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  1. People attending a football match claiming to be a “ Footsoldier on manoeuvres “
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    That's a good point, we have had some utter helmets in our squads with egos far outweighing their talent over the last 10 plus years. Has to be someone with authority and respect.
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    You would think this latest utter farce would be enough to see a few resignations. But it wont. These parasites are the lowest of the low, no other industry or profession would tolerate this nonsense
  4. Could be a hiding. sad state of affairs that I have to say this but the only chance United have of avoiding a hiding is to boot fuck out them. 😧
  5. Christian and religious crackpots polluting football message boards with tedious cuntishness.
  6. Iconic images

    I remember that goal was also part of the Scotsport tune at the start of the programme.
  7. Iconic images

    Yeah the tardelli celebration was one that sticks in the mind.
  8. Watched No Stone Unturned; the story of the ‘investigation’ into the massacre in Ireland where the UVF shot innocents watching the Italy v Ireland World Cup 94 game. Predictably the British State does not come out of it very well . Horrendous for the victims and family
  9. On the back of the Cyrille Regis thread and Thistle Whistles depressingly accurate thread about football being a bit shit these days, what images and events tend to stick in your mind when you were growing up. Some of them for me are quite random George Berry from Wolves and his huge afro. The name 'John Cheidozie' Coventry's strip The Arsenal v Man United 1979 cup final 'Derek Stark, what a thumper !' Arthur Montford commentating when United beat Roma in the first leg of the European Cup semi final. 'Go on Jim, give us a smile ' Archie Mcpherson commentating when United won the league at Dens. The Peru strip Peter McLoy swinging from the cross bar in a cup final Happy days, funny the things that stick.
  10. R I P Cyrille Regis

    For me, he was one of those players/images that sticks in your mind as a football daft boy growing up in the 70's. Wearing that green and yellow away strip. Probably iconic for the Baggies
  11. Stuart Cosgrove

    Actually, I would probably add Sutton to the list There is no doubt he is a complete wind up merchant and a bit of a dick but he is entertaining and he has a genuine love for our game. One of few that at least fights its corner in the UK wide media
  12. Graham Rix

    Last I heard he was doing Malky Mackay’s PR. That was a while ago mind you.
  13. Stuart Cosgrove

    Cosgrove, Michael Stewart and Tom English are the best we have in Scotland in my opinion. Speirs comes across as a bit pretentious at times but still Decent. Steven Thompson is decent as well. The rest need shot.
  14. EPL players price tags?

    You may be right but it would take some outrageous levels of 'medical science ' to make Sterling or Stones good enough to justify their price tag.