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  1. Scottish Player Transfers

    Hopefully due to them being so poor it may mean a lot of first team opportunities, has anyone seen the kid Knox play any good?
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    I was going to post the very same message, i appreciate it sounds strange considering as he got to euro 2016 and 2018 playoffs and just lost to a very good swiss side which are fantastic achievements and very impressive. But i have a nagging doubt in the back of my mind that he's not as a good as lots of people make out and perhaps a little bit lucky. First 18 games with NI had 1 win, in those 18 games drew with Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Malta & lost to Luxembourg, Azerbaijan Euro 2016 qualifiers - was a very poor group compared to ours we had Germany, Poland and ROI they had Greece as top seeds that were so bad finished last in the group and Romania and Hungry that between then had no true world class players. I honestly think that Strachen would have qualified from that group. Against Romania and Hungry they drew 2 lost 1 and won 1 so not great record against the top 2 who were poor teams At Euro 2016 they played 4 games lost 3 and only beat Ukraine who lost all 3 games and weren't a great team and finished 3rd in their 2018 qualification group WC 2018 qualification got 2nd place which is good however not the strongest group and not a great record against the top teams For me O'Neil benefited greatly from a very easy qualification group to Euro 2016 and the fact at the tournament itself for the first time ever 3 teams qualified for the knockout stage if it was any normal tournament they would have been out at the group stages as they finished 3rd of 4. On face value the last 4 years with NI looks good however scratch a bit more and it isnt as impressive as it first looks. However if he got the job wouldnt be angry and would certainly back him.
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    personally i cant see any scottish candidate that would do significantly better then Strachen, i think we have to go down the foreign route (which i dont see any problem with) and look for a manager who has improved a nation who are at a similar level to us. And for that reason for me it has to be Lars Lagerback
  4. My real worry is the lack of real talent at the under 25 age bracket for this position. Gordon, McGregor and to less of an extent Marshall all have a shelf life rapidly running out. Ideally we'd have 2 or 3 players 28 and under that could come in. I was hopefully for Fulton but he cant even get a game for Hamilton and hasnt looked the strongest in under 21 games ive seen him in. Take Gordon, Megregor and Marshall out and im guessing we have 0 caps between the rest of the goalies under 30 years old
  5. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Ive said it before and will say it again Lars Lagerback is the guy for us. This guy only has international experience so no chance of him wanting to leave for a club role. Look at his past track record took Sweden to multiple major tournaments and rocked them up the FIFA rankings. Started off the revolution in Icelandic football the nation that we want to replicate their success, who better to get in that the gut that masterminded that. And since he's joined Norway their results have improved. Only problem is he'll be on a good contract with Norway and will cost a bit to get out but couldnt we set up a Go Fund Me Joking aside if we go down the non scottish route this is the ideal guy for us.
  6. Scottish Players in action 17/18

    very promising stuff about these two guys fingers crossed they can continue to develop
  7. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Lars Lagerback, thank me later
  8. Players worth a look at....

    Worth a look im not saying should be or must be in the squad be certainly worth further investigation: Liam Lindsay consistent performer at a decent level, good age for us in a problematic position and (may be wrong) but too old for U21 games Joe Bryan dont know if he is Scottish anymore after his youth appearance but playing regularly in top of the league team lot of appearances at a good age Barry Douglas playing a bit for a top of the table wolves team Murray Wallace a bit down the pecking order for having a look but still relatively young in a problematic position
  9. What was the point in that match?

    I must admit in did think while watching the game this is prehaps the most irrelevant national game ever in terms of neither team has a competitive game for 9 months, neither has a manager that will be manager in a couple of months time. However i think there is always a point in an international game as some value must be gained from it being the game or the training leading to the game. Good experience for Christie and McGregor also we tried a few new players out and different players in different roles.
  10. Scotland Under-21 squad

    I believe its Fifa ruling that you must have 3 GK's in your squad. I remember a story about North Korea at the 2010 world cup where they tried to put a defender down as there 3rd keeper. Reason for 4 is he may have injury concerns about one, wants to check out an extra keeper for future squads. Ultimately i cant see any harm it does having 4
  11. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Fair point but what i like about Lagerback is what he started and achieved with Iceland this is something that we should be looking to replicate and who better to do it then the man who started it I didnt realise Olsen had been Manager of Denmark for so long its very rare that you see that ideally that level of consistency for our manager would be nice
  12. Next Scotland Manager ?

    If a Scottish Manager i'd go for Alex McLeish doesnt excite me but i think best positioned for the role on a long term role. If a foreign coach i'd go for Michael 0'Neil (but i think he'll be off to club management next so dont think he'd come to us) so i'd turn to Lars Lagerback 17 years International Football Management experience, taken Sweden to 3 major tournaments, managed Nigeria at a major tournament, was instrumental in Icelands upturn in results. Look at his unbeaten record on Wiki and its impressive. I know he's just joined Norway but i'd break the bank with him. Get him in with a Scottish coaching team round him and mentor our next manager in waiting as hes certainly got a shelf life with him being 69
  13. I have a question

    i believe the majority of the welsh players are trained and developed in the east side of the country in the region called England.
  14. Match thread

    Im about to pop out to a friends to watch the game been nervous as hell since the Slovak game, but im confident i really dont think this Slovenia team is great - yes i know they havent conceded a goal at home in this campaign. If we keep our composure, press the game onto them, keep the back door shut with the two CB & CM, play as well as we have recently then we will be fine Good luck everyone and see you on the other side
  15. What i'd give for.....

    Taking that context out of it and viewing it as a one off game, then in terms of quality of goals and action yeah loved that game. I remember it being an exciting time with young players like Fletch, Faddy & Fergurson and Naysmith were still a decent age combined with what i though was a good manager in Smith. Future looked positive at that point.