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  1. Why is he still getting a well paid gig at the BBC...I am watching ( dull ) game with volume off...He is a nightmare... Then half time and the runt of the Neville household appears. Thats it, boozer / bookies.
  2. The Bunnet

    Israel vs Argentina

    Not playing a friendly Tommy.
  3. I did, and did have a few big belly laughs....that would have been the trip of a lifetime if we had not bottled it. And hearing Boris compare the Russians to Nazis was sick.
  4. The Bunnet

    World Cup Tickets

    Imagine Poland would be sell outs, they will have a huge support, just next door.
  5. The Bunnet

    World Cup Tickets

    I am registered in 2016 and just logged on out of interest. England v Belgium no tickets, but other two England matches three different priced tickets available. I registered as from Scotland and supporting Scotland so maybe these are neutral areas. Plenty of the smaller in football terms, teams matches have tickets. I never gave it much thought after Slovenia, and went on today. Fifa Tickets Section...if you cannot register and I can help give me a shout. Just went back on site, looks like you can still register, first come first served it said for tickets.
  6. The Bunnet

    World Cup Tickets

    I registered with FIFA for tickets in 2016, more in hope that we would be there in Russia...So popped online to my account today and I can buy tickets for plenty of games including 2 of the England group games. For £80 ( cat 3 tickets )….Looks like flights / hotel prices or present frosty climate putting folk off...
  7. The Bunnet


    Got to agree the "Loch Ness" Bratislava was not just the worst Scottish named boozer, but just horrible...Even if it had been cheap would still have been brutal. The auld mantra... Twa Streets Back....always works.
  8. The Bunnet

    Anybody Staying in Haifa...

    Re X535 the day oot yins, I heard that a gala day box, with Stephens Bridie, custard slice and a big bottle of Bon Accord Limeade for everyone..included...Re the beaches, we are opposite Carmel Beach...but my experience of folk hosing me with water while waiting for the tide to refloat me, put me off going....That is a great effort with buses. We are getting the numbers sorted for Albania and will book the Daveybus when confirmed ( 8 so far )
  9. The Bunnet

    Anybody Staying in Haifa...

    Wee group booked up in Haifa, any others....Seems not bad for bars and loads of history on its doorstep...though only there Weds / Friday.
  10. The Bunnet


  11. The Bunnet


    Apartment on David Elazar....opposite Carmel Beach. Haifa...Carmel Station and stadium within easy walking distance.......Train direct to Tel Aviv airport at 2am ish.........for early doors flight.
  12. The Bunnet

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Re Robertson being rested is a great compliment to how far he has came in Klopps eyes..Though most of us knew he was special.
  13. The Bunnet

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    I think Cairney was compering himself to the sleeves rolled up, get into them type..He is a class player and proud to wear the Dark Blue.
  14. The Bunnet


    Apartment is on Carmel Beach, 20 mins walk from stadium, train station 10mins. Not sure about bars, street view will sort that out.
  15. The Bunnet


    Flying out, Manchester / Berlin / Tel Aviv. Ryanair/El Al...£177 total....Tuesday afternoon for 10pm flight, arrive very early doors Weds 03.05. Tel Aviv..Train up to Haifa, apartment 10 mins from stadium on seafront..return Friday 1am train back to Tel Aviv airport for early doors flight. Neebs doing same from Glasgow 13.20, Ryanair out Easyjet back Glasgow 1pm... same price.