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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

  2. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    And TBF Chelsea dominated the second half. Looking at the ratings, he got a 6, which is better than most of the WBA players, especially considering he was only on for the second half.
  3. Scottish Player Transfers

    What a waste of talent. I'm sure he's picked up a few bob, but he had the potential to be an international first-pick. 24 years old now? Yeah he'll be signing for a lower-half SPFL Prem team or the like I'd imagine.
  4. Good point. Marshall and McGregor should not be starting the next 4 friendlies. Give a run out to the likes of Archer, McClaughlin, maybe Bain if he takes his chance at Celtic and any other young-ish keeper who starts looking half decent
  5. Bids to replace Hampden

    Dark blue seats, a saltire on the seating at either end and the SFA badge on the north stand seating.
  6. Bids to replace Hampden

  7. Craig Gordon injured

    TBF when we gave Gordon a shot at international level nobody knew if he was up to it or not, and his credentials weren't much more than 'doing well at Hearts'. On those grounds, McClaughlin definitely deserves a try-out at least. I'd be hedging my bets though - perhaps Archer, McClaughlin and McGregor for the next squad. If we pick Marshall, McGregor and only 1 young keeper we deserve a kick in the stones.
  8. Scottish Player Transfers

    Yeah I thought he was really highly rated down south. Can't be as good as we hoped if they happily let him go. I can't imagine Rangers paid any more than a few hundred k for him (plus sell ons).
  9. Craig Gordon injured

    No, I think you're conflating my post with someone else's (I didn't mention Craig Gordon in mine). My point is that if we're looking for a long-term replacement to Gordon, then a 30 year old isn't ideal. Not totally pointless as you might get 6-8 years out of him if you're lucky, but ideal world you'd want someone like a young Gordon ready to be drafted in, aged 21/22. Ideal world as I say, but a 30 year old is edging towards the other end of the spectrum, titled 'that'll do for now'.
  10. Craig Gordon injured

    Even for a keeper it's more than halfway through their career
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Is it though? I agree the players coming through look like they have a core and good level of technical skill and game intelligence, along with an athletic mindset (shunning drink and crap food in an effort to make it to the top). However, all of that is commonplace across most European footballing nations. the bar is rising as fast if not faster than we're sorting out our shoddy and long-neglected shop.
  12. Craig Gordon injured

    Yeah no reason being 30 should rule him out, but by the time he got a cap and a chance to stake his claim for a regular start he'd be 31/32 and we'd still be in the '3 keepers over 30' zone. Shortish term fix is all I'm saying.
  13. Craig Gordon injured

    Definitely worth using, shame he's 30, that's all. What's happened to Scott Fox, Scott Bain and the potentials from a few years ago?
  14. Craig Gordon injured

    How's Jack Ruddy getting on at Ayr? Way too early for him but he's a prospect. Other than that it'd make sense for Marshall to go to Celtic on loan for the rest of the season and for him to return to the international number 1 slot. Have to be getting Archer or another younger keeper in the squad every time now though
  15. March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Two free dates surely? If we're playing Portugal away it'd be good to balance that with a cannon fodder opponent at home.