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  1. U17s beat Spain and Poland

    The U17s were on the same flight as me today to Athens where they play Greece, Norway and someone else. I think its qualifying for the Euros. Fair play to them, all dressed up in the Scotland tracksuits and the coaches all decked out in shirts and ties. McLaughlin stood out, but I couldn't name any of the other staff. Steve Hamill perhaps? Anyway, they were a credit to the nation, all well behaved and respectful. One of the older coaches told me they were a good bunch of players, and the future looked good, however they were missing Dean Campbell from Aberdeen due to injury.
  2. We must follow the shame people on twitter, ive just read the article via Matt Slaters link. Very good reading, and I see theres a mention of Paula Radcliffe as well.
  3. Cricket World Cup qualifiers

    There was a couple of Afghan players in the Big Bash this year. Rashid Khan is a brilliant bowler and Nabi can bat. The table looks good at the moment but there are decent cricketing countries yet to play.
  4. And I had a double on Forest and Dundee Utd to win on my coupon because Clough and McLean had never won the FA \ Scottish cup.......I thought the stars had aligned.
  5. Just bought his updated book. So far im upto the point where he is struggling in his pro cycling career. Ive a feeling the best is yet to come. I thought Seven deadly sins by David Walsh was a brilliant book and that he was a respected writer. You would of thought he would of smelt a rat in Sky. Mind you, I got speaking to an Irish cycling journalist in a Dublin bar prior to the 1 1 game a few years ago and as soon as I mentioned David Walsh his demeanour completely changed and called him all the names under the sun. He was visibly shaking and basically cut short the conversation. Ive often wondered who he was. I remember him saying that he lived in the French Pyrenees and covered cycling from there.
  6. Sam Gallagher

    Hope so. Theres every chance he will get the opportunity in the championship next season as the fire sale at WBA starts. Its a league that should play to his strengths, so I guess it depends on who is in charge at the Hawthorns.
  7. Sam Gallagher

    Must admit, all the Forest fans were puzzled, but delighted about the money they got for him. He was playing in a pretty poor side, and at that time was only standing out due to being able to run fast, sometimes with the ball. They were hoping, as we all are, that he would mature as a footballer. In my opinion we are still waiting. Actually, the price tag Leipzig paid might eventually be too much of a weight on his shoulders. I hope he doesnt fall into football obscurity.
  8. Josh Taylor

    He was impressive, albeit against a stand in. He's got some body shots, and fast hands.
  9. Replacement for Brown?

    Saw Kevin Mcdonald play the role for Fulham this afternoon. Nice tidy player that seems to spot danger and mop up. Cairney was outstanding, easily the best player on the park. He has to start playing for the national side in the next campaign.
  10. Could do with a Dons win and a semi final weekend with mates in Glasgow. Killie's due a win however and wouldn't be surprised if they get through.
  11. Best Scottish International player you've seen live?

    Agree, Ferguson as a young lad in Robbie Winters debut at Pittodrie was a display and a half, and his performance at Wembley in the 1 0 win was brilliant. I thought we had found a talisman, but it didn't turn out that way.
  12. Twitter

    Brilliant, ill always remember the boy with the hump because he packed his trunks and ambre solaire and didnt get to use them.
  13. Twitter

    Athens in 94, my first away trip as a young lad. Stayed in the official travel club hotel, naive as hell, met Alan Simonson in a bar and chatted about Charlton Athletic, split my head open on the 1st night , went to the U21 game at AEK stadium, I think McCann scored, and froze my nads off in the Olympic stadium as we toiled to a 1 0 defeat. Duncan Ferguson started and all we did was lump it long. Couldnt get into any clubs in Athens apart from a heavy metal club. In the hotel there was some Jambos that were pissed off that the outdoor swimming pool was shut. Its was 1 degree...... They were expecting sun and a tan. Some happy memories.
  14. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Whose blaming football fans? You can take an interest in both sports you know. I was trying to look behind the story rather than talksports headline "scotland rugby fans shame" Have a look at the lads in the video, dressed up for the day, on a Sunday when Man U and Chelsea are in town, pished at 1pm. My money's on them going to the football rather than them on the way home from Murrayfield.
  15. 6 Nations - Who’s going?

    He does, but was surprisingly gracious in defeat on Saturday. Looking at the video again, it looks more like some lads on the lash that are going to Old Trafford and have been on the sauce since early morning.