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  1. borojock

    Scottish player transfers

    Millwall signed Murray Wallace on a long term deal, will be interesting to see he does for a high level Championship, i appreciate our CB pool has improved but could be worth watching how he does, still only 25
  2. borojock

    Scottish player transfers

    Would be great to have a Scot playing in Seria A - also think a very smart move by St Clair lets hope he makes the same impact as Henderson
  3. borojock

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    will we ever get to that position again in terms of squad quality or even in level of a nations optimism and positivity about our national team Personally what keeps me positive about the future is these new SFA schools and them starting to turn out some potential as seen by Gilmour at Chelsea and Cochrane at Hearts - here's hoping it continues and develops even further
  4. borojock

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    cant agree anymore - truly a terrible decision offers us and players very little benefit
  5. borojock

    David Bates

    I believe that photo was taken just after the stadium announcer confirmed Bates had signed for them
  6. borojock

    Callum Paterson

    I absolutely agree that the right wing back position is perfect for fraser Paterson is definitely not a right back anymore the only pace you could play Paterson would be centre mid or possibly a number 10 - hes very good in the air, hes fast and hes scored a few goals this season - i havent seen enough of him to say if i think number 10 would work but certainly worth an investigation on McLeishs part
  7. borojock

    Match Thread - Costa Rica

    So under A new Manager With a new coaching staff Implementing a new formation With new tactics Performed by a lot of new players And played in a friendly match And we dont get instant success resulting in a ton of negativity. People been shouting about trying the new players and doing something different if we are to do this there will be a learning period where we will have bad performances and bad results but its about heading in the right direction. Look at Wales under speed / coleman and N.I. under O'Neil there first 10 to 15 results were terrible but the team and manager was afforded this learning period and the long term results rewarded their patience. Its not where we are in the next 5 games its the direction and cultural change were implementing and were we are in the next 15 games The harsh reality is we don't have any world class players we don't even have any top players. Our best player is a good player and hes a left back which any decent team should be able to neutralize. And most of our players play in a very poor league, the SPL. To be fair McLeish is trying something new and different and hopefully there is a lot of learning points to take away from this. In friendlies the only bad performances and results and the ones we dont learn from. Yes it was a hard game to watch with little positivity. My biggest concern was the lack of energy, passion and drive. Even watching the players in the tunnel and lined up for the national anthems they didnt look like they were up for it absolutely no energy which showed in the first 20 mins. We really missed Browns leadership off the pitch and drive on it
  8. borojock

    Angus Gunn

    cant see it happening myself, although it is a position that we could do with a keeper of his quality at his age
  9. borojock

    Players we have given up on

    I never really though Jack Harper would make it, only reason he got the airtime was he was at a big name club and the churn they go through and the small % that make it is frightening. Gauld, Burke and Mallan all have something about them and young enough to still grow into the player we hope with a couple of seasons of first team football at a decent level at a decent club with good manager, coaching staff and training facilities they could all still make it but next season will be major for all - i wouldnt right any off just yet. Only thing with Burke he looks lazy and immature off the ball
  10. borojock

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    For me doesnt have the pace or skill to go past a player in a wider role of a 4=2=3=1 but has the shooting and threading a bill skill in a more central role in a narrowish 3 upfront
  11. borojock

    Squad and new players

    My thoughts on squad for next 2 years rather than the 2 games. With a new manager, coaching staff and changing of the guard with some of the older players leaving us and newer ones coming in i think its time to try a new formation, weve tried 4-2-3-1 and its various forms for a long time with no success so lets try something brand new. With 2 friendlies now and 3 or 4 at the end of the season these 5 or 6 games are the perfect time to bed it in. I would go for a formation of below i think its the best way to deal with weak center backs, tierney/robertson issues and the lack of right backs GK CB CB CB RWB CM CM LWB AM AM ST Squad for next 2 years would be GK - Gordon, Marshall, Archer CB - Martin, Mulgrew, Berra, Tierney, Hanley, Lindsay RWB - Fraser, Paterson CM - McDonald, MacArthur, McTominay, McGinn LWB - Robertson, Douglas AM - Armstrong, Cairney, Ritchie, Phillips ST - Griffiths, McBurnie, Martin (this one due to lack of alternatives) Please feel free to rip it to shreds but if you do it would be great to hear what you would do different in terms of tactics or players
  12. borojock


    When Strachen came out with the Scottish Genetics comment i took it as he meant something different. I felt he was trying to imply that we haven't benefited from positive immigration which many countries have such as Belgium, France and England to name just a few. If you look through Belgiums first team squad i bet a load of them are first generation Belgium's.
  13. borojock

    First job for mcleish....

    Here Here
  14. borojock

    First job for mcleish....

    Would love to read the article do you have a link for it by any chance The fact that he has met both Southgate and McLeish shouts to me that he has no real strong feelings to either nation and will probably go with the team that he feels will give him the best chance of playing in a world cup or euro
  15. borojock

    Angus Gunn

    On the bigger subject i think we do need to be a bit cuter and structured with dual citizen players at a younger age group. We need to identify players in Scotland that could play for someone else and those in England that could play for us and send a someone with a name and reputation to meet them and start wooing them at a young age and get them feeling positive and passionate about scotland and build that relationship and connection I see we lost a player called Terry Taylor to Wales, only 16 moved in the summer from Aberdeen to Wolves, hes played for Scotland at youth level and then for some reason joined Wales. Now he might not come of anything but i said the same thing about James McCarthy at a similar age and he would of been a value to Scotland Also agree with you 100% im worried where we will be goalie wise in 2 years as Gordon, McGregor and Marshall will probably all be gone leaving us very thin on the ground