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    Long suffering Scotland supporter but just love supporting them with the Tartan Army.

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  1. First Scotland games

    First memory was as a 10 year old kid seeing my father jump around the living room after Joe Jordan secured qualification to world cup in 1974, think is was against the Czechs or Denmark. I was hooked after that and was blessed to see the 1974 and 1978 teams with some really good players. Should have done better but then we are Scotland.
  2. Charlie Mulgrew new captain

    No matter who got picked as captain, people will complain. This is just a friendly and with Tierney being out I suppose it is sensible to give it to Mulgrew who has more experience. We need to blood some young players but still need some experience on the pitch.
  3. Kris Boyd

    Second thoughts, after scoring the winning goal today, get Kris back in the squad
  4. Kris Boyd

    What has Matt Philips done?...that's what I am getting at, would rather have just about anybody instead of him. I would rather give players a chance before having a go at them, but then that's what we do.
  5. Kris Boyd

    Oh and don't think too much as Cummings is in the squad
  6. Kris Boyd

    He just scored a hatrick the other week .......zzzzzzzzzzz
  7. Players we have given up on

    Thought Burke was going to be in the team for good a while back but seems to have went backwards. The others don't appeal much to me as being good enough.
  8. Best Scottish International player you've seen live?

    Dalgleish and Faddy stand out for me, Faddy was excellent in a not so good team, but Kenny Dalgleish was pure class on his day. Others not really getting mentioned are Joe Jordan who gave everything, and Sandy Jardine. (what a shame he was around same time as McGrain as often had to play Left Back.) Paul Mcstay is another one who played some good games for us.
  9. Kris Boyd

    I see Kris Boyd is saying he is open to a Scotland call up. I know we lack strikers but surely not as we have got to look to the future. To be fair, when he was on his first stint at Rangers he could have and should have played more, but then fell out with the management team. If Jason Cummings keeps banging them in I would sooner have him in the squad.
  10. McTominay starting again.

    Give the lad a chance, so he had a bad 45minutes and got hooked, I heard good reports weeks before last nights game.
  11. BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    And a certain Ally Mcleod (bless him)
  12. BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    AYe I remember that one, we will never know how far we could have went.....good memories though.
  13. BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Yes it would have to be Scotland. Was a shame that we got Zaire first.
  14. BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    BTW.....Johnston and Harper were both in the 1978 Argentina squad, if I remember right Dalglish and Jordan were the forwards who started.
  15. BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Always hearing talk about how good a team and squad we had in 1978, but I would say the team and squad we had in 1974 were every bit as good if not better, they just were not hyped up in the same way. Also if you want a hard luck story then forgot about the Holland match as the damage was done in the previous two games against Peru and Iran The real hard luck story was in 1974 where we beat Zaire 2-0, drew with Yugoslavia and Brazil and still never went on to the next stage. Of course back then the Leagues were not full of foreign players and there were plenty of good Scottish players to choose from.