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  1. loanhead-tartan

    Europa league qualifiers

    Glasgow>berlin>Athens athens>london>Glasgow sorted
  2. loanhead-tartan

    Europa league qualifiers

    Price is gonny be proper extortionate if you wait till after the 1st round to book
  3. loanhead-tartan

    Europa league qualifiers

    Pricing up the game in greece for hibs the now , best price the now seems to be Edinburgh>Brussels>Athens>Tripoli . 400 return
  4. loanhead-tartan

    Europa league qualifiers

    He’ll probably no even go the nonce
  5. Rangers at home first against a Macedonian outfit and hibs at home first to Runavík of the Faroes . Aberdeen come in at the second . Faroes is coming in a packet already so just gonny chance my arm and book up for the second round when hibs go into that at 1pm
  6. loanhead-tartan

    Mark F***** Lawrenson...

    He just waffles a lotty pish for 90 mins. Danny Murphy isny far off him either
  7. loanhead-tartan

    Russia 2018

    Some baw from de bruyne there
  8. loanhead-tartan

    Russia 2018

    This game looks like it will be good already, first 2 the day were terrible
  9. loanhead-tartan

    New jerseys?

    Just bought it. Never knew that they’d released the home one but Got the original in the mickey moose
  10. loanhead-tartan

    Seaon ticket sales

    Fancy hibs to beat the 13.5k record that we set last season
  11. loanhead-tartan

    Russia 2018

    Boy golovin looks a player
  12. loanhead-tartan

    North America 2026

    Joint bids could well be the future for the World Cup . Chances of a joint home nations World Cup at some point
  13. loanhead-tartan

    Your World Cup memories

    Can remember France 98 but was too young to appreciate it or take much eh it in . Thought we were gonny make euro16 in France at one point, held back on planning holidays for ages . Think we’re defo gonny make the next euros though
  14. loanhead-tartan

    2018 movie thread

    Seen Itonya the night , superb film I think Margot robbie would have been looking at an Oscar if it wasny for Frances mcdormad in 3 billboards
  15. loanhead-tartan

    This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    Smoking a blunt aw game . Too easy against laughatme