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  1. Hampden - stay or go?

    Most of hampden stands pretty safely as it is. So not convinced that will make much of a difference. While bringing the west and east stand in a bit sounds good, I don’t think it’s mission critical and would much rather see money going towards player development. Id much rather watch a winning Scotland playing in a shite hole (which hampden is far from) than watch a losing Scotland playing in a half empty modern show stadium.
  2. Hampden - stay or go?

    Love hampden. Amazing place when it’s full(ish). Only Scottish folk can convince themselves one of the best and most iconic stadiums in the world is shite.
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    It doesn’t matter whether he’s Scottish, English or foreign. That’s a stupid debate. I would like him to be based here though during his tenure.
  4. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I also want them to do it quickly. Dragging it out for months won’t result in a better appointment. Steve Clarke was appointed in weeks and I can’t imagine getting anyone better. Know what you want and go get it. Rather than hanging about for months to appoint dross.
  5. Next Scotland Manager ?

    We are really narrowing our options - Mcleish or lambert. Granted I’m going on one sport scene interview alone, but I wouldn’t give mcleish a job in a tea room let alone as international manager. He sounded done in, out of touch and desperate. He’s been out of work for a while and sounded far from capable of picking up the ball again. So lambert it would have to be. Uninspired and uninspiring, but I do think he’s capable. What I’m really hoping for is something similar to the killie appointment of Steve Clarke. A wholly unexpected and ambitious appointment, well above the (low) expectations of the suppprters. I want the SFA to exceed all of our expectations with the big investment needed to couple our relatively talented squad and deliver success over the next ten years. Which sounds mad, but that’s what I want.
  6. Booing your own players

    It’s absolutely not understandable. Neither was booing chris Martin. Suppeort the team or pull on the boots yourself. I don’t care how much money you’ve paid, if you’ve come to boo the scotland team then you can F off.
  7. Before we

    Very sensible
  8. Before we

    Brain dead. Fans have been voting with their feet for decades when it comes to Scottish football. Half the grounds in the country are graveyards. If staying at home fingering yourself really did drive change, then it would have worked by now. It doesn’t, it just makes things more shite. You protest if you want, but I’ll no be joining you. Its stupid, pathetic, pointless and has been tried before. It’s the folk that take part who count.
  9. Before we

    Your saying the problem with Scottish football is people turning up and supporting the team? Brain dead man. I’m pretty sure it’s part of the solution and probably the only reason we got anywhere near a playoff. i think the problem is the opposite. I think it’s khunts sitting at home, pretending to be on some kind of protest, with one finger up their hole and the other one pointing at a bigger khunt (the sfa or whoever) saying ‘he’s the problem’. Aye mate he is, but so are you. If you think the problem in Scotland is too many people being happy and clapping then you need to stay off the drugs, you mad brain dead salmon fiddler.
  10. Squad for Netherlands game

    Granted, it’s far from ideal. However, every time you do something you learn something. Every time you do nothing you learn nothing. And the opportunity to do something with the national team doesn’t come round very often. At the very least we’ll work out whether it’s worth playing friendlies at pittodrie in the future or not. Given the teuchters keep banging on about it.
  11. Squad for Netherlands game

    Yes Tierney on the right doesn’t seem to have worked beyond Slovenia at home. And he’s too good not to play.
  12. Squad for Netherlands game

    Not Darren Fletcher. I can’t take the lies anymore. Cost us two goals in Slovenia and led us in terrible performances vs Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia. All the while we pretend his ‘leadership’ and ‘big game experience’ is delivering us results. It’s got to stop, it’s bad for my health. awesome guy right enough.
  13. Squad for Netherlands game

    Playing games rather than just sacking it for a year is a far more sensible thing to do. Should have a permanent manager in place though rather than this pish.
  14. Phillips

    Rewatching the highlights and even more enraged. I don’t want to see Phillips in a scotland shirt again.
  15. Play off table

    I am excited.