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  1. Surprised Dylan hasn't got a mention yet, a few older guys at work have seen him numerous times. Ranging from brilliant to utter Shi.te and everything in between
  2. Wenger

    Watched the Spanish game, a big Sam team v a Benitez team didn't appeal. Two of England's traditional "big clubs" accepting tedious sh.ite week in week out for mid table mediocrity, genuinely feel sorry for both sets of fans
  3. When they showed the amount of water around the city center I feared the worst, kept hoping I was wrong tho. Couldn't agree more regarding being drunk in strange places it only takes one wrong turn and you could be f.ucked
  4. Royal Baby

    They've done f.uck all to me, good luck to them
  5. Summer holiday's.

    Can't believe people are counting Scotland trips as holidays, sums up our support these days
  6. Nice to see Cummings scoring against the team he wasn't good enough for, 5 in 6 games. He was be laughing his cock off
  7. Maybe fans of teams that weren't involved could help the police identify people via social media or players could make up stories about being attacked by fans, it could have been another Hillsborough after all
  8. I seriously doubt he's getting "gash"
  9. Juve lose at home to napoli, gap at the top now down to one point with 4 games to go
  10. The one legitimate trophy they won and the two they cheated in?
  11. 1000s of fans on the pitch at the etihad today, hopefully Manchester's finest make sufficient arrests.
  12. Not a band but Ian Brown on three separate occasions, I kept thinking he'll be decent this time but unfortunately not. He was the reason I refused to be fleeced by the stone roses reunion, a truly terrible singer live
  13. Songs you hate.

    wasn't funny 30 years ago isn't funny now must know where the bodies are buried
  14. for guiding arguably the 6th biggest team in Scotland to 5th or 6th, really? whoever wins the Scottish cup should get it, Rodgers for winning a double treble or Robinson for winning Motherwells first trophy in nearly 30 years for me it would be Levein, all my favourite games have involved him more of the same please