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    Long suffering Scotland supporter but just love supporting them with the Tartan Army.

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  1. robbo cop

    Your World Cup memories

    Yes we should have done better with the players we had back then, it is true that a good few never displayed there club form when it mattered. Just to qualify now would be a major achievement....changed days
  2. robbo cop

    Your World Cup memories

    Was 10 years old in the 1974 world cup but still have some memories and we had a very decent side as we had in 1978. We had a good spell qualifying in the 70s and 80s.. good times.
  3. robbo cop

    Neale Cooper

    Such sad news, he is about my age and remember seeing him about town in his younger days always smiling and chatting to people, was a truly nice guy and part of the best Aberdeen side I was lucky enough to see back then. RIP Neale.
  4. robbo cop

    Russia 2018

    So why did you bother going to Scotland's qualifying games if that is how you feel
  5. robbo cop


    Good luck to the Lad whatever he does, would not blame him for moving to a bigger/better team, he is certainly good enough.
  6. robbo cop


    Just saw on the news, he is sitting up and talking; great to hear.
  7. robbo cop


    Top bloke, wish him all the best for a full recovery.
  8. And I thought you were a Tim
  9. Wee diddy team lol.. I suppose I started calling Killie that as well. I think we all know on here that Celtic will win the league for many seasons to come and the rest of us hope to reach a cup final every now and again.
  10. Not at all as due to work, finances etc I can no longer go to watch them. When I did stay in Aberdeen I hardly missed a game. If this means I am not a true supporter, then so be it. You have already shown ignorance by saying I have never been to a Scotland match, when clearly you have no idea. Seeing as I can no longer see Aberdeen on a regular basis, I try and get up to watch Scotland when I can. I do not have the advantage of living in an area where I can support the local team and Country.
  11. When did I change my mind, I never even brought up finishing 4th till someone else did, as for what team I support what difference does that make. Some good bars in Amsterdam tho.
  12. Finishing 4th is not what football is to me, I was pointing out to Humper how the English Prem is always based on results.
  13. I must say though, you are good entertainment value, you take the bait every single time.
  14. Aberdeen is my team and been to more games than you probably ever will go to. As for Scotland, I have see all the high's and lows so you got it wrong again.
  15. A bit like you creaming yourself at Kilmarnock finishing 5th. As for using the word idiot......if you can't take an insult back then don't hand them out. If finishing 4th would mean my team making millions then I would be a tad excited as well......oh dear you really are not as smart you think