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  1. Pop Ups

    Leave it with me. I’m using iphone just now with no issues. Will tie up with advert partners to double check things. If you are able to send any screen captures to team@tamb.nef it would be appreciated also. You iPhone also?
  2. Pop Ups

    Is it just appearing on iPhone? Could you check another device (Desktop if possible) and tell me if you have the same issue.
  3. Pop Ups

    Leave it with me.
  4. Pop Ups

    What device and browser are you using? The same pop ups as Ormond reported above?
  5. Pop Ups

    We'll look at the settings with out advert partners. I've not had anything similar. Anyone else had them so we can narrow it down?
  6. New TAMB Logo

    The last part of the header upgrades are complete. What do we all think?
  7. Board changes and upgrades

    We'll continue to tinker and work on the layout including he adverts etc to make it as easy to use as possible. Leave it with us.
  8. New TAMB Logo

    Does one not mean Pantone 300?
  9. New TAMB Logo

    You can cancel that optician visit. We've went to a darker blue.
  10. Board Issue

    In case you have noticed any downtime this morning, we've been doing a few server upgrades. All complete now.
  11. Board Issue

    Don't worry, doing a bit of work
  12. Board Issue

    How is it working on your work PC today?
  13. Board Issue

    We are hoping everything is now fixed. If you have any issues then please let us know right away.
  14. Board Issue

    We are currently experiencing a problem with the board where most topics won't display properly. We are aware of the issue and working on fixing the problem.
  15. New TAMB Logo

    So I've used the background as suggested by @Bobster I've kept the text as was at the moment but will look into changing the font or onto a text only logo. What do we think?