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  1. Starting XI Costa Rica

    Cairney has to start. I wouldn’t start Armstrong as he’s just back from injury. Playing Fraser and Forrest on the wings with a back 4 is also an option.
  2. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Yeah but there are 4 centre backs who could potentially make it. Liam Lindsay, Scott McKenna, Jack Hendry and John Souttar. Also add in Tierney who it looks like will play in that position now. Its better than zero coming through which is what we've had recently.
  3. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    The future is looking fairly bright, seems like plenty options in each position and the under 21s look fairly strong too. I feel we need another striker and a keeper to break into the top team then I would say nearly all positions are well covered.
  4. Players we have given up on

    Bagshaw is probably in his 30s now lol
  5. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Up front is a worry. Definitely mcburnie and griffiths when he’s fit. There isn’t much else coming through.
  6. Squad and new players

    Cairney is worth £30 mill according to fulham. He won’t miss out.
  7. Squad and new players

    No Forrest and McGregor??
  8. Players we have given up on

    John fleck
  9. Squad and new players

    If gers beat celtic their players will be in the squad. It’s the “natural order” of things in this country
  10. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Matt Ritchie goal for Newcastle
  11. McTominay starting again.

    Mctominay has been top class today in a high intensity game.
  12. Squad and new players

    Ryan Fraser has played a decent amount of games in the EPL this season, surely worth a starting place now. Liam Lindsay has had rave reviews from down south, got to be in the squad. Tom Cairney has been one of the best players in the championship this season, I would be starting him in games aswell.
  13. McTominay starting again.

    Playing in a poor man united side. A few nice touches. Don’t think we can just throw him into games just because he plays for man united. We have other options