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  1. Random ticket pick ups

    The home fans have retina scanners to go through. Genuine....
  2. Message from Hungarian Ambassador

    Aye, and the first pished up Brigadoon General lifted without their passport will need Ambassador "Bellend"..He got the same sort of stick on Facebook. Did not know to carry passport, so helpful info.
  3. Allocation

    Re cancelling tickets, their is no need for long winded reasons. Just cannot go is fine. As long as you let them know, tickets will be resold. Plenty get a ticket before finalising trip, then too expensive, cannot get time off or other half puts foot down, or keep powder dry for later. Our wee group will give stadium a bash re tickets, morning of the game or happily watch in a boozer.
  4. Allocation

    I would think the D4 section will be a buffer. Their will probably be 10,000 empty seats. SSC have had no cancellations, which is unusual. Tried the hospitality route but ended when it came to payment, card has UK billing address. Looking forward to Budapest and will be fine watching game in a boozer, though will try nipping along to the stadium on the morning of the game and see if their are any options.
  5. Allocation

    Not having much luck with Hungarian side of things. Registered with site, even registered with MTK Budapest ( wee soft spot for them from years back, winning coupon, that sort of connection lasts for years...) Picked 6 seats in gold section, right through until, UK ( live in Engerlund) mentioned and dead end. Then tried just the 1 ticket, same again. Any info would help.
  6. Allocation

    No waiting list...I phoned up the week before the Slovenia match, girl was great, told me to call back next day. Got one. The passport / ticket that Hungary have said to be showed before getting in, may see a few being cancelled. But nearer the time I imagine.
  7. Allocation

    Will open when your points match the sales day.
  8. Allocation

    I would expect the SFA to go back for more tickets. Tuesday before I can get mine, so no chance at present. ( not worried about not getting to the match).. But wee bit naïve if they thought only 1000 or so would travel.. A city where plenty want to visit, only away trip most supporters can afford / able to attend until the Nations League, another 1000 may get everyone who wants to go, a ticket. Attendances well under 20,000 for all their recent friendlies.
  9. Replacement for Brown?

    Cairney at Fulham is getting better every week, Cooper at Leeds, though he is left sided.
  10. SFA / SSC Taking Their Time.

    Just over 4 weeks until Scotland play 2 friendlies. Not received renewed membership card yet. No tickets on sale for either game, but info on website about park and ride for Netherlands game last November. Surely their must be somebody within Hampden SFA offices can be a bit more professional. I could do it during my dinner at work, it should be that simple to update site. I have my hotel reservation printed off, train tickets, boarding passes for flights. And my wee bag of gentleman's bathroom products, four for a fiver, which will be as every other trip, left half used in the bathroom of a hotel. Just a wee moan....It is a Fife thing !
  11. Digs

    Aye, did that last week, MAV..Go from Nyugati ..£11 to go 124 miles....costs same Blackpool to Preston 14 miles.
  12. Digs

    Six of us in the Ibis City, seems to be perfect for everything, two mins from half a dozen bars / cafes. Metro and trams same. Night out Monday. Wee wander to the Chain Bridge and Parliament Building Tuesday morning...Afternoon takes care of itself. I am travelling back via Bratislava, so train at 11am Weds, a long lie in at last.
  13. Is match in Budapest.

    Cheers neebs, thought I had read it somewhere. Though nowhere to be found on SFA website.
  14. Is match in Budapest.

    6 of us booked up Budapest Mon /Weds...No info re venue yet..Seen that Hungary have played in Debrecen and Gyor...Both in opposite directions, but regular trains to each...6 weeks away, dinnea half fanny us about...
  15. SSC Renewals

    I think the away fixtures this year are hardly glamorous, and tickets will probably be available to most.. The Euro 2020 draw,,, games next year might throw up some tasty games. Try to get to Hungary and get on the ladder. Five away games this year. Will not be huge numbers getting to all five. I am going to Hungary, Israel, Albania, on two points, but think I will get two more points from those games. Israel / Albania are countries I never thought I would see in my lifetime. I agree with system, only because SFA have zero control on allocations from other countries. And when we qualify for 2020!!!!!!..I expect Scotland to take biggest away support ever to any away fixture as us auld yins feart it is our last and young yins their first...