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  1. Chuck in the egg chasing and that's 100 000 watching sport in the capital this weekend Doubt there was even 20 arrests
  2. Line of duty? Although I agree peaky's is excellent the contemporary soundtrack works brilliantly especially when there's a tooling up montage, great casting for the villains in Tom Hardy Sam Neill and now Adrien Brody
  3. Good point for hertz in their battle to reach the top 6
  4. if the game goes ahead thistle will be awarded 3 points
  5. but but but they're the big team
  6. world cup of losers

    already being touted as "the world crap"
  7. world cup of losers

    anybody else notice this http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42001722
  8. italy

    You get your wish, this could end up a pumping
  9. i do love a 80s classic when the mood takes
  10. italy

    got a feeling 2nights game isnt going to be a classic 1-0 eire probably via a set piece or 0-0 and pens
  11. Michael O Neill

    he claimed someone close to Pat Fenlon told hibs he had a drink problem it was neck and neck between himself and Fenlon for the job unfortunately hibs went for Fenlon which was a horrendous mistake as the guy is a fecking clown
  12. its going to be an interesting game in the san siro 2night (were italy have never lost) its 60 years since they last failed to qualify for a major tournament wonder how long it will take Ibra to "unretire" if sweden make it to russia
  13. refreshing to hear Lennon use his manager of the month award as the time to defend Celtics unbeaten run maybe one day he'll talk about the club who actually pay his wages i wont hold my breath
  14. gio van bronckhorst cut from 25s to 7/2