stuff. We've installed some analytic stuff to keep an eye on things and see if we can use it to improve things, it's quite early to try and pick out any patterns but always interesting.
  3. Away Forums

    Sorry, This has been done now.
  4. Away Forums

    Forums have been created for the three away games announced today.
  5. Agree. I've deleted the post. @Scotty CTA, please think of others before posting such images.
  6. Pop Ups

    It sounds like the same issue as above, It's being looked into and hopefully being sorted asap.
  7. Notifications

    If you go into the bell and then click Notification Settings top right you are able to customise all notifications for your account.
  8. Pop Ups

    It’s been passed to the technical folk from the ad provider. I’ll continue to investigate myself too. I’ve so far been unable to reproduce it happening on my phone or iPad.
  9. Pop Ups

    Leave it with me. I’m using iphone just now with no issues. Will tie up with advert partners to double check things. If you are able to send any screen captures to team@tamb.nef it would be appreciated also. You iPhone also?
  10. Pop Ups

    Is it just appearing on iPhone? Could you check another device (Desktop if possible) and tell me if you have the same issue.
  11. Pop Ups

    Leave it with me.
  12. Pop Ups

    What device and browser are you using? The same pop ups as Ormond reported above?
  13. Pop Ups

    We'll look at the settings with out advert partners. I've not had anything similar. Anyone else had them so we can narrow it down?
  14. New TAMB Logo

    The last part of the header upgrades are complete. What do we all think?
  15. Board changes and upgrades

    We'll continue to tinker and work on the layout including he adverts etc to make it as easy to use as possible. Leave it with us.