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  1. This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    To quote Garland Green: Happiness to those gentleman, hurts.
  2. Aberdeen v Celtic

    Sold my ticket for tomorrow as I had a christening, but don't any more, so had to sacrifice my huns ticket to get another No Shinnie is a boost for us in what should be a really tough game. Hopefully Rogic will start the game.
  3. Celtic vs Zenit...

    So what he said was factually correct then?
  4. Celtic vs Zenit...

    Probably our player of the year so far so don't think he needs to be pumping anyone to get a game.
  5. Celtic vs Zenit...

    Anything that isn't Renfrewshire or Lanarkshire
  6. Celtic vs Zenit...

    Really don't know what Celtic is going to turn up these days. Last Thursday was excellent then Sunday was a real let down, albeit with more than half the team changed from the Zenit game. I'll go for 1-1.
  7. Celtic vs Zenit...

    Maybe you should start talking American and I would have a chance of understanding you rather than the teuchter accent
  8. Celtic vs St.Johnstone

    The actual state of a grown men calling themselves bears.
  9. Celtic vs St.Johnstone

    And yet it got a reaction from you. Your club died. Get it fucking up ye.
  10. Celtic vs St.Johnstone

    You still refer to your club as Rangers, which is even more laughable.
  11. Celtic vs St.Johnstone

    Not so far ahead to dismiss a potential title race if Aberdeen can find some consistency. I understand the need to rest players but 6 was far too many, especially when we failed to beat Saints after a European game in August.
  12. Doh-a-deer the Ginger Remix

    Think this would be the straw that broke the camels back in terms of chucking Scotland games if this caught on.
  13. Celtic vs Zenit...

    BTW did you get your nick name cos you're always starting big Ramys in hun pubs?
  14. Celtic vs Zenit...

    Fuck all weird about it. The Scottish accent is a lot better than that Canadian shite. Well done your Dad, Ramy.
  15. Celtic vs Zenit...

    I wasn't asking you a question. I was just pointing out to a hun who doesn't go to Ibrox that he shouldn't really be commenting on you not being at the game last night.