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  1. Scotland Ever More

    £88 a ticket

    Aye I'll only be harvesting for Mexico at those prices.
  2. By taking 50% of the tickets on the day for starters. Outrageous of them.
  3. I can't remember the SFA releasing a statement like that in reaction to a smaller allocation of away tickets.
  4. The good news is that at least you'll get one for this Sunday no problem.
  5. Scotland Ever More


    He's very hit and miss. Some of his youtube stuff is good like the eccied Dad, the plasterer and the one at the Armadillo when he is talking about Thatcher and the shipyards but I don't really like anything he does on the BBC.
  6. Scotland Ever More

    First Promotion For A Wee While

    Yeah, I think he's now the kitman at Rangers actually.
  7. Scotland Ever More

    First Promotion For A Wee While

    Was up there years ago when i was about 14 and was asked to do the flag at the Port Glasgow side of the park and one of their players called me a fenian bastard for not waving for a throw in (it never actually crossed the line) Not nice peepul.
  8. Scotland Ever More

    First Promotion For A Wee While

    Hopefully they'll be relegated next year with a record low points total.
  9. Scotland Ever More

    Celtic vs Sevco..

    You never know what Celtic are going to turn up these days but that was delightful.
  10. Scotland Ever More

    Birthday Milestones

    I'll bring a misspelt banner to Easter road for you. Hippy burfday big Raymie 1314
  11. Scotland Ever More

    Celtic vs Sevco..

    We've been pretty average for most of the season. I think we'll probably win but only because the huns are complete and utter garbage.
  12. Scotland Ever More


    Hopefully mad Rab will put on buses if it's outside Tirana
  13. Scotland Ever More

    Scottish cup weekend

    Everyone in the city works backshift.
  14. Scotland Ever More

    SSC Renewals

    Good man