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  1. McLeish today

    Probably still have change left from what we would have been paying O'Neil anyway.
  2. McLeish today

    This seems to be a familiar story from everybody that has met him. And a number of folk have given me this account over the last few days, to the extent that it's changed my mind a bit. You're right being a humble and all round nice guy won't buy you success. But it should buy you some good grace from the fans and half a chance to do a job. Dont get me wrong. I'm very concerned about his inability to articulate any intelligent or insightful comment. I am also concerned with his apparent obsession with the EPL (on Friday night) and failure to mention any of the strengths here in Scotland - Celtics experience in Europe, the options in Aberdeen and the youngsters coming through at Hearts. I'm willing to give him the benefit of doubt and put it down to rustiness, which he can shake off. However, I can also believe it's possible he's pished or past his sell-by. However, time will tell and we should give him that chance. By the end of the year we'll have played 8 games with half of them competitive. By that point we'll know. And if he's not up to the task we should hit the ejector button with still a full crack at the Euros to come.
  3. McLeish today

    I thought he sounded like he had zero wit. When asked about the squad he gave no insight and was muttering generalisms/cliches. Didn't seem like he knew the team...mentioned something about snodgrass and that was it. He is obviously a fan though. A poorly informed one right enough. I hope you are right and the players take to him.
  4. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I disagree with this actually. If we qualify for the Euros I'll be expecting us to progress to the knockout phase. With an easy structure and at least two games at hampdw there won't be a better opportunity. If we qualify and fail to progress then to me the manager (whoever it is) will have failed and will be some way short of a legend in my eyes.
  5. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Seems fair enough. My big worry is he is not in a good way ie he sounds/looks strung out. All the experience in the world counts for nothing when you are gubbed. Hopefully that's not the case though and should get a sense today from the press conference whether he is feeling sharp or not.
  6. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Completely agree, an international coach doesn't get enough time with the players to be as influential as he is at club level. Happy to save the money (assuming we are). He just needs to pick half the Celtic team, Robertson and whoever else is in form. A bit of planning for the future during friendlies. If he can crack the tierney/Robertson combo and get the most out of those two then he'll have done well. And actually find a centre half pairing that are going to do the job for us for years to come. Maybe there is a bit of work...but not much and the pace is slow. My advice to McLeish would be to give the fans what they want with selections and make the obvious choices.
  7. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I think Stevie Clarke is a better manager than Bilic. And he’s managing killie ffs. Folk in Scotland need to get a grip and stop putting our game down.
  8. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I Hopefully
  9. Next Scotland Manager ?

    In the last interview I heard from the man he came across like a strung out desperado (at best). Hopefully he was just having a bad day. Definitely not a safe option in my eyes! Worst option I can think of actually. That being said, thia team should qualify for the euros almost regardless of who the manager is. Hopefully McLeish isn’t as much of a mess as he appears and hopefully we are paying him pittance. At the least we should save some cash (the money for O’Neil did seem ott).
  10. Bids to replace Hampden

    We’re going to look back at this with massive regret if we leave hampden. And wonder how the fuck we managed to convince ourselves that one of the most iconic stadiums in the world with a famous atmosphere was in fact shite. Everybody will be going on about how it’s an embarrassment that we’re the only home nation without an international football stadium and the SFA are a disgrace and all our money going to Rangers/Celtic/Rugby blah blah blah. But no cunt will have a right to say fuck all. The fans have thrown Hampden under the bus and hell mend us when it’s gone.
  11. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Wow. Pressed the entire defence and goalkeeper single handed having started in go own half!
  12. Genuinely histerical. Very helpful thanks. Obviously no imment action ongoing. Although, the club is managed by idiots with the temperament of children (or Donald trump). And when you’ve got management like that your business is always in peril. Id be shocked if Rangers didn’t run themselves into the ground (again) in the near future.
  13. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I’m renewing.
  14. Not really, as if he ought to be registered (and chooses not to) the law would still consider him protected (as disabled). The fact is even if he chose to register, he would be rejected as his sight is not poor enough. It does. Apparently, the other eye adapts and works harder - using shadows etc to make decisions on where things are. The fact he is a professional footballer kind of demonstrates how successful he has adapted.
  15. No, it does not. The Equality Act only defines as disabled those who are officially registered as blind or partially sighted (or those who ought to be). Being registered as such depends on your visual acuity in totality, which is largely unaffected by the loss of vision in one eye - as per registration guidance below. Dean Shiels is not disabled and in fact those mocking him are not breaking the law. On the other hand if he had cerebral palsy, it would be a hate crime. Therein lies the difference. The reality is that intelligent and compassionate people do need to tolerate lawful behaviour they find disgusting. All the time. And it would be a better internet if we did just that, rather than storming up twitter and everywhere else with moral outrage every second of the day. We would all choose to draw the line in a different place, whether it’s at fat huns or one eyed gingers. The Falkirk mob are a bunch of weirdos and quite possibly cunts. But you’ll find those everywhere. Dry your eye mate and move on. Some guidance from the RNIB - ‘Your ophthalmologist ... will not be able to certify you as sight impaired or severely sight impaired unless you have significant sight loss in your other eye. This is because your other eye will largely compensate for the loss of sight in the affected eye.’ https://www.rnib.org.uk/eye-health/registering-your-sight-loss/criteria-certification