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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Interview with McLeish talking about his time with Scotland, (towards the bottom of the page in the link) http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/43079576
  2. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Meant to add, I'm have taken McLeish over Smith without a doubt, they both left us but Smith done so in the middle of a campaign, whereas the situ with McLeish was much different.
  3. Next Scotland Manager ?

    McLeish will do for me. I said at the start of the thread that a part of me would be happy to see him get the job. I'd only having taken Moyes closely ahead of him out of all the favourites. He's got experience playing for the jersey as he has managing the national team, both of which will stand him in good stead, as will the rest of his management experience including more recently acquired , albeit short, spells managing abroad. Had it not been for a dodgy referee McLeish could have taken us Euro 2008. We came close against all odds. More of the same with just a little bit more to get us over the line would see us in dreamland for the first time since 98 & I for one will be backing McLeish all the way in the hope & belief we'll be back at our 1st major finals in over 20 years. Wherever It Takes Us Whatever It Takes
  4. Please not Alex McLeish

    I feel the same for the most part, particularly rewarding him with a second chance after he walked on us first time around but the list of candidates is not brimming with great options and I feel he is a better choice than many of the others.
  5. Who Will Chuck It? Who Will Breakthrough?

    With Strachan gone, I think the likelihood of a few chucking it has increased, Brown in particular isn't happy with the decision to let Strachan go and indicates that many others share his sentiments.
  6. Next Scotland Manager ?

    From that lot I think I'd go with wanting the SFA to give Moyes a go at the job. A part of me wouldn't mind seeing McLeish get it but the other part of me wouldn't be happy with rewarding him again after he walked out on us last time. McInnes is tempting but I feel it's not the right time for him. MacKay - Please No!
  7. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Who's Next ? Across the bookies the following candidates are mostly listed as the favourites, David Moyes Malkay Mackay Alex McLeish Paul Lambert Derek McInnes Scot Gemmill with some terrifying & ridiculous wild card suggestions coming in the form of Allardyce, Coyle, Lennon etc Who do you think will be the next Scotland manager ? Who would you like to be the next Scotland manager ?
  8. Strachan's gone

    I thought the following article mostly summed things up pretty well. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41600788 Strachan's time was both good and not so good. We put in some good performances and got some good results. The performances and the feel good factor were much improved on what was witnessed during the spells of the previous two manages but ultimately he failed when it came to qualification, which after all was what he was tasked to do so it's hard to say he hadn't failed and therefore had to go.
  9. Going vegan.

    For people to look at, just like you did! The information provided does not show as you have suggested. There is not an equal amount of vegans competing, therefore it is not indicative of meat eaters do better than vegans full stop.
  10. To stay or go?

    Daftest post of the year! He disgraced himself with the Auld Enemy resulting in him getting the boot after ONE game and we've got a madman thinking Scotland would do well to appoint not only an Englishman to run our national team but the same Englishman that disgraced their head coach position like no other! What's you poison of choice today Chris?
  11. Who Will Chuck It? Who Will Breakthrough?

    He was arguably our best player! He was certainly our best over the two matches. Fletch would be welcomed to stick it out, his passion, commitment and experience alone is an asset to the team and the squad as a whole.
  12. Who Will Chuck It? Who Will Breakthrough?

    No thanks - I'd much rather watch a real scotland team with poor Scottish players than a pretended Scotland team with poor foreigners
  13. Who Will Chuck It? Who Will Breakthrough?

    Gordon has stated his desire to keep going, "I'll be available until I'm no longer needed - I want to keep playing as much as I possibly can, so we'll see what the next campaign brings." The long spells out injured have probably increased his desire to play as much as he can. I hope Fletcher feels the same, he was clearly our best player over the last 2 games and with his passion and experience, amongst other things, we could do with him sticking around.
  14. Going vegan.

    Apparently the amount of people following a plant based diet in the UK has more than trebled in the last decade as awareness of the problems posed by the meat industry raise. Netflix has some good documentaries that explore plant based diets from both the perspective of health and the health of the planet. The following site provides a list of impressive athletes that follow a vegan diet, dispelling some of the purported stereotypes. http://www.greatveganathletes.com/athletes Lewis Hamilton and Jermaine Defoe joined those listed this year, as did some famous American sport stars i'm told but due to not having an interest in Grid Iron I don't recall their names. Apparently the NBA also has a number of vegan athletes
  15. Another campaign, another failure. Will this see the end of any of our player's international careers? With the Euros up next and being easier to qualify for will that lead to some sticking around? On the other hand, Who can we expect to break into the team for the next campaign?