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  1. Songs you hate.

    Billy Ray Mullets “ Achy breaky heart” really got my anger levels rising
  2. Royal Baby

    Be funny if this one is brown
  3. Songs you hate.

    Barlow is only marginally less nauseating than Williams.
  4. I seen them at Parkhead in 93, I am sure Utah Saints were there as well. It was awful from start to finish. To be fair, unfortunately I had taken a bum acid that day and kind of flipped out so I accept it wasn’t all Bono’s fault.
  5. Songs you hate.

    Robbie Williams Angels. All his other stuff would be a tie for second
  6. Elton John these last few years sounds like Vic Reeves doing his parody ‘club style ‘singing. Horrendous
  7. Bono is so far up his own arsehole; watching U2 these days is fairly unpleasant.
  8. Avici dead

    😂 thought it was pretty accurate
  9. Avici dead

    Probably not very PC but to be frank, you’re a .........
  10. Rangers are a wart on the nut sack of society. It’s simply a fact. But in the interest of fairness, I also hate Celtic, Aberdeen, Dundee, Hearts, Hibs, St Johnstone, St Mirren and Motherwell. I even hate United right now
  11. Looking at recent pictures of him I suspect you could be put out of your misery sooner rather than later. Could be the first ever human to self explode.
  12. Celtic vs Sevco..

    that’s what I thought. He seemed to throw an almighty tantrum when he was hooked.
  13. Celtic vs Sevco..

    Rangers ‘doing an Aberdeen’ by refusing to join in.
  14. Celtic vs Sevco..

    Is that not the Scottish lad that supports Aberdeen ?
  15. Celtic vs Sevco..

    Are you blutred already Raymond ?