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  1. Tartan Chris

    Scottish player transfers

    Would be a great move for him that. Lovely city and Viola just missed out on european qualification. They have policy in recent times of signing/promoting younger players to their team. Diego Simeone's Son plays upfront for them and they also have Enrico Chiesa's son as a wide player so certainly give young players starts.
  2. Tartan Chris

    Article about Scottish vs Norwegian supporter culture

    Talk in the 78 programme thread of which nations have declined as much as Scotland in last 40 years in international football, Hungary and Austria were both mentioned. If you take last 20 years Norway are very good comparison. When they played France 98 they beat Brazil last match to qualify for last 16. At the time they had players of quality of Henning Berg, Leonhardson, Ole Solskjaer and Tore Andre Flo. They also made euro 2000 but went out in group stages. Nothing since although I think they'll qualify for next euros as they have some decent young players coming through now. Similar to Scotland in that they've seen their neighbours like Denmark and Sweden qualify for plenty of tournaments in that period. Even Iceland are now lording it.
  3. Tartan Chris

    David Bates

    He probably gambled Hamburg would have another miracle survival like they've done in previous years. They were only 3 points off in the end I think. If they sort themselves out quickly he could be a regular in a promotion winning team and so then be in good position to be a regular player in a Bundesliga team. That obviously is a higher level than SPL. If Hamburg is stuck in second division for a few years then he'll probably come back. Other issue of course is how quickly he adapts to life abroad.
  4. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    He's better than Bannan who started a few of the qualifiers aswell. Brown Morrison Snodgrass Anya Forrest started at home to England.
  5. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Would have McTominay as DM once he has little more experience as all those three like to get into opposition half so not sure who would be the sitter in that formation. Nice options though and you've also got an experienced player like James McArthur floating around as cover plus the emerging SPL players. Central midfield is nothing to worry about for next 5 years. That and the left hand side are international tournament standard. The centre half and striker options less so.
  6. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Celtic needs good european run to break out from just being domestic bullies. Obviously I realize how tough CL is now but shouldn't be beyond them to have a decent run in the europa league like they did in 2003 given Salzburg got to the semi finals this season.
  7. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Easily a premier league quality player on yesterday's performance. McDonald was good aswell although I believe he struggled a bit in the March games and Scotland have depth in that position. Can't believe Cairney has so few caps, what is the issue as he's been playing like this for Fulham for last 18 months. He grew up in England or something? Snodgrass for us was pretty poor, just went for the glory all the time with stupid shots instead of passing the ball.
  8. Tartan Chris

    Callum Paterson

    Surprised people didn't see the Bournemouth highlights....Fraser had a lightning run down the right wing which set up a good chance. I'd say if the 3-5-2 is continued he should be tried as right wing back in the friendlies.
  9. Tartan Chris

    MLS And Johnny Russell

    Johnny Russell was decent hard working forward at Derby who chip in with 10 a season. Aside from more goals not much different to Anya. When you think likes of Phillips and Matt Ritchie have struggled to establish themselves for Scotland despite having good runs at premier league level, I'm not sure Russell would be a potential saviour.
  10. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Had a really good game, not just a well taken goal but he made plenty of good interceptions by his own box. Midfield options are shaping up well for me, just need to find the right combination. I'd also say looking at Fraser sprinting up and down the right wing for Bournemouth yesterday he needs to be tried as the right wing back in the summer friendlies.
  11. Tartan Chris

    Scott McTominay

    Yeah he's drifted out of contention recently but that's not unusual for a young player especially at a club with huge competition at the club. I doubt anyone in August thought he'd make 20 appearences for Man. United and start games in champions league knock out and v Chelsea and Liverpool. Look at the positive. Scotland this season had two players starting in knock outs of CL. Less excuse not to get to major tournament now....
  12. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Huge gulf between Celtic and Rangers. I follow neither but really it's night and day the abilities of the Scottish players in the respective teams.
  13. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Need to find a system that gets them playing as effectively as they do for their club. Would Ritchie be better playing just off the main striker?
  14. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Ritchie just scored v Arsenal.
  15. Tartan Chris

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I watch a fair bit of MLS as I bet a fair bit on football and plenty of the games are entertaining and the standard is slowly rising but the defending is hopeless so you get all these high scoring games. Bradley Wright Phillips scores 20 a season for New York red Bulls. Russell was a decent player at Derby but wouldn't go beyond that. It's the same with players moving to China. Oscar moved there and Brazil haven't called him up in over a year.